Thoth’s New Son

Switching sides

The night was a little off and I almost didn’t sleep. Resurrection takes a lot out of you. Mary slept next to me peacefully. I am not sure but she looks like she is sleeping well. When I finally fell asleep I was restless. The fear of death was beginning to do its job. When I finally fell asleep I dreamed about a meadow with warm sun and blooming flowers and the wind blowing through my beard. A voice from behind me called my name, my true name. I hadn’t heard anyone call me by my name since I was a child in trouble. I was drawn to turn around to see the face of Thoth, the god of knowledge. Apparently he saw what I had done in the Port of Truth. How could I not defend the god of my fathers. Sure we also worship Osiris but Thoth has taught us everything, so the legend goes. He asked me to solely worship him and him alone. I inquired about the other gods and how that would affect me, he gave words of comfort. Strange for a god of knowledge. I excepted something a bit more mechanical like Ra.
After swearing my loyalty to him by the names of my ancestors, He told me of places that I would be strengthened. He knew that I was struggling for strength and wanted to be a strong team player. I asked in humility for a sign to assure me that I had indeed seen the god and was not hallucinating. He let me know that there would be a sign in the morning, a gift the way I like it.
I woke up to Mary stroking my back. I only could smile. When I swung my legs out, sure enough the gift was there on my right calf, the eye of Thoth. Praise the gods.

Posted by Overkill on the 17th of Corg, in the 22nd year of King Bafag.

Picture from Shintenshi 81.

3 Responses to “Thoth’s New Son

  • A recurring theme amongst CrIsis is becoming “lost” and finding the true path after some tribulation.

  • Overkill changed Gods almost as many times as he died….

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