Algor is one of the most worshipped gods in Palladium, however most of the worship is very informal. The only organized worship of Algor is in Bizantium, where it is the official religion, and which holds the Great Cathedral of Algor. Elsewhere the Algorian priests work independently, leading the singing of hymns and chants, accepting the many offerings from seamen and sailors.

Algor is THE god of the seas in Palladium. Almost all captains know the sea rites of Algor. He is the symbol of the seas, storms, strength, and surprisingly, the downtrodden. He has been known to take the form of a beggar, so you never know when being generous might truly reward you. He is also worshiped by many giants, for even among the gods he is a giant- he is 60’ tall!

CrIsis sees Algor in Sinza, where he, along with Bast and Kym-nark-mar, declares Minischmee King of Bizantium.