The Turn Of A King

Pretender on the Throne Not a Bad Thing

Gavin is the King of Timiro! I am at a loss for words, and since many of these words must be private, I shall endeavor to work through my thoughts through my journal.

It all began on the 22nd of Selestra. As the sun began to set, and we began preparations to lay the sea anchor for the night, out of thin air we all heard the voice of our perished CrIsis member, Roggan! When he became part of Matilda he did not lose sentience it appears! He spoke mostly to Cava, but all of us could hear. Cava asked what he could do, and he replied, “Remember big tree in river? Roggan do that if mean ships are close.” We are on a ship that can rot wood! I asked what Roggan wanted to be called, and suggested the name Rogtilda, and he replied that was ok. Mighty Rogtilda can heal itself as well! It was eerie feeling the ship reverberate with the former troglodyte’s voice- but it was good to know that Roggan had triumphed over Anubis, and kept his soul. It seems it takes much effort for Rogtilda, for he stated that he could communicate only briefly, for mere minutes, twice per day. I could not imagine being robbed of the ability to communicate vocally- it would torture my soul!

Later that evening, while the noble paladin Sir Quixis and I held watch, there were great peals of thunder, seemingly from within Rogtilda! We went to investigate, and Cava revealed that Gavin had disappeared! He left a simple note, reading only King Gedro. He even left behind his monkey! Cava also said that the thunder came from visitations from Ra himself! Ra had released Cava from guardianship of Gavin, and said it was time for Gavin to face his destiny! I called for an immediate raising of anchor, despite the hour, to assist Gavin in Credia immediately, but CrIsis felt it was in the hands of the Gods, so we waited until morning. Cava seemed particularly aggravated with me for some unknown slight, and all of CrIsis seemed to wish me to be silent, so I resolved to not interfere, just observe.

Upon landing at Credia’s docks, I immediately noticed that the familiar Lance and Shield of good King Gedro had been replaced by a new symbol- a cross between the Flail of Anubis and the Red Fist of Manus! However, since CrIsis made it clear they did not wish my input unless spoken to, I kept silent. A kind dock worker let us all know that much had changed, and that the formerly good King had been acting of the dark as of late. After much information about the evils that were being consummated, we were told that the King was about to make a speech. All of CrIsis and I went to hear it, with the newest member, the Minotaur Xerx’ses turning into a hawk. He appears to truly be a wizard of considerable power.

Arriving in the back of the courtyard, I noted the new symbol on palace guards, upon the walls, and flying over the castle itself. Shortly after arrival the king began to speak. Rather than record the whole speech (which I have released myself to the lands of Palladium already), I shall just say that it is most admirable of King Gedro to set aside lands for those that assisted him in the defeat of his enemies. While the speech commenced, the offensive uniforms, and those wearing them, were systematically removed. Much fanfare proceeded when the lance and shield flag was returned to the ramparts, as well as when the skull of poor Skred Uryte was replaced with the monster Manus’ head. After the speech, Cava found a guard and was rebuked in his attempt to seek an audience with the King, but with his typical dogged determination found someone who knew of the awesomeness of CrIsis to be let into the castle. I, for my part, still kept silent, although I have personally performed for King Gedro in the past.

We were eventually greeted by Ondemeira the White, who gave me a slight glance, and I shook my head in the negative. She greeted all of CrIsis, and welcomed them. She pointedly ignored me, for which I was grateful. This is their stage, not my own. She brought us all up to the King, who cleared the room except for us and Ondemeira. He stated he was pleased to see us, as Cava blurted out a demand to hear of the last hours of Gavin. Upon this statement he smiled, and brought us down to the catacombs below the city.

Here I shall try to make a long story short- the King was actually the changeling Gavin in Gedro’s guise! He told us that playing the King was his greatest role. We had a party, it just so happened that all of the city was invited. All but Xerx’ses attended- he could only hold his magic for a limited time. Finally arriving back at Matilda, we found a new member of CrIsis waiting for us, along with Xerx’ses and good Sir Quixis- an elf named Azariel. Exhausted, we all chose to talk to him in the morning.

On the next morn, CrIsis decided that I was an errand boy. ‘Fetch us a map of the Yin Sloth Jungles Terramore.’ So, being the ever faithful servant, I set out upon my appointed task. Meanwhile I assume that Azariel had one of the famous fireside chats- I guess my input is no longer required. I went from place to place, checking in with King Gedro/Gavin first. He told me that he was to be leaving to check the front lines of the battlefield- the rest is between the new king and myself. I will miss him, for he was bright and respected all, regardless of race. CrIsis will be sorely hurt with his loss. Ondemeira greeted me warmly as well, and we endeavored together to find the best maps of the Yin Sloth. I filled her in on my travels, keeping CrIsis’ secrets private. She, being of the Light, did not press.

After a day of search I found 3 fine maps, for which I paid much of my personal funds, and cashed in a favor. It is the least I can do for the great CrIsis. Upon returning I was told that the maps were inadequate! Inadequate? So CrIsis went off to find their own maps, and I chatted with Sir Quixis, catching him up on all that had transpired with Gavin. Poor man, no one had informed him of anything. It must be quite boring to protect Rogtilda- a fine Paladin such as Quixis deserves more- but who am I to question the Gods and CrIsis?

I did finally spend some time with Azariel that evening, and I like his humor and his attitude. He shared a funny moment from the “fireside chat”- seems that when he told CrIsis that he learned circle magic Overkill responded by saying, “I learned to poop.” He also asked me to detail CrIsis strengths and weaknesses, which I gladly did. It was nice to feel valued again. The next day Azariel showed his expertise in making circle magic, inscribing, with the help of another summoner, protection circles around the ship.

We then journeyed onward, with little conversation directed at me. I spent my days watching for dangers, and my watches in chats with Quixis. I have decided to concentrate my new studies on those races that have served in CrIsis that I have learned little- Changelings, Troglodytes, Danzi, Eandroth, and Centaur, as well as Dragons. Hopefully it will add insight.

The only true danger we faced on our trip to the Jungles were some Kappa. I dove into the water, prepared to show off my new Swim as a Fish ring capabilities- unfortunately this time they chose to board the ship. This meant they were dispatched with haste- I saw Tyvernos fry a few with the Fulmination of Greminor before they climbed over the side.

We arrived in Cyclone. I have always wanted an opportunity to explore and tell about the Federation of Giants- this is my chance. I will not be accompanying CrIsis into the jungle- I was visited by one of the goddesses releasing me from CrIsis. I was able to at least get one last battle against the Pantheon of Taut before leaving CrIsis- 11 Shedim challenged CrIsis in the name of Anubis! I took a blow, but dealt some as well. I also saw that Azariel was struck- I hope the Gods and the Books warned you of the danger you will face, good Elf.

Now if only I could remember what the punishment for fighting in Cyclone is…. I am sure we are about to find out.

Another adventure awaits! Fare thee well CrIsis, wherever you may fare! You shall always have my undying gratitude, support, and love!

Written in his private journal by Terramore Gleba on the 1st of Ra in the 22nd year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II.

Changeling King picture from Paul Davies. Azariel picture from the amazing Genzoman. Terramore(bottom) picture from Iron Realms.

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