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Something had been bothering Ursus. It was hard not to notice, what with him getting deliberately drunk on his demon’s brew and being even more boisterous and belligerent than usual. Grignak tried to talk with him and get him to talk about what was bothering him so much. Ursus refused to talk about it unless Grignak would buy him more drinks. But did Ursus even have room for more drinks? He certainly did, after he vomited all over the room that SIlent Dream, The Nameless Man, and Indaris shared in the Tri-Arcanum Guild.

Indaris and Grignak both took Ursus down to the bar to buy him drinks. They hoped this would finally allow them to get to the bottom of his malaise. Silent Dream said he would join them soon – he offered to stay behind and clean up the mess. It would be pretty simple with his abilities and he didn’t want to bother any of the servants in this place. After all, they were guests here.

Once the mess was dealt with SIlent Dream headed down to join with the others. He arrived just as two dozen guards magically placed Ursus, Grignak, and Indaris into an enchanted slumber, ending the commotion they had been causing. Alarmed, Silent Dream accompanied them as the guards carried the trio back up to their room, where The Nameless Man and his apprentice, Artorias currently were. Once deposited in the room the guards departed.

The Nameless Man accepted the situation calmly and, Silent Dream thought, perhaps even with a bit of amusement. He told Silent Dream that he and his apprentice would watch over the three throughout the night to ensure they stayed safe. Silent Dream thanked him and retreated back to his own room. Once there he meditated. He considered what he might be able to do at this time which might reach Ursus. He obviously missed the opportunity to help talk with Ursus downstairs, though considering how that ended he conceded that maybe that was for the best. Then inspiration struck him – he knew what he could do, and it could both help Ursus and serve as a thank-you to The Nameless Man.

Silent Dream dug the pamphlet to Khonsu which The Nameless Man had given to him when they were formally introduced. He reviewed it again. It was covered in bear paw prints and a scrawl he couldn’t make out. He also took out his newly purchased quill of endless ink, and all the parchment sheets he had on him. He placed his hand over the pamphlet and activated his psychic power of literacy. It wouldn’t translate the writing, but it would provide him the idea or the “gist” of what the two had written on the page. Armed with that knowledge, Silent Dream picked up the quill and started writing new pamphlets in Elven.

After filling out all the sheets of parchment in this manner Silent Dream finally put down his quill. He had only been able to make eleven pamphlets, but he hoped that would suffice. Once he was sure the ink was dry he began to fold them up. There was considerably less writing on these new pamphlets than there had been on the original. He knew his power didn’t provide an exact translation, but he believed he had divined enough of the meaning in the original and transcribed that, at least, faithfully. He set the pamphlets safely aside so he could resume his meditation. In the morning he would meet with and present to them this gift.

*Note:* These events with Silent Dream occurred in the late evening on the 22nd day of Grekar, in the seventy-second year of the Great Wolfen Empire.

Image Credits
Hydrokinesis from Science Photo Library
Khonsu pamphlets from Tokobauzsos

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