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More Conflict

After having so little happen in such a long time, it is nice to have a lot of events happen in such a short time, but the way they were handled could possibly tear us all apart. It started with the witch. I have deduced that it is only her who could have caused the start of our major problems. She is the only one who could have possibly put a curse on both Rell and Cava. However, I am afraid that there may be something more sinister at work. I know that in these troubles we do not stand alone, but that our deities stand beside us. It would not be fair to assume most would think that we are abandoned due to the these turn of events, but I assure you these are but mere trials that will pass. They are tests of faith that we must endure, lest we curse our gods and be smitten. We shall rise victoriously. However, there is a new enemy on the chessboard that we must be wary of Vald-Tegor, lord of the Vampires, has set an alliance with the dark gods. It seems the quest grows more difficult as time passes. However let me return from my digression.

As we returned from our bout with the vampires and the witch, we were relieved to see Me’zfii Onh in the distance. As we approached things began to become strange quickly. For as we began approaching some force took over Cava’s very nature he turned on Overkill. Harsh words were spoken and pure hatred towards dwarven kind were spoken. Let this not fool you, Cava has never said a word of hatred or malice against dwarves ever before. So it is truly unlike his nature. When Cava acted like this I quickly suggested we head to the boat and Overkill left with Tyvernos and Karma to Anjeleena’s Boardinghouse- apparently this is a brothel. I never really understood the concept. With Morgan its different. Our race is near extinction. We have been persecuted beyond what any other race has been through, but this is not a tale of such despair. As we continued to the boat a similar instance occurred with Rell. He swore profanities to a group of Wolfen and wanted their blood. He drew his axes and charged into battle. With quick thinking I jumped in front of him and watched as his body fell limp before my power. I fear the person who holds this much power and has an impure heart. Let Ra have mercy on their soul.
Chip quickly aided me with the help of Cava in carrying Rell back to the boat where Robert and Morgan met us. I was happy to see her as was she, but lives were in peril and time could not be spared. As she practically leapt onto me almost knocking me over, she kissed me passionately. It reminded me of the kiss of Isis, one that lives on in memory for a lifetime. One that has been burned into my mind that when my eyes close I only but think it to relive that moment. Did she grant me more than just a kiss? Have I been blessed with gifts I know not of? Only time will tell. Cava demanded to go up to the crows nest, while Morgan and I saw to it that Rell was placed in his bed for the night. Chip was to watch Cava during the night and Morgan and I slept in the hall outside of Rell’s room. It was set that Robert was to retrieve a priest of the light in the morning to seek aid for our comrades. The night passed by without event and Rell awoke with a fervor like none I had seen. He came roaring out of his room with both axes in hand asking where the wolfen were from the night before. With some persuasion I was able to assure him that the matter was taken care of in the most ambiguous manner that I could muster. These wolfen had been taken care of. We walked Rell to the galley for a breakfast that was prepared in a slow and meticulous manner. This allowed time for Robert to fetch the priest. I would love to say this went without incident, but Chip let me know that Cava opened fire on our dwarf who should have known better than to return until word was sent for him. Let it be known though that our dwarf is not one to think situations through in their entirety. Chip it would seem saved the day once more and with the help of Tyvernos harm was avoided to both parties. With that the priest arrived to perform the ritual of removing curses and I put down the money required to perform this ritual. I find it ironic that Rell had given me this gold so that one day I might return the favor of helping him. With only a few hours of time used up we were on our way and the priest was two thousand gold richer.

After this the rest of the team met Morgan. Chip finally unleashed his true feelings on the topic. He was quite upset, but it seems as though he was most upset about the fact that he was not told about the matter. Well at times it is best to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission. We bore on from the topic and focused on the task at hand. How are we to find the next piece of Osiris? The dread pirate Jason must be found, but where to find him is unknown. Therefore the entire group took the task upon ourselves to question the town. Our first stop was the church. We questioned the priest and our questions seemed to be without yield that was until he made mention of an wolfen pup. A moment of recollection appeared before my eyes. I recalled the fact that Tyvernos’ mother made mention of a vision of a young wolfen leading us to something we desired. This was divine providence. The gods speak in mysterious ways sometimes. We headed to the Morning Star to find this young wolfen. Sure enough we found him with ease sweeping the front porch. We greeted the young wolfen and when we propositioned him with the task of finding the lair of Jason, the young wolfen named Jaremy was ecstatic that someone finally recognized his true potential. Jaremy asked his employer Stweeb for permission and Stweeb stated that he had his permission, but we must receive permission from the leader of the Ursa Rex Tribe, Jaremy’s father, a Wolfen named Four Skulls. This task seemed daunting to most. I knew not of this tribe, but apparently this is one of the tallest and strongest wolfen tribes of note. It was here that we entered their embassy of sorts. It was Jaremy who got us a meeting with Four Skulls. It was a long process, but after oaths sworn by both Overkill and Cava, Four Skulls allowed us to take Jaremy with us. So we were off, or so it would seem.

As we were making way, Overkill had the idea to shave his head. I offered up my services and that of Morgan, but Overkill would rather have his hair cut by the likes of a whore. So be it. If one does not wish to trust his companions over the likes of them then so be it. We follow him into the brothel full of Bizantium soldiers. I guess Overkill forgot to mention that he had seen several enter the brothel before and now they are still here. This would be any sane person’s cue to leave, but not Overkill. The dwarf set in his ways demands a private room for a hair cut. Does this one not think of the consequences of his choices? Apparently not as history has shown repeatedly with this one. With decisions like this there is good cause to challenge his judgement, let alone his ability to make calls as a captain. While he may be a new person, I do believe that Robert the Just would make a far superior captain based on sound decisions alone. Alas we must stroke this dwarf’s fragile ego as to not offend him, by obliging his one request. Don’t get me wrong the guy is a great friend, but his calls of judgement are quite lacking. We made a valiant last stand. I was forced not to take any actions on principle alone. However, others decided to take defensive actions. I can neither approve nor condemn these actions. For some may claim self-defense, while others are just performing their duty for crown and country. I can’t recall who killed the man, but I can recall that he was dead. This scared off others until reinforcements arrived. Tyvernos brought the man back to life thank goodness, but I do recall the servant of Apis threatening to kill the man again unless he spoke what was desired. I cannot tell if this is how Apis commands peace or if it is a servant out of line. Alas there were several threats made. The man spoke and Overkill and others talked with the man trying to explain Overkill’s “innocence”. While a man may change his life around, it is rare that he go unpunished. Ra commands justice himself. I feel that at times he may be hard, but he is also quite fair. Alas I have seen a forgiving side to him as well. An ability to overlook past flaws if you will. Therefore I waited by the window and watched as reinforcements came. It was decided Overkill would go to court. A risky venture considering the fact that his cousin lied to protect Overkill. It would seem that no matter the outcome of this one of the dwarves will die. So we headed off to the local courthouse where Rell acted as lawyer on behalf of Overkill. There we spent a long time listening to both sides of the argument. It was here that we waited on a crucial element. Where was Overkill a true citizen? After delaying as long as possible, a good move by Rell, a pigeon arrived. A pigeon sent by King Avramson’s court. With the pigeon came a royal seal and decree that Overkill was indeed a wolfen citizen. At this Four Skulls, who had also attended the trial, claimed that he was now the rightful judge of this case and as such the proceeding shall be held in his compound. As we left, Four Skulls said that we are to hurry to our quest and he will see to the trial later. So we left, but not before Overkill begged Chip to send a pigeon to his cousin and family. It seems like this dwarf keeps digging deep holes for himself. For his sake I hope his luck turns around. Finally we headed out in search of the horde of the dread pirate Jason.

Jaremy was a great help along the way. It seemed as though he had made this trip enough times to know the customs. This is especially true when we were warned of a tribe of wolfen, the Black Birch Tribe, that lived a primitive lifeclass. We were warned that this tribe would demand an exchange of gifts as part of a two day ceremony. On the second day a presentation or performance. We passed the first day with flying colors. The gifts were much to the liking of the tribe, but not so much to the liking of our group fund. The following eve came quickly and our performances began. I was preparing my act that has not been seen by the likes of the group when I head some boo’s in the form of growling and vicious snarls. It appears someone has made a drastic error on their performance. They gave one more chance to the group. I continued to practice thinking that others would try harder. Unfortunately I was wrong on this point. For after the follow-up, the snarls grew increasingly louder. Now it appears that we were to be removed from the tribe’s presence immediately. So we quickly obliged and left with haste. We were told we could continue on our journey through their lands and we shall have a shot at redemption. So we traveled on for a long while till we reached our quarry. It was towards the end that we felt a presence. We felt the presence of being followed. I should have tried to recognize it more, but it was not till I saw the tree surrounded by wing tips and at the base of the tree sat a skeleton. It was then that I felt we were being watched again. I used my ability to see the invisible and to my shock I was correct. Behind us stood two entities: a syvan and a waternix. One is greedy and one is evil. I told our group that we were being followed by two entities and before I could do anything the follower of Apis was at it again. He released both his axes at the creatures still invisible to the naked eye. This one has become a loose canon that causes destruction wherever he walks. One of his axes hit the waternix. I felt bad for the creature. It had done nothing to provoke these actions. The creatures then spoke. They stated they only wanted to see what the commotion with the skeleton was. After some convincing, we were able to talk down the irrational Rell continuing his assault. It was at this point that the wing tips told us that we were to listen to Kchaketch, the skeletal Wolfen with a sword standing next to his chest like a tower standing in the desert, tell his story. So the group in its cohesion decided to discuss and argue the point at which almost everyone began debating. To me it was simple, we listen to his story. I told the group to shut up so that we may oblige this dead wolfen with his simple request. Apparently this again proved to be too challenging for the brash Rell, for he leapt out to grab this magical blade before the wolfen could finish telling us about it and his story. This act could have endangered the entire group. I guess not thinking is becoming a commonplace practice amongst our group. Apparently Cava shared the same distaste of the act for he ran up to meet Rell with a swift kick to the rear. Now I do not approve of this action, but sometimes desperate measures are required to get the point across. Chip seeing what I saw acted before I could and cast his infamous magic net upon them until the story could be finished. It was at the end that I was able to ask the wolfen about the properties of the sword. We should know all the properties before bringing this risk amongst our group. So we head out with several people bitter towards each other. Why is it that now the child must be the voice of reason?

Posted by Gavin on the 19th of Grekar in the 9th Year of King Gedro.

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  • “Why is it that now the child must be the voice of reason?” Could be worse, Could be Ursus. Although he really is no child, just looks that way.

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