Understanding A Noble Soul, A Lightbringer

Dear Rostam and Darakh’zan,

I see stars from a distant shore and all I know feels so small in the wake of things that have come and have yet to be. This is no small endeavor I have embarked on and I am now beginning to feel that I may have found a group of like minded souls. Thanks be to She-of-countless-names for deciding I was worthy enough to help with my lord’s resurrection.

I send these missives from the straits between the mainlain and the Islands of the Floenry Archipelago. If you go to the library and look at old maps with the Elven New Kingdom (hmm, I am seeing how the hoomans came up with West Empire), you should see islands in the bottom right. Yes I am near one of those islands the Hoomans call Enry. I don’t know which one it is on the map It feels like I am at the edge of the known world!

Well how does minotaur seeking redemption for his people that wish to abandon the dark ways of the past end up on an island on the other side of the known world?

Here we go…
After meeting with the elf boy and help him cast his first spell I was told we were to meet King Hafton once more. The king of Wisdom is what the elves of the age of light must have been like, kind, noble, and dedicated to life. My companions began discussing some family issues of the king which gave him joy and knowing that the only person that could have shared the information meant we were not lying about the trials of CrIsis in the city of Llorn.

I have yet to be to the city of Llorn, this was before my joining the group.

While King Hafton knew I was there, since I was wearing the invisibility amulet affixed to my scaled mantle/collar around my shoulders. I hid it on the under side so it’s not readily visible to those wishing to separate me from my goods. I could not participate in the conversation to avoid a riot in the palace. When the king asked if anyone needed anything I tapped Master Overkill on the shoulder and was able to follow him and we met in the privy of the castle. I told the good dwarf I would like any books on the history of Wisdom. He seemed surprised I did not ask for money but I explained I knew nothing about where I was, so I was hoping to find out anything about where “She-of-countless-names” had sent me and the Tri-Arcanum guild. When we re-entered Master Overkill relayed my request as though it were his own, and the king flashed a quick smile in my direction. The books would be sent to the Tri-Arcanum guild once collected from his personal library!

During our return Master Cava complained about a headache and a vision from the great and powerful God, Ra! I would love to say that I inspired the group to get back on track in finding Osiris, however, that would not be true. I have had to spend the lion’s share of my time fending off our race’s well-deserved hate and prejudice, then in helping to teach the elven boy to cast a spell I can see how they got side-track with mundane concerns. Master Cava was well in hand though, or so I thought, according to the great and powerful Ra’s wishes after Master Kel-ed had the books brought in by the elf boy I trained in tow. When we began to say our good-byes and well wishes a flash of light filled the room and when my sight cleared…
…I, err, we all were on a boat!

The temperature had changed and we were clearly at some form of docks, similar to what I had read about in books! Oh sweet Lawgiver, that is A LOT of ships and WATER! More water than I have ever seen in my whole life! There were two bridges of massive stone running overhead, I appeared to still be invisible. Looking over the edge of the boat it was a far drop to the water and the docks were choked with people coming and going!

Good grief all the Hoomans! More than my whole tribe on just the docks!

The city looked massive and off in the distance I could see a great tower…


Brought out of my amazement by very tall dark skinned Hooman whom I learned later was a Palladin like my step-brother, Zeelik and his mentor, Mergerij. It would appear Hoomans come in a variety of skin color and sizes as well, with Sir Quixis about 7 feet in height. Realizing they were all friends and this group had accepted, although shocked by, Roggan’s transformation into a Golem body I thought I could reveal myself as well.

I was wrong.

Sure enough the palladin turned and scream that we were being attacked by a minion of the Old Ones! I would love to say I got angry about but it was just mere frustration, so I turned my head and scanned the river saying loudly, “Where?” Never mind the palladin was trying to advance upon me at this point even if I try to defend myself it would only be looked at as an act of aggression. My fellow CrIsis members interceded on my behalf but I could see their mere word was not enough to override generations of anger and hate directed toward those that would harm the gods of light. The group even pointed out my necklace of Osiris and the flail I carried, but that made him guarded, at least I was not a target of his otherwise well deserved aggression.

We went below deck and I surprised about the size but the group mentioned a prior companion was a titan! Another of the races that fought the old ones and yet somehow, somehow I have been chosen to become a part of this world changing historic event!
I was given a cabin on Matilda, I wish I knew more about boats right now it took a about half of an hourglass to get my bearings. I store my armor except for the mantle because on the underside I had mounted the amulet that would let me take Hooman form that they gave me in Wisdom and I wore the necklace allowing me invisibility around my neck but let it also hand below the mantle.

About an hour later I ventured forth back on deck in hopes the rest of the team has had to ally Sir Quixis’s fears. Well I really wanted to see the city now that I could hide in plain site. When I asked about the city apparently I was in Haven, the eastern capital city of the Church of Light and Dark! There was even a temple of Osiris located with a Holy city in the center of town! I could see there was some fear about me leaping off the boat right then and there, and truth be told it was warranted. The only reference to Holy cities was in the Tristine Chronicles and Sekti-Abtu! Now it seems there is another holy city and I might be able to pray inside the Hall of my Lord the Lawgiver! The group said they would escort me into the city as they had business with a Bishop Nodeki there.

I was asked to remain invisible and they would get me into the temple. I have never been so happy to be unnoticed.

We left the ship as a group…

…I promised to stay invisible until we were out of public view and the group did there best to keep me in the center to avoid me stepping on someone, kicking, tripping, or anything else that might give me away. Rostam and Darakh’zan, you both will not believe all of the hoomans, there are 4 elves I saw and one had white priestly robes of Isis! Then a dwarf squire carrying a lance followed by a hooman palladin trying to talk and walk to his shorter companion. Oh my word hundreds and hundreds of hoomans in every walk of life, river runner, baker, I see priests and priestesses everywhere and they are dressed like you Darakh’zan and my late father. These Hoomans take their faith very seriously!

Given there were many twists and turns it was roughly 1,000 feet from the docks to the causeway leading up to the temple mound and the houses of the gods, if you are to believe the hoomans when they look up it! Mother I am looking at the Tower of Light! It’s height rivals the tales of the cities of the Fair folk before the dread war of hate and madness that destroyed the Fair and the Strong. It is a thing of beauty! As we walk the 500 plus foot long walkway I see merchants in carts, makeshift tents line half of the way up and sell everything the priests might need so they stay and care for the spiritual well bieng of the the followers of the Gods of Light and Dark!

Yes “and Dark!”

Once we got close I saw man stand in a guardroom and come out to look directly at me! In my head I heard him say, “I can do this easy or hard but I thought the good Bishop was crazy when she spoke to me this morning!”

We were never stopped and I do not think my companions had any clue I had met my first “Internalist!” What some texts called mages of the mind. I thought hard about my prayers to Osiris that morning and I could feel his thoughts bombarding my memories and when he stopped all I was left with was a thought, “Poor bastard must be the only one of his kind left!” That was a chilling thought that we Baalgor tribes are all that’s left of our race. Given our past I am not surprised, for we did not war with elves, or dwarves, but the titans, dragons, and gods of light! My joy seems eclipsed every time I forget I am invisible!

The temple city was amazing with temples to Ra – the Lord of Light; Thoth – the Lord of Wisdom (I am going to find some prayers for the Lord of Wisdom to start offering him thanks for understanding magic); She of Countless Names – the All Mother; Horus – the Great Sphinx (were I a palladin I would have taken the avenger); Apis – the Sacred Cow; Set – the Lord of Darkness; Anubis – the Lord of the Dead; Amon – the Hidden One; Anhur – the Slayer of Enemies (I do not understand how he turned from Ra); Bes – the Depraved. It seems the Hoomas feel that if they can see their enemy they can monitor them better. It looks so quite and peaceful here but I have no doubt there is a war going on I just can’t see.

My companions steered me away from gazing at the temple yard to the Pyramid of Osiris! They told me that the Antes Temple houses a real piece of Osiris! Part of my God is on this world and I was selected to help find the rest of him. I am finding it difficult to move but slowly and steadily I make my way to the gates. The group is greeted by Bishop Rose Nodeki – a Hooman priestess and Father William – an Elven priest. Feeling that I am no longer in public I deactivate the necklace of invisibility. Bishop seems shocked to see me but address me by my name! Well from the gasps behind me its clear not everyone was told of my arrival, however, stern glances from the Bishop shut everyone up. It would appear I have made the talk of every priest light and dark for probably the next month. I bowed and was stunned when the good bishop took my hand and help lead me up the steps saying each of Isis’s name with each step. On step 47 I mispronounced the name and the resulting pain made me focus to not have that happen again!!! Bishop Nodeki was very patient with me and there was caring in the way she helped me. I think was as surprised to be helping one of my kind as I was surprised to not be skewered.

Once we entered the vestibule she gave Father William right handed rebuke of stern proportion. A second later she spoke kind words to us again as a mother would to children and she left us in Father William’s care (I do believe he smiled like a very young elf, but given his wrinkles that must not happen much these days). I ….


….I left that pause because there is no words to describe the over 75 foot tall pyramid of white marble before me. I didn’t hide the tears for I am standing in front of the pyramid of Osiris – the Lawgiver! Father William tapped on my arm to snap me out of my reverie and I look at my companions whom were becomming naked and wading into the pool before me.

There is no feeling of fear I am trying but can’t register it, I feel like I did finding those books in the library of Fort Etrinan, nay, even better!

I feel accept that I feel NOTHING negative at all, however, I can’t shake the fact I will have to leave this place and outside there is a whole WORLD full of every feeling I don’t feel here. I wade through the pool and I am given a robe of white stout linen cloth. Embroidered in gold with my name in Elven tongue, our groups name: CrIsis, and the symbol of the eternal torch. I will never understand the gods but will simply trust that this is where I am supposed to be. Roggan, the now Iron Golem, waits for me to walk through the archway in front of me as I come out of the pool on the other side.

Once I walk through the light of the archway I was amazed further! Blue skies above and clean sandy desert as far as the eye can see! There in front of me was now 50 foot tall pyramid with golden steps leading up, and behind was the glowing arch hanging in the air! I do not know if I am in the Realm of the Gods once more! I followed my companions up the steps before stood creatures of legends!

There were 3 Ramen and a Seraph! A Spirit of Light! I bowed and knelt, I was standing in the presence of one that survived the the War of Chaos! My companions seemed so at ease and the Seraph – whom calls herself Elyth, talked to them with familiarity I was surprised to see. Oh yes, there I was amongst 3 of the feline warriors of Ra, a flaming Spirit of Light, and hovering in blue flames at the center of it all: the Platinum Heart of Osiris the Lawgiver!

I am calm and yet I cannot shake the reason of dread, not the feeling, but the sheer reasoning of dread I KNOW is now coming. I am seeing things mortals should not see unless they are about to die! Yet everyone is talking casually and that the group is up to piece number “3” of my great and noble lord! Elyth explains Isis has need of her in claiming another piece of her husband and she does not expect to return, which is why the feline Ramen are here to now guard the Heart of Osiris! The group appears shocked and without giving them time to explain she asks to speak with me alone.

The group leaves and I admit to the Spirit of Light, Elyth, that I doubt my worth in this endeavor and while she gives me a simple direction.

“touch the heart Xerx’ses”

I summoned up my courage and did what only the dead or gods should be allowed to do…

…I laid my hand on the Heart of Osiris!

These simple words cannot describe the feeling within me. I have feel a calm I have never experience, and then yearning, he misses her! The absolute yearning! Even in pieces his heart cries out to be reunited to his love! Mother, I can only imagine this is what you felt the day after my father passed killing the demon with A’zad. I am a horrible shill, being at peace and calm does not negated reason and thought. Oh-she-of-countless-names I am sorry for how long you have been apart I will not fail you. My lord I will see you reunited to your love, the yearning is beyond anything I can feel the heart reaching out over centuries of being apart, yet ever waiting.

I will never be the same.

My second missive will explain how I made it to the isles

With purpose,
Xerx’ses Goldenflail

>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenflail,
on Selestra 23rd the year 111.<<

Causeway picture from LeszekZadlo
Pyramid of Osiris picture from Starry1night

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