Are you here to free the slaves?

We had been running into pirates so much that when we finally got to the Timiro Kingdom I honestly thought pirates… again. I hate pirates when I am not one of them. I realize that I am a mariner by trade but a pirate by heart.
Timiro was kind to us and gave us the escort we needed and some down time that was well deserved. They have a heavily human population (no real surprise). I still do not know what Isis wants with me. On land I am as useless as a fish on land. I know no one here and my mates are a thousand miles away.
We got those chests open that we had and wow, jackpot! There was a lot of Eastern Territory gold (weird), but I am not complaining. I put some of it to use even. Some of the guys are getting all holy on me and when we visited the pyramid in well… there was just the First Pyramid of Osiris (maybe some farms and little homes too but I didn’t notice). More and more mumble jumble. We we ran into slaves there after leaving. These clowns (orcs) wanted to kill us because apparently we were humans and human allies we apparently were all slave owners or friends of them. The fight was short. so short that I barely got a chance to even pull out Striker. The holy guys got all righteous again and told these slaves that there was going to be some liberation and that we were after some runners with the finger of Osiris. They didn’t want to hear of it and wanted to keep going with their crusade.
When we got to the town of Sims there was more slavery and mining. The guys wanted to take their money and free the slaves. I could only roll my eyes. I went for a spy glass to increase our odds of surviving this adventure. When I met the merchant he told me that at the Sims hotel there was a dwarf that would keep me company for the night. I shouldn’t of listened. I suppose that I have really been feeling alone. While I was having fun with Mary (that was her name) a pal of mine got torn all to pieces by the very scum that they were attempting to save. I only got there at the last minute. I shouldn’t of left. Little Gavin is now a broken little boy now and I am still alone. What am I doing here?

Posted by Overkill on the 15th day of Majestic, in the 22nd year of King Bafag.

Female dwarf picture courtesy of Commissar Kinyaf

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