Warrior of Blood

The Long Journey to Fort Ac

My bones ached pretty bad from the night before. I know that Greldarr brought me back with the help of hopefully Ra. I would have hoped that he would have watched over me a bit more. I felt as though I was following his commandments. To be forsaken by one’s god is truly more damaging than these cuts. Still I pick myself up and go to visit Sam and Girdie the local armor smiths of Sims. I am now a four foot tall child running around in full scale mail armor with ease. Shortly after our purchases we head out. Only to find out that Overkill has purchased a slave with the intent to keep her as one. This eats away at me on the inside, but for now I must hold more composure than others in the group.
Later that night Mary made a delicious dinner thanks to the deer hunted by Cava. Unfortunately the smell attracted several unwanted visitors that night. The first of which happened on my watch. I felt a sharp pain in my back as a flash of light illuminated the sky. With this everyone was awake within seconds. With that most sprung into action and Greldarr ripped two orcs to shreds. At the sight of this the gnome ringleader and the remaining five orcs turned and fled. Then the group saw something that many will never see in their lifetime, a flying gnome. The only problem for the gnome was that he was flying backwards. This was how we captured him and a few other orcs. It was here where it all began. Ra is a very just god demanding retribution for sins and I, Gavin, was ready to give his ruling. The others however, wanted to set the captives free. This bugged Gavin, but he would not worry about that for now. It was time to sleep. Only it wasn’t because we would have one more visitor, who Cava greeted with style. His name was Roger and he could smell our food. He looked lost and worried. After some questions we found out that his group was murdered by the group that was set free earlier in the night. It appears that Ra’s law would have prevailed if I had my way. Again I must focus on this and pray for repentance for not being strong to act out against the criminals that were in my grasp. This Roger turned out to be a blessing, in that with his help and Greldarr’s we were able to ask Mary to prepare second dinner for us. Let’s just say Greldarr is getting a bit chunky. He really needs to watch his eating habits.
In the morning Roger told us his quest it was to track down a group of orcs heading northward. Could it be? Are these the orcs that I told to head to Skred and the rebellion? I had a very strong feeling that this was the case and chasing them is far too off track. I voted that we head to Fort Ac, but again I was outvoted. Who wishes to listen to a kid after all?
Therefore the group decided to head north past Fort Ac and continued late into the night. It was a long journey and they rushed into battle in the night. The details I am vague on because I was not involved in the fight, but when I arrived I saw a mass of orcs asleep as well as Overkill. I also noticed that a group member decided to play a prank on Overkill and thus the dwarf is now bald. It is actually quite funny. The person also wanted to shave the beard, but it was impossible due to time constraints. As the orcs awoke they saw me, blade in hand and when I removed my helm they all bowed before me. I had a talk with the orcs and paid reparations to the orcs killed by my group. I tried to make this as quick as possible and so far it has payed off. Except for the fact that Rell, no one has payed much attention or asked any questions. It is good that I am able to lay low. Rell has agreed to stop calling me “General” in public as per my request and we have talked about my disagreements with the group and have come to some type of resolution for the moment.
From this point forward I shall be free from the responsibilities Ra has placed upon me in the area of retribution and I leave it all up to the power of one vote. This concept is weird to me. It must have been something this alien Chip has instated from his culture. Anyhow we have made it to Fort Ac safely and are now working with Father Morgan to find the quarry we are looking for.
Posted by Gavin on the 19th day of Majestic, in the 8th year of King Gedro.
Overkill picture courtesy of Edward Cha

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