Through The Looking Glass

The Eyes of Villainy


The day started with prayer. I hadn’t taken notice that Xerx’ses uses a strange blood ritual that involves setting blood on fire; strange how I had not noticed that previously. I and the team really needed a bath. We were covered in sand, dust, blood and sweat and so needed a bath and we had been in the desert for only three days. Already we had seen gromek and giants. I was certain that it was only going to get worse.

With my sexual encounter with Cava’s slave still fresh in my mind and that Cava is still upset with it when I asked him for healing and he brought out the axe, I was certain that he was going to use it for more than healing. After being healed the team started to feel better. My mouth was dry but I was feeling better.

Cava, realizing that we were in a desert did some dowsing and found us some water for our water skins. I filled my three skins along with the others and their skins. His dowsing pointed in the opposite direction that we went and we had to go back down the mountain. (We need a map!) Then back up the mountain after that.

Well that night there we were sitting. Three of us took the first watch me, Bungo and Azariel. The two resorted to gambling and that lead to getting distracted and chasing a ghost (or maybe a crazy tectonic entity) to say the least I hate being pelted by the ghosts rocks when we stupidly followed the creature and we were lucky when we buried the bones of this guy but by the time we had got to that we had woke the entire team. To say the night was unrestful is an understatement.

Don’t worry it would get worse.

When we rotated out and had the other teammates watch, Azariel who could not keep from being horny made a pass at Iana by sneaking off and attempting to get some tail. Cava almost killed him for his attempt. I could not believe it; he should have been extremely tired. Cava caught him with his bare butt in the air ready to act and that’s when the rocks from Cava began to sting lightly on his rear. He got the message and went to bed.

The following morning we woke to a dead guy (I think it was called a Syvan or was it his name). We were not in good shape as the heat at the time had taken Bungo down and the creature had cause me and Iyana to cower in fear.

Just prior to this we had switched the Osiris’ Finger to me from Bungo as I was not sure if it was safe. Well I had not secured it well and it got unwarranted attention. Well then this creature wants the finger and tricks us with mind tricks and magic. We almost lost the fantastic item. We were chasing him and his illusions for thankfully only minutes because I am sure that he would of got away with our gift had he succeeded if we had not been quick and resourceful.

Well I tie down the Finger to my chest so that it doesn’t get us all killed pointing to the other items. While I was dealing with thing, the guys were looting the body of the dead (or was he undead) guy, they found a knife that was really nice and it seemed that the magic that it held almost caused a serious fist fight.

Well half way back up the mountain the path narrows and we found a decent place to sleep. The following morning we seriously pick up some pace (probably that dead guy had creeped us out; can’t be sure he was actually dead, even dismembered and scattered).

The next day we had such luck and did it again triple speed again and finally reach the top of the mountain ridge. The view was nice but very brown with a sunset blue setting. Nice. Wish that Mary could see this.

The following morning Frost Giants show up (thankfully they are loud and boisterous) we then hid and watched as the creatures passed us. It appeared that they were making plans with weapons of war and battle slaves to pull and push their weapons armed to the teeth. While they passed it was then we heard why they were preparing for war. We had killed some giants earlier and they blamed the gromek for it.

The following day we came across a dragon! (Told you it gets worse). (Skip the map. I want a magic compass that avoids bad things and makes this trip through the desert short). This Lizard (because he is old and powerful) asks for tribute to pass. I hate those filthy creatures. He barks commands at me to see my magic sword and then without care drops it like it’s a worthless piece of metal. I’m surprised that he didn’t treat Cava and the rest of the team with the same disrespect. Via blood oath he demands that we go looking for some piece of glass (well crystal) that he “owns”.

He is at least kind enough to let us out of the mountain without incident and points out a path but that’s not without his oath and blood. Now dragons, giants and gromek aside, I need to discuss something that is more deadly then all of that of witch I have discussed previously. When we arrived at the bottom of the mountain, a magic pigeon soared and landed on our friend Cava’s shoulder. Its message boasted with pride of the traitor among us and then with pride announced that it was Cava.

Were he any other man I would have killed him then and there but alas this human has been the longest companion on this journey. With the life of my family in danger and under duress of a foul oppressor, I am caught in a conundrum; kill Cava and close the eyes of the gods spy glass or let him live. I then came to a revelation; this fool was going after us five and averting his eyes off the thousands of followers that might be put on a mission to save those they didn’t know. Let them watch me and my friends, the gods revenge will be unexpected.

Written by Overkill on the 4th of Thoth in the 1st year of King Minischmee.

Picture from John Lewis.

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