The Sea, She Can Be A Real Bitch!

Hamella, you are a great statue


I am sending this gift of one of the best pirates on the Northern Sea, Hamella Lion-Skull. I know that you had your differences with her and even a fling but take it from me she is piss and vinegar all rolled up into one (mostly because just before she had a chance to slay me she was turned to stone by a comrade). So this is not a statue but an actual person; don’t break her.

You’ll like the story about how I came to see her. On our way to Neven to meet Master Dwarf Hegan we went through a town named Hadrian’s Cove (speaking of which I need to go back to Neven as I didn’t meet with the Dwarf; anyways) I searched high and low and found her in a low life piss hole. It was guarded by two monkeys called orcs…. Again I am ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning.

When we arrived at Hadrian’s Cove, we started looking for stuff in general. Tyrone told of some hot spots and Gleba knew of some too, so we went shopping and I went looking for Red Beard sailors. You know how we all have the same tattoo? Well when I went looking for any member it was easy (as a needle in a haystack) finding Hamella; turned out that she had a liking for a garden shop and that she lived in its commune. Getting information on the subject was hard as the garden was tight on its knowledge of their crew (I don’t know why, its not like I was going to steal any of their druidic secrets or the stick they worshiped that was up their asses). Did I mention that I hate most druids and that’s why they were not ever on the ship? Any ways, I find out that this woman hangs at a bar (that’s after visiting several bars and finding one person with loose lips enough to help). So we march down to this hole in the wall and it’s guarded by two goons that ask for all of our weapons. After considering the issue we did and walked in.

When we walked in, I found my target; four dwarves sitting together, two males and two females, among them my target. So I marched up through the liquored up bozos and ordered the sailor to follow me (and thank Thoth she did).

Outside we got in a heated argument and because the orcs had given back weapons we drew blades and began to circle each other. She made a attempt to strike and before she made the first strike, boom, stone. Turns out it pays to have a crazy Earth Warlock on the team (thank you Roggan). Crisis averted, no one needed to die.

Anyways, give the proper salutation to your wife because I am sitting pretty in Llorn sorta (the leadership are real a… hospitable here). Also I have finally got to meet up with Mary as she came down from Northolme to see me here.

You know what I’m doing? Yea, you know.


Written by Overkill on the 27th of Corg the 1st year of King Minischmee.

Picture from Tattoo Donkey.

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