Where Will the Lost be Found?


We finally got out of the blessed cave and back into that cursed swamp. For a moment I honestly thought that Yin Sloth Jungles was pleasant. I know that I just wrote yesterday but I thought I’d make a note for you. It confuses me why the gods choose who stays and who goes. Possession has got us in a whole heap of trouble and worse has shaken my faith and trust in my most trusted allies. Walk into trouble got us in heavy trouble and one of us killed by the gods and the other banished back to her own country. I still have trust issues with some and it bothers me. While I can sleep at night, it becomes more and more uneasy all with Mary in evils clutches and with members doing things without consent or awareness of the others. I would say the Xerx’ses is barely my closest ally. Perhaps I should just say comrade. People move in and out so often that there becomes a major need for a ground; a center. When I was with my mates on the ship there was something. Men and women didn’t change, much. Now it’s different; too different. Thoth, Minischmee and Mary are far away.

The point I am trying to make is change is constant (I mentioned I hate change), the good guys will win but at what cost? I want to be on the winning side but will I lose my soul? I am losing my center. What next.

Written by Overkill on the 20th of Majestic the 1st year of King Wilgan.

Picture from Cynic Pavel

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