The Voyage of the Damned

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

Words of Karma to Humara starting Ra 19th – It has been set upon our shoulders to do two tasks by the gods, but we have discovered another group that might be able to do one of those tasks instead of ourselves. In the end we decided to leave the task of the glaive to these others and take back up the task of collecting the pieces of Osiris.

So continues our journey across the vast ocean. This morning Morgan came up from below large with child. It is apparent that Gavin has had a much more intimate relationship with her than we previously presumed. Gavin asked Overkill to marry them during our voyage. I volunteered to give Gavin away. Cava volunteered to give Morgan away. The two of them changed shape. While I knew that Gavin could do this previously, I didn’t know Morgan was of the same race. Taking their true forms, they gave their vows.

Once again, we have lost the crow’s nest. Since I have joined this voyage, I think it has happened on four separate occasions. If not four, then many more than I have kept track of. Since we are too far on this journey to travel back to fix the problem, S’Erith has offered to replace the crow’s nest with a leather harness. Now, Cava, hanging from the top of the mast in this harness keeps watch.

We had smooth sailing for the next five days.

Overkill displayed amazing piloting when Cava saw a reef nearby and Overkill smoothly avoided it. Cava also saw a chest, and S’Erith and I went to check it out. Within the chest were various thing, nothing too fancy. After returning to the ship with our loot, we decided to put the question of Morgan joining the official Friends of CrIsis.

Thereafter we had another calm week, and I began to wonder if this voyage would be boring. For, while the wedding was exiting, the rest of this was mostly cut and dried. So much for the Sea of Despair.

I had nothing better to do than shine my armor when Cava cried out and finally something happened. A giant sea serpent could be seen in the distance. Overkill again shows piloting aptitude while managing to keep abreast of it while allowing it to slowly approach, allowing us to make the most of our ranged attack.

As it passed beneath us I dropped depth charges and it seems that my skill is lacking as I did more damage to the boat than the serpent. But S’Erith did a nose dive into the water after the serpent. Tyvernos cast Fly on Cava who proceeded to fly directly for the serpent’s tail. His attack was rather odd as he spanked it with the flat of his blade, but whether as an attack or deterrent I don’t know. The serpent in turn spanked the ship knocking several of us into the water. It wrapped itself around the ship and then it died. I must assume that someone in the water managed to strike a death blow as it simply fell away.

Two days passed again without any more incidence when Cava cried out "Land Ho". We finally reached out destination. We started going toward the island and then a fog rolled in. It was thick, almost impossible to see through, as it covered most of the ship. I don’t remember anything after that.

I’m told that Tyvernos used his phantom footman to save my life as somehow I fell into the water. I woke up in a hospital, on land, alone. We were all separated into different areas. Then I hear Morgan cry out in protest at her treatment. I ran out to see what was wrong. S’Erith said that he prayed and that they follow Isis and are friends, so we submit ourselves to the doctors in the hospital. More than a little curious as to what goes on outside this place and the people, I ask to go relieve myself, and as the ones inside wouldn’t suit me, I get to go outside.

When I get there, I see that men are treated as second class citizens and servants to the women. I know that this will cause difficulty to my primarily male group of friends, and I pray that things will go smoothly with these people. But those prayers were in vain when we discover that Ood, S’Erith’s mount, is dead.

They apparently saw her as a monster, and while dangerous, they did not ask us for help, but simply killed her. Alandra resurrected Ood and S’Erith got her back under control. This proves to be difficult as Ood is not happy with dying and coming back to life. It takes S’Erith a couple of attempts to get Ood under control and her life is once again threatened by the onlookers. With S’Erith angry, and Alandra proud, there are choice words between the two of them.

I begin to fear for S’Erith’s well-being, for despite his strength and formidable fighting skills there are more here than we can handle. Finally, with S’Erith’s ire evident, and Alandra’s patience short, they finally are returned to our room in the hospital.

Together we decide to meet Ferra the leader of the Lemarians the next day. Tyvernos, as energetic and as curious as ever decided to make better use of his time, and snuck out to spy on the people in the town.

He overhears them calling us evil and sating they will make us stay. It is apparent they see us as monsters. Tyvernos also found where they keep our weapons. He informed all of us what he heard and what he found after he snuck back in. There was more than a little concern from Gavin, as well as others, as to what they might find among our weapons, including the demon sword we found in the cave of the Dread Pirate Roberts.

A consensus was taken and we decided to wait until morning to tell Ferra about the weapons that they might fall fate of and have no knowledge of. We thought we had time, what could happen after all. These weapons should be safe with them after all. We had scarce laid down before we heard screams.

Dread filled my heart as I realized we should not have waited. The very evil that we feared only hours before has now been released.

Posted on the 4th of Thoth, 3 AM, in the 68th year of the Empire.

Picture attributed to Bob Eggleton by Debbie’s Themes.

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