ASHER (Deceased)

Kobold Psi-Mystic, Worshiper of Apis

A rotund kobold with a comb-over. His hair is a sort of muddy grey, what little of it there is left. He has pale red eyes and yellowed sharp pointy teeth. What little of his skin you can see is pale. He rarely shows more than simply his face. He wears long sleeved clothing, even in summer, and always wears gloves and boots. The collar of his shirts are high and go to his chin.

Picture by Peachyco.

Name: Asher AKA Alter Dudel
Rank 14th Level
OCC: Psi-Mystic
Race: Kobold
Land of Origin: Northern Wilderness
Citizenship: Lopan

HT 3 ’11" IQ 15 Save vs Magic 0 Strike + 2 (+ 5)
WT 120 lbs ME 8 Save vs Psionics +5 Parry + 5 (+ 8)
PPE 129/134 MA 13 Save vs coma 0 Dodge + 5 (+ 8)
ISP 178/178 PS 18 Save vs poison/disease 0 Roll +4
HP 46/46 PP 10 Save vs horror +4 Pull +4
SDC 25/25 PE 15 Save vs possession +4 Initiative +1
Exp 347,970 PB 7 Save vs mind control +2 Damage +7
Sex M SPD 29/6 Knockout Behind
Birthday 11/1/2 (Age 100) Critical 19,20
HTH: Basic Attacks 7
Alignment Scrupulous Perception 0

Western Empire <> Island of Bizantium <> Eastern Territory 0
Timiro Kingdom <> Wolfen Empire 917 <> Dragon Coins 0

Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown Range
Knife 1 +6 +5 +10 40’
Targeting 1 +6
Weapons: Damage Notes
Apis’ Horn 3D6 Holy Weapon Can Heal 2D6 SDC and HP 6x/day(3) Can Create Bread & Milk at 4th lev 6x/day(6)
Ra’s Will 1D6+6 Sense Evil Turns Black Supernatural evil w/in 20’ Monster Slayer 2x dam to supernatural/magic/minions of Taut Turn Dead 80% 6D6 line of sight for 2D4 hours 3x/day(3)
Horus’ Beak 3d6 +1 save magic, +2 save horror +2 save poison/disease
Silver Dagger 1D6
Armor AR/ SDC Notes
Studded Leather 13/38
Special Attacks: Damage Notes
Snap Kick 1D6
Body Flip 1D6
Power Type ISP Range Duration Save Spell Link
Exorcism Healing 10 8’ Instant Special Description
Healing Touch Healing 6 Touch Instant None Description
Psychic Cosmetic Surgery Healing 14 3’ Instant None Description
Psychic Diagnosis Healing 4 3’ Immediate Knowledge None Description
Increased Healing Healing 10 3’ 2d4 Days None Description
Power Type ISP Range Duration Save Description
Sense Evil Sensitive 2 140’r 2 min/lev None See Notes
Sixth Sense Sensitive 2 90’ Until Danger Passes None Imminent Danger, +6 Init, +2 Parry, +3 Dodge, No sneak attacks.
Meditation Sensitive 0 Self Varies None Recover 6 ISP/hr
Astral Projection Sensitive 8 Self 5min/lv None Spirit separated from body. Cord connects two.
Clairvoyance Sensitive 4 Special 6D6 Rounds None 58+2%, +5% if a loved one. 2X a day (82/88)
Presence Sense Sensitive 4 120’ 2 min/lev None Near, far and approx # (50% right/wrong) one, few, several, or many
Empathy Sensitive 4 100’ 2min/lv Std See notes.
Dispel Spirits Sensitive 10 50’r/lev 30 min/lev Special Lesser spirits, ghosts, or minor entities w/in the range. See notes for more.
See the Invisible Sensitive 4 120’ 1 min/lev None Includes ghosts, entities & astral forms
Power Type ISP Range Duration Save Description
Mind Block Physical 4 Self 10 min/lev None +1 save psionics, blocks empathy, telepathy, etc
Telekinesis Physical Varies 60’ 2 min/lev None See notes
Summon Inner Strength Physical 4 Self 10 min/lev None +10 SDC, +2 Save Poison, +5% coma/death No Fatigue
Magic: Spell Strength: 16
Power PPE Cost Range Duration Save Description
Spells of Level 1-5
Death Trance 1(1) Self 10melee/lev None Appears to be dead. Only physical sensations.
Increase Weight 4 (2) 100’ 2 min/lev Std Increase 100lbs/lev
Weightlessness 6(3) 60 ft 2 melee/level Standard minus by 100 pounds/level, min 1/2 ounce. Speed -75%. Wind 1+ mph blow the character around. damage and carry -75%.
Chameleon 6(3) Touch 16 melees per level None 90% if not moving, 70% 2’/melee 20% 6’/melee
Climb 3(2) 40’ 5 min/lev None Climb normal surface 98%, difficult 60%. Includes rappelling.
Befuddle 6(3) 100’ 2 min/lev Std -2 strike, parry, dodge 1/2 attacks, skills -20%
Extinguish Fire 4(2) 100’ 1 min/lev None 20’ radius up to 100’ away +10’/level
Cleanse 6(3) Self or touch Instant None Spotless, head to toe, include clothes, but not armor
Cloud of Slumber 4(2) 90’ 2 melee/lev Std 20′×20′×20′ cloud Anyone in cloud falls into magic sleep. If dragged out of cloudwake in 1D4 melees
See Aura 6(3) 100’ 1 melee Special Level xp=low-med-high, magic, psychic, high/low base PPE, possessed, serious illness, unusual aberration (IE Supernatural) but not type
Spider Webs 10(5) 30’ 5 min/lev HF 13 10’/ diameter/lev See Notes (-3% Spd and Skill /10’ moved. -1 init and all combat /20’ moved
Charismatic Aura 10(5) 60’ 6 melee/lev Std Cast on self or other. +8 to PB. Affects all w/in 60’ radius. See notes for invoked response options
Armor of Ithan 10(5) Self or touch 1 min/lev None 100+10/lev AR 18 Fire, lightning, cold 1/2 dam
Eyes of Thoth 8(4) Self or Touch 10 min/lev None *Read and understand all languages, including runes
Magic Net 7(4) 20’/lev 2 melee/lev Dodge Dodge >16 2 melees to cut out- only affected by magic & magic weapons
Invisibility: Simple 6(3) Self 3 minutes/level None Self only
Power PPE Cost Range Duration Save Description
Spells of Level 6-10
Reverse 18(9) 50’ 1 min/lev -1 save Everything is reversed -75% language, -20% skills twice/long
Mask of Deceit 15(7) Self or Touch 10 min/lev -4 Facial features only. Age, gender, skin color, hair, etc. Specific person 20+3
Circle of Concealment 15(7)/100(50) 20’ rad/lev 1 hr/1 yr/lev Special Conceal area, only save ritual magic allow possible discovery Detect ppe, detect magic, negate magic
Witch Bottle 28(14) Wearer 1 yr/lev None +3 save witch spells, curses, etc., includes familiar. Impervious to charm, mind contol, possession by witch. Holds witch at bay like crucifix.
Handful of Lightning 30(15) 400’+10’/lev 1 melee/lev Special 3 lightning spears + 3 strike 6D6 + 2/lev Save Dodge nat 18-20 or modified 24
Fleet Feet 20(10) 20’ 2 melee/lev None Self or Other w/in 20’ Doubles PP, Spd, & Attacks Negative moving so fast -2 Init, no save surprise, -20% Delicate skills
Crystal Eye 22(11) 200’ 1 min/lev Std Remote hidden camera 200’ in front of it Must be light. Sight only. Any clear or semi-transparent white, clear, or blue crystal.
Familiar Link 55(28) 600ft Indefinite None Animal is a sensory extension of the mage (see, hear, smell, taste, touch), empathy and shared emotions, If dies, see notes.
Banishment 65(33) 100ft/600ft 2 weeks/lev Standard 1/lev Supernatural beings, including demons deevils, and so on.
Flame Gem 125(63) Touch 1 min/lev Std Must be size robin’s egg, held between thumb/forefinger visibly or worn as jewelry/imbedded. Normal fire no damage, dragon’s breath/ magic fire 1/3 damage
Summon & Control Canines 50(25) 200’ 5hr/lev Std for not part of PCs grp Inscribe Pentagram to summon. Can control all canines in LoS while in Pentagram. Can controll summoned canines while out of pentagram. Summon 1d4 +1/lev
Summon & Control Rodents 70(35) 600’ 5hr/lev Standard Animal Inscribe Pentagram to summon. Can control all rodents in 600’ while in Pentagram (not familiars). Can control summoned rodents while out of pentagram. Summon 30 Rats/Mice per lev
Power PPE Cost Range Duration Save Description
Spells of Level 11+
Anti-Magic Cloud 140(70) 100’/lev 20 melee/lev Nat 18-20 Only caster may use magic- rune & rune swords still work. Negates all other magic.
Scribe Magic Scroll 100(50)+spell Touch As per spell 12/16 Creates magic scroll, level can be any up to caster level, strength is 12 unless ritual, then 16
Circle of Protection: Superior 250(125) Radius of circle 24 hours (extend for 20(10) PPE) None Greater Supernatural can’t come within 20’. Lesser can’t stand within line of sight. +5 save vs all magic and psychic attacks, impervious to possession, +8 save vs horror. Versus all supernatural and minions of taut +3 to strike/parry/dodge. Additional 10 PPE to each mage and additional 10 ISP to each psychic
ID Barrier 600(300) 200’ + 100’/level 3 min / level Horror 14/Horror 16/Standard First save within 10 feet, second save to enter, last save to overcome. On fail of last save casts apparition on individual who enters. On siccess loss of 1 attack per melee.
—Apparition 1 min / level none Target’s greatest fear. Has at least 3 attacks per melee but no more than 6. +2 to strike, +3 to parry, +6 to dodge, incredibly strong and a horror factor of 10. If the opponent of the apparition should ‘die’ they fall unconscious for 2d5 minutes from shock. They must also roll to save vs insanity (12 or higher saves.). Destroy with a rod of iron or wait for magic to expire.
Scrolls: Spell Strength: 12 Ritual Spell Strength: 16
Scroll Name Level Turns to Cast Sigil Ribbon Color Ritual? Count Sell Price
Fleet Feet 11 3 Parallel Lines Yellow No 2
Spider Webs 11 2 Star Blue Yes 2
Anti-Magic Cloud 11 5 Square Red Yes 2
Armor of Ithan 11 2 Hook (J) White No 1
Reverse 11 3 Cross Black Yes 2
Befuddle 11 2 Curve (S) Green Yes 1
Banishment 11 3 Cup (U) Purple Yes 2
Circle of Concealment 11 3 Circle Orange No 2
ID Barrier 14 5 Hash Black Yes 1
Flame Eating Gem 11 3 No 0
Charismatic Aura 11 2 No 2 2500
Extinguish Fire 11 2 No 1 1000
  • requires extended period of meditation to ready first time.
Eternal Torch Ring AR 14
Sunsight Amulet See in Daylight like Human
OCC Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Language:Gobbley 98 1 14 98%
Language:Wolfen 40+5 15 1 14 98%
Language:Northern 40+5 15 1 14 98%
Math Basic 45+5 20 1 14 98%
Dowsing 20+5 5 1 14 90%
WP Knife 1 14
WP Targeting 1 14
HTH Basic 1 14
OCC Related Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Astronomy/Navigation 30+5 5 1 14 98%
Biology 30+5 5 1 14 98%
Undead Lore 25+5 10 1 14 98%
Lore Witch 25+5 10 1 14 98%
Literacy: Northern 30+5 10 1 14 98%
Boxing 1 14
Language:Elven (Blessed) 40+5 10 1 14 98%
Seamanship (Blessed) 22+4 1 14 76%
Language:Eastern 40+5 10 3 14 98%
Track/Trap Animals 20/30+5 6 14 60/70%
Language:Southern 40+5 10 9 14 75%
Literacy:Elven 30+5 10 12 14 50%
Natural Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Underground Tunneling 40+5 1 14 98%
Underground Architecture 30+5 1 14 95%
Underground Sense Direction 40+5 1 14 98%
Field Armorer 30+5 10 1 14 98%
Secondary Skills Base % Start Current Total %
Anthropology:Humans 20+5 1 14 85%
Anthropology:Ancients 20+5 1 14 85%
Archaeology 20+5 1 14 85%
Prowl 25+5 1 14 90%
Running 1 14

Can not summon a familiar until 7 Pegasus 113

Name Count Location Description
Winter Clothes 1 Backpack Black, long sleeved, rough homespun, double layer, heavy
Summer Clothes 1 Worn Black, long sleeved, rough homespun, airy, no shirt.
Cloak 1 Worn Full, black, water-proofed
Boots Pair Worn Black, Lion skin
Belt 1 Worn Rope, tied
Blanket 1 Backpack Hand woven, wool, geometric pattern
Backpack 1 Worn Canvas, Wooden frame , Mystical ward: Silent
Medium Sack 1 1 Left Hip Burlap
Medium Sack 2 1 Right Hip Burlap
Water Skin 1 Medium Sack 1 Leather, Tooled, flower pattern
Food Rations 7 days Medium Sack 1 Jerky
Comb 1 Medium Sack 2 Small, fine gap, ivory
Tinder Box 1 Back Pack tin with silver inlay of a phoenix
Horus’ Beak Left Hand See Notes under weapons
Ra’s Will Right Hand See Notes under weapons
Tunneling Tools 1 Backpack
3 carat diamond 1 Medium Sack 2
Sekti Abtu Medallion 1 Neck Responsible for Burlap’s Teleportation
Agreement 1 Backpack Indestructible scroll
CrIsis Books 2-6 1 Backpack
Witch Bottle from Caminata 1 Bracelet, left wrist +3 save witch spells, curses, etc., includes familiar. Impervious to charm, mind contol, possession by witch. Holds witch at bay like crucifix.
Flame Eating Gem 1 Bracelet, right wrist
Witch Bottle (for sale) 1 Medium Sack 1
Scroll of Kidney of Osiris 1 Backpack Save magic + Recognize poison. 2hr/lev
Gantrium Ring 1 Right Hand Dwarf Sanderson Jitney (alias) acquired the ring.
Circlet of Osiris 1 Head Eye of Sight Circlet- to highlight his comb-over
See Invisible 120’ or X-ray Vision 5’ 1x each/day, 10 min see invis
Overkill’s List 1 Medium Sack 1
Flight Pass 1 Medium Sack 1
Bottle of Scotch 1 Backpack bottle of Scotch from the Slayer of Mountains missing three shots
Everfresh Blood Flask 1 Medium Sack A silver engraved flask that keeps blood always fresh
Ring of Elanu 1 Right hand
Drama Cards, Luck Points
Luck Points: 0
Drama Card- Shopping Spree Played in Mishala to find temperature control items.
Drama Card- Scavenger Spent to take a soul drinker weapon
Bank Accounts

Password Account: Password is Azimuth. Current amount is 9,600 eastern



A collection of thoughts about my life at the advent of my entry into the group known as CrIsis.

Having spoken face to face with a God, I find that my normal daily introspection turns to the life I have lead up to this point. It is not a short life, but neither is it an age. It is simply my life, and the choices that I made and which brought me to this point.

Most who know me believe that my birthday falls upon the 28th day of Pegasus. It does not.

My parents celebrated for days after my birth. They were devout Set worshipers, and my birth on the 1st of Set was considered to be a sign to them that they were favored of the god. This was something that they only slowly came to realize was not the case.

I was a stubborn child. Never capricious, never vengeful, but stubborn to a fault. I was as contrary as they come. If someone told me to go left, I would go right. I pulled away from the teachings that my parents tried to instill in me and sought out a gentler path. They would not allow it in me.

When it was discovered that I had the potential to be a conduit for higher power, they thought to apprentice me to a witch. It is a respectable profession in our community and I would have been one of the elite. They thought I would leap at the idea.

I did not.

Oh, by this time I was smart enough not to directly contradict their wishes. For the next ten years I kept offering excuses as to why I could not go into service. On the day before my thirtieth birthday they gave me an ultimatum: Either I would live to serve to Set or I would die to serve Anubis.

I would not serve Set.

They took me into custody and threw me into a hole in the ground. For 50 days I meditated on the course that my life had taken. I did not curse my parents, nor my circumstances. More I pondered who I was and what my purpose in the universe should be. During this time I rarely slept and barely ate. The physical body was a hindrance to my goals.

The morning of the fifty-first day, the date assigned for my ritual sacrifice, a light descended upon my mind and I knew what I had to do. I lay down upon my pallet, my form reposed, waiting for my jailers to arrive. When the sounds of their footsteps alerted me to their imminent arrival, I quietly cast my spell and immediately fell dead.

Not true death, but a semblance of death settled upon me. My surroundings faded away, but their frantic attempts to revive me were clear upon my consciousness. When they rushed from the room leaving the door open in their haste, I slipped out behind them. A hue and cry went out over my escape when my deception was discovered. I hid in an alcove off the main tunnel I’d been moving through and pulled a camouflage spell over me.

The fear I felt as they searched each inch of the passageway, as their eyes passed over the space where I hid. I could barely breath for fear that I would give myself away. Again, I slipped into their wake and used their own search patterns against them.

Eventually, they led me to one of the main air shafts of the community. Making myself much lighter I leapt for the opening. I could feel myself begin to slip, so I cast another spell making my hands adhere to the surface and began to climb. Time stood still as I worked my muscles to propel myself up through that air shaft. An ache set into them as minute by minute and hour by hour I pushed myself upward. Many times in my continued ascent I had to wedge myself into place so I could rest just enough so I might cast my climbing spell again. The shaft was a wonder of Kobold engineering and it ran straight and true to the top of the mountain. Two thousand three hundred and fifty feet from the bottom to the top. Two thousand mind numbing feet. The spell made the difficult possible, but it did not give me the muscles or the stamina of a seasoned climber. I was aching and sobbing by the time my blind grab for the next few inches of the shaft passed into empty air.

The cold air wafting down the shaft had long since chilled me to the bone, but the icy wind tore through the thin rags that I wore and brought me to an even greater understanding of cold than I’d ever known before.

With my last spell I increased my weight to the point that I sank deep into the snow drifted around the stone chimney at the top of the shaft. There, in a hole in the snow fashioned by my own body I huddled in on myself for warmth and for the first time in days I truly rested.

I’ll not bore you with the details of my trek off that mountain, the starvation and thirst I suffered as I wandered the wilderness afraid at every moment that I would be captured and returned to the Kobold for execution, but suffer I did for my freedom.

A small stream of icy melt-off slaked my thirst. Some wild berries I stumbled upon eased my hunger pains, even though they didn’t nourish me. I suppose it would be like eating grass for a human or elf. It fills you up, but you get no benefit for it.

I stumbled into Avramstown, half-dehydrated and delirious in my hunger. Where I went and who I spoke to are even now a blur, but I do know I woke in the space behind a stable at one of the larger inns. I had some abilities that made me useful to those around me, the forgotten, the unwanted, the unwashed masses of people who don’t quite fit in, even in a place as diverse as Avramstown.

The language was easier to acquire than acceptance with the people in the town, but I didn’t need their acceptance. I performed surgery on those that needed it. I worked for a warehouse for a while helping with their loading and unloading. It was all so mundane, and always just enough to keep me in raw meat. Some of my co-workers laughed about that and started calling me ‘dog’. Nowhere that a Wolfen could hear them, of course, but more than they should have.

It was during this time that I began to hear about another side to the religion that I’d grown up with. A softer and more…kind side to this religion I’d thought was entirely focused on the worst aspects of our natures.

The priests of Apis were my first real introduction to this side of the Church of Light and Dark. They were in charge of feeding and caring for the homeless, and often I would volunteer my time with them, assisting in their outreach programs. When one of them mentioned, in an offhand manner, that they’d been trained in Haven something sparked within me that wouldn’t die. I had spent almost five years in Avramstown at this point, but it would be another five before I would set out on a trek to find a beginning, a true beginning, for the teaching of my soul.

I bade farewell to the friends and colleagues that I’d made while living in this diverse town and began my pilgrimage to the heart of the Church of Light and Dark. I celebrated my fortieth birthday while on the road.

I did not head straight to Haven. My road lead a wandering path and deposited me frequently where I was most needed. Even then I felt the guiding hand of the gods in my life as I went from one crisis spot to the next. There were times I went hungry. There were times that I was cold, or tired. It was probably the most spiritual journey I have ever taken. I traveled by land from Avramstown to Haven and I did it during the course of the next three years of my life.

I reached Haven at sundown the night before my birthday. From the information that I had received I knew that I would be accepted in New Haven, especially on this most holy day for the Church of Dark. I felt myself slipping into the pathways that were so familiar to me, allowing that darker side of my personality a free reign as I walked the streets of this alien city on the day of my birth.

Let me tell you something that may not be clear: I lived for thirty years surrounded by evil. My soul was steeped in it. My parents reveled in it. Before I truly understood what it meant, I took part in the events normal to this day. Before I began to rebel, I was just like many children on this night. I borrowed from those memories in order to sneak my way into the very offices of the Bishop of the Church.

I was promptly thrown in Jail.

The next six years were spent between interrogations and questions and teaching. When my truthfulness was finally proven, and my sincerity to be a member of the light realized, I was allowed out of prison. There was, however, a caveat to my freedom: That I leave the city of Haven and never return to it.

A party of adventuring mercenaries led by a priest of Ra named Aescarion escorted me to the limits of the city on their way to points unknown. Somehow I convinced the priest to allow me to join them in their work.

He was wary of me given my monstrous origins, but in the end he allowed me to go with them. These were likely the best days of my life. I was with this group of adventurers for a little over three years. More time was spent traveling between our jobs than spent fighting, but I learned much of who I was and who this Priest was. He was a truly young man. Among my people he would have been considered a child still being only 18 years of age. Even for a Human he was young.

He made my own 49 years seem ancient with his joi de vivre. We formed an uneasy friendship that was finally cemented went I took a blade meant for him while we were fighting a group of Kobold that had attacked us because of my presence.

They left me to recover, which I did, but not before he promised to keep in touch, which he did for the next thirty eight years until his death at the too young age of 51.

My life took a turn for the relaxed at this point. I became a verifier of artifacts. I went on digs in old castles and settlements. In general I began to make a name for myself as ‘the Kobold Archaeologist.’

This was a relaxed and easy time for myself that was filled with introspection and easy work. Easy until about six months ago when a coven of witches decided to destroy my life’s work, or that which they considered my life’s work to be. I had meditated and decided upon a course of action when a summons to my true work intercepted me. I am recently turned 99 and only now does my real work begin.

Now I begin to help CrIsis in putting together the body of Osiris.


Exorcism: Can only exorcise the living. A completely successful exorcism will eject the entity from the body and send it whence it came. A Partially successful exorcism will leave the healer at risk as the entity does leave the victim, but goes where it wants and can try to possess another creature. Success on exorcism 28% + 7% per level (98%). Success on banishment 21% + 7% per level (98%). The creature can attack with any abilities it has during the ritual.

Healing Touch: 2d4 HP or 2d6 SDC. Living creatures only.

Psychic Cosmetic Surgery: 66% + 3% per level. (98%) Alter physical appearance.

Psychic Diagnosis: Sense Physical Pain, Internal/External Injury, Disease, and Possession with absolute clarity. Can suggest treatment or perform psychic surgery.

Increased Healing: 1d6 hour trance. Doubles natural HP and SDC healing.