Timiro Triumphant

Uprising Over?

To: General Mordox-
From: General Skred-
Concerning: Slave Uprising- Timiro Kingdom-

It is over, for now, and we have prevailed, but at a high cost. I fear that our dream of all free folk working together in Timiro is gone, perhaps forever. Of Manus there is no sign- rumors have it that he and some of his trusted lieutenants went to the Old Kingdom. The viciousness that they showed in both victory and defeat has turned the people of Timiro into even crueler humans- they have decided that the slavery is even more justified. I can understand- if you had seen the horrors I have, you would cry to the Gods.

Fort Clay is being rebuilt on the ashes of its former self, with Orc, Ogre, and Troll bones as decorative accents- there were human remains that had very obviously been chewed left when we got there. Fort Calda was more intact, but Fort Ibi we destroyed in a siege- it also needs to be rebuilt. Fort Bext was annihilated, and is also being reconstructed. The towns of Tanis, Erat, and Tills are shadows of themselves, with few people left alive.

I have had to sever ties with all our network, but the King has surprised me- he allowed those that served in my force that were not human, elf or dwarf to leave to the Eastern Territory, and gave each a large blessing of gold. After they have established a community I will let you know.

I am now a member of King Gedro’s trusted advisers on military matters, and have been stationed at Fort Calda, to hold the remnants of Manus’ army from coming through Ogre Pass again. I will assure you that we will not be caught unawares.

I continue to try to find out information on your bounty- if you are to make your way here, please come here first! My men are very loyal to me, and we would protect you from harm on the journey into Credia to straighten things out.

The bounty on Manus’ head matches yours now- and I hope to collect it!

Posted by Skred Uryte on the 30th of Thoth in the 9th Year of King Gedro

Picture by Mihawq.

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