The symbol of death, transition, and the fear of the unknown. Son of Osiris, he was instrumental in his father’s death at the hands of Set. He was rewarded with a seat at Set’s left hand.

Most of Anubis’ followers are in Çynopolis, Palladium’s City of the Dead.

Anubis seems to possess Cava during CrIsis voyage to the Floenry Isles to recover the Right Hand of Osiris. Read more about the possession in the logs The Waking Nightmare, When Life Gives You Lemons, and The Facade.

Cava discovers at the Library of Bletherad that Anubis’ weaknesses are holy weapons, silver weapons, and good-aligned rune weapons.

Anubis seeks power above all things, and is not at all pleased at the thought of Osiris being resurrected. He truly enjoys his current position, and is not willing to give it up. One of his largest seats of strength is Palladium, and there is no doubt that he will use the strength of Çynopolis to strike at CrIsis.

Anubis, after Cava’s possession, steps forward as CrIsis biggest threat. An Alu Demon Hound warns them in Avramstown that they will not succeed, and states his lord is Anubis. More hounds attack CrIsis in the town of Tolosonya, with Gavin and Chip both being teleported away to Çynopolis, or so they are told.

Read more about this battle in the logs Bathing in Bennude?, Night of the Alu Demons, and Return From the City of the Dead.

The question is, why, and for what purpose, are the Demon Lord Charun’s minions being commanded by Anubis?

More questions arise when, at the outskirts of Me’zfii Onh, CrIsis is attacked by a witch claiming to be a servant of Anubis is joined by vampires. Does this mean Vald-Tegor is also in league with Anubis? Read more in the logs Tree Huggers and Snow and Climax of Confusion or Denouement of Disaster?

In the Baalgor Wastelands CrIsis begins to wonder if Anubis is also aligned with the god of Death, Utu.

The symbol for Anubis is the flail, alone, not to be confused with the crook and flail crossed, which is the symbol for Osiris.