To The Captor

Not a Plea; A Promise.


I hope this pigeon finds you well! We have recently been sent word that you are captive in Cynopolis! I pray that this is not so! If you are in fact a prisoner, I have a few words I hope you will give to the one that sent the letter to me.

Now, my precious Mary, I understand that you are well and that our little girl is well also. Please do not be upset with me. I will find you and save you. I am well (well I cannot lie to you, I hurt a little and have been though some rough times but) I am coming for you and love you very much.

I need you to give this message to your captor.

Mister ‘Agent,’

Thank you for your kind words, and yes, I am well.

You might think that you have the advantage with Mary and my little girl. You might think that you have the advantage because I am thousands of miles away. You may mock me and make my name to scorn but remember that I am the scion of Thoth, god of knowledge and I am certain that he will not allow me to undo what I have done for me, my family and my country but most of all Osiris and the Pantheon of Light by coming after you and killing every priest of dark and worshiper that you have on this world. You will release my family back to their path to Bizantium or I will find you and your scabs and separate you.

Should you not take this serious, you will find that your name will be a joke and a by-word; your priests will be hunted after I have worked to assemble Osiris and told him all that you have done. This is not a plea but a request with a promise.

O, Agent of the Dark and Depraved! The Light shall triumph, and you should BOW TO OSIRIS THE JUST! His justice will cleanse this land of those who are unallied with causes that are just. The Mercy of The Lady cannot save you if you persist so! CrIsis as the hand of the One who Slumbers will conquer.
Thank you, if ever there was doubt that evil needed to be squashed, he has purged the thought from our mind. If you kill Mary then know that Overkill will hunt Bes down and I, Xerxses Goldenflail, will join him. Thank you for trying to turn kingdoms against us, for trying to sack Ra’s church, for trying to weaken us by killing our families. We clearly have scared the Dark Gods and they fear our success. Sir Quixis will back me up on this I am sure, as it is always darkest before the dawn, but morning always breaks, and the shadows flee.
I thank you for the offer of friendship and the invitation to Cynopolis. I unfortunately must decline. I am currently on a journey with friends and cannot spare a month for the respite promised, and the Finger is of great use to us in our current plight, not merely a centerpiece for a feast as I am sure it would become in the Dark Capitol. I am not sure how you came to know we had passed through the city of Cyclone, though it probably was through friends of yours who live there, some of whom attacked us during the Festival of Ra.

You have no right or privilege to know my faith and devotion! You are merely an agent of the Depraved, and therefore are owed no explanation of my thoughts or actions. As one who serves a God, Fallen from the Light, you should appreciate my servitude of one who is dead. If Bes hadn’t turned his back on me and his brethren eons before I was born, then he might have had a devoted follower, and powerful ally. It is not I who turned, but he. I merely opened my eyes, and when Osiris opens his for the first time, I expect he will pass judgement. The Lawgiver is ever-just.

As any student of history knows, it is foolish to count a victory before the battle is fought, and those whose peremptory victory cries are loudest are generally those whose defeat is greatest. I feign not to know who shall triumph, but know that I will fight till the last for the cause of Ra, Osiris and Isis. I know I can speak for my companions in this aspect. You may feel we are fickle, but my god does not care what an insignificant voice in the night thinks. Our devotion is between us and our Lord Gods.

You only win if there is no resistance, and the resistance against you is more than you can quash. Victory is not within anyone’s grasp – at this early state in the war.

Those among me wanted to make sure you were aware we are not swayed from their path, and through signs of desperation against our persons and acquaintances merely feed our zeal. Any act taken against us will be met tenfold.

This is not an empty threat but a promise made upon the power and glory of our Lord Gods! Ra; Isis; Osiris; Thoth; Bast; Apis; Bennu; Horus!

Ra’s Speed.




>>Pigeon sent Ra 24th, in the 22nd Year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II, from Azariel, Overkill, Quixis, and Xerx’ses. <<
Picture from Phantom Country
Picture from Pop Culture Zoo


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