Warning: Great Danger Awaits!

High Orcs, History, and Peril


The High Orcs were a cross between Elf and Orc.

“And as the dusk of the war approached, When the sky was ablaze with fire and the rivers had been run red, a new warrior strode forth onto the battlefield. They bore the features of the rugged Orcs, yet they weren’t touched by Orcish hideousness, but instead the grace of the Elves. When the trumpets sounded, these warriors flew into battle with rage and skill to match the gods. But their page in the book of history would soon be crumpled, as fate had allotted that their time would be short.”

That was said in a rare book that I found. It seems that they served during the Elf-Dwarf War on the side of the Elves, but like many, were rejected at the end of the war. The High Orcs were more upset than most, deciding that they would attack the Elves, Dwarves, and Giants, and create the “Chumras Orka”, or Orcish Empire. They rallied all the tribes of Orcs, for they were natural leaders. There are bits and pieces that I found stating that they were very successful, and only one city still held- the legendary Giant capital Balraga. There is a Giant account of the battle that states that one whole tribe abandoned them, and they were routed. The Giants felt that the High Orcs were all hunted down and killed.

There are confirmed sightings of a large group of High Orcs leading an army against the Timiro Kingdom. They do not, of course, call them High Orcs, but refer to them as “pretty Orcs” or “noble-looking Orcs.” This is truly dire.

High Orcs are smarter, are natural leaders, and keen strategists. They number priests of the Red God Lopnel and of Anhur among their number. There are actual knights and mages in their group, and given time, can train a typical Orc in warfare that would equal the training of the soldiers of Timiro. They even have warlocks and mages as well! From what I can gather there were between 200 and 400 High Orcs that escaped the Giants slaughter. They, as mentioned, were natural leaders, and the other monster races would serve them, so you may find Ogres, Trolls, Goblins, Hob-goblins and others among them. They are led by an EnheilRas, or warlord, and I understand that their leader has taken the name of Manus Trebelium. This was the name of the last of the High Fist Clan leaders, and the symbol you sent matches that legendary symbol. Manus of old had led the army, and from what I can gather, looks similar to the present day incarnation.
High Orcs were the masters of a strange weapon, the skell. It is a long, spiked gauntlet with 2 fins forming a buckler. There was a long, thin, curved, spiked blade protruding from the back of the fist. Many also rode a monster, called a Dorn, aggressive, demonic-looking, horse-like creatures.

I know that the Defilers have lived long lives, but nothing like the thousands of years that this race has hidden from view! They were thought all killed during the Age of Purification, 7,000- 8,000 years ago! My scholarly mind would love to know more of them, but I feel that there will not be a chance to find the answers safely.

As for assistance, I wish to introduce you to Nyodo Skatelin, and also to Ondemiera the White, who will meet you in the Timiro Kingdom town of Baca. Show them this letter to prove that it is truly you. Both are servants of Ra, and skilled fighters.

If all of this is true, Timiro, and all of Palladium, are in great danger. Warn your friend, and stay away- even CrIsis cannot take on an army bent upon destruction!

Picture courtesy of Dandzialf.

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