Utu & Anubis

| Reader Note: This has been sent to
| the Etrinan Tribe’s home cavern hall.

Dear Brother and sweet Luur’na,,

You have no idea how broken my heart was seeing our mother dead. I don’t have long and while I feel completing this quest will claim the lives of my companions and I it must be done. Lady Isis has pulled me to her cause and my companions and I are gathering the pieces of the Lawgiver to put him back together! Sweet Luur’na, I wish I could have held you close, but alas I fear that day may never come to pass. Find someone that will treat you well and be happy. It’s all I can ask the Gods for you, selfish though my request is.

Brother, scattered around the dead, and twice as many around our mother…

whom I believe went down fighting for the light to the bitter end,

…were the symbols of Utu – worshipped by the Loijurkan Tribe, our closest neighbors; and those of Anubis! Be careful I think Groun’na has teamed up with them to help slay our kin! Please, let Mergerij know as soon as possible in case this helps his search. Let him know that the Bishops of Light have been kidnapped by Anubis’s forces and Çynopolis – most of the world may not be welcoming of our race, most think we are dead or the boogeyman. The quest progresses and I write this having just joined up with another tribe of light worshiping Minotaurs called the Serelan and across my legs is Right Femur of the Lawgiver himself! There are some Vrill trackers that should be able to help you find them and I will tell them I about you.

I love you both, be safe and well.

>>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenflail,
upon the 30th of Thoth the year 111. <<< Picture of Xerx'ses mother by SlainDragon.

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