Alexandra Beriandwen


6’2”, 150 lbs 253 years old

Brown hair, green eyes.

Alignment: Selfish

Alexandra was born in the Western Empire in the city of Caer Glaverius. Her father was the Chief Financial Advisor to the ruling family there, as was her grandfather and her grandfather’s grandfather. Her grandfather’s father was a lowly ship captain, and seen as a blemish on the family’s impeccable tree. He disappeared with all he owned shortly after her grandfather became a financial advisor. To this day, no one knows whither he went, though bedtime stories suggest it was into the sea of despair to tame sea serpents, or to the Isle of Cyclops to gather a crew and rule the seas of Palladium.

Not long after her tenth birthday, her father was murdered in their family estate, and her mother was taken. She was barely old enough to not be called an infant by Elven standards, but she was forced to fen for herself on the harsh, racist banks of the Western Empire. She did everything she could to survive, though even at the bottom of the deepest well, she kept hold of the light at the top. She whispered to herself the bedtime stories she was told by her mother, and the Sea became the one stable thing, the anchor that she could hold on to, so that she didn’t lose herself.

Over the years, she learned how to manage her money, and became an enterprising street rat. By twenty, she had a youth-populated crime syndicate named Babes of Bedlam. They stole, conned, swindled, and robbed their way into the eyes of the local Thieves’ guild; they were hunted down and almost all were slain by shadowy figures with hidden blades. She was thrown back down that well, and in that time of despair, she remembered the bedtime stories. With nothing but her wealth left to her, she bought a ship and set off to search for her grandfather’s father’s fate.