Leader of Storm Haven

Second in command in Lemaria to Ferra Simsar. High Priestess of Isis.

Please see the logs She Glaives Me Not, The Gods and Lemaria, and The Voyage of the Damned for more.

10th level
HP 57
SDC 34
Spell Strength 13
Tongues, Sense Magic, Globe of Daylight, See Aura, Decipher Magic, Invisibility Simple, Increase weight, Armor of Ithan, Paralysis-Lesser, Negate Magic, Dispel Barriers

Leather of Iron AR 15 SDC160
Lesser Holy Mace Glows Red Add 5% prayers
6D6 Dam
Healing Touch 2D6 HP & SDC 6x/24 hrs
6’ Protection Circle
Expel Demon/Deevil

Picture from Rowiel.