The Phoenix

Goddess of rebirth, death, the passing of seasons and day to night. She is the most selfish goddess in the Pantheon of Ra, infamous for her sense of self-preservation.

Bennu’s hatred of Set is as legendary as her self-preservation. Her chosen people, the Phoenixi have been molested by Set for eons. This hatred Isis has used to entice Bennu to join the rebuilding of Osiris by sending Tyvernos to join CrIsis. Hannah also worshiped Bennu.

The symbol for Bennu is the phoenix.

Here is Bennu’s infamous speech to CrIsis on Majestic 15, 111, with the judged reactions. This was given in the Temple of Bennu in Haven:

Overkill, Karma, and Ferrel– step forward for judgment. Overkill- You made a bargain with an agent of Set– only Drauka’s death, and your quick thinking, saved you. Tell all here about it, and then you shall be judged.”

Overkill then explained why he went with others to New Haven and how he escaped the same fate as Drauka. He was humble and apologetic.

“Remember this lesson for the rest of your days! You should, if faced with the decision of turning to evil or death in the future, choose death! You are on a holy quest- nothing else matters but doing good! Never again turn towards the dark- your friends in CrIsis, and your humble apology, allow you to stay in CrIsis. You have been warned.

Karma- You completed your transaction with the Agent of Set! Did you think that there were no consequences? As a Palladin, you have failed. As a member of CrIsis, you have betrayed. You have not worshiped your lord Thoth truly enough! You have not gone above and beyond spreading your faith. You have not made any converts outside of Avramstown. You have not lead, leaving leadership up to a Ranger and a Mariner! You are stripped of your powers, and are being sent home, never to return to CrIsis. If you later prove your worth, and become a Palladin in action, your powers may be restored. Give me Humara, you are not worthy to carry her.”

Karma, shocked and humbled, passes Humara to Bennu. “Your will, my goddess.” With tears in her eyes, she turns to CrIsis. “I am sorry that I failed you. Good luck in your quest.” With that she is gone.

Bennu turns to Ferrel- “Ferrel, you have consistently overstepped your bounds, and regularly endangered CrIsis.”

Ferrel interrupts, “The Gods have already spoken, and forgiven-“

Bennu explodes, “Silence! You yet again prove this! CrIsis knows of your treachery in Iron Sea, but do they know of your treachery here? Do they know that right now, as we speak, an agent of Anubis is in your room? Actually (Bennu stares off, elsewhere for a moment) she is in Tyvernos’ room, laying a trap!” Bennu moves a bookcase beside her, revealing a hidden door.

Tiny, take your crew and deal with the female dwarf in the Sun’s Rest, in room 2. Wear these,” she hands Tiny some amulets. “They will expire in 3 hours. Go now.” Tiny rushes off, and the bookcase is slammed shut by Bennu. She turns her attention back to Ferrel.

“My Lady, I…”

Bennu again rages- “I am done with you!” Raising her hand, Ferrel screams as he goes up in flames. Bennu calmly reaches into the flames and grabs the lyre Cherlindria from his dying body, and hands it to Overkill.

“You will get this back to its maker. There is no rush, but when you reach the Ophid’s Grasslands in your later travels, return it to him. Tell him to pray long and hard for guidance before he ever gives something with this much power again.

‘You have all been warned. Apis has sent Roggan to remind you of love and goodness. The rest of the gods, including myself, give you Vandur.’ Vandur steps forward from the back. “Vandur here is to remind you of faith, of consequence, and of devotion to the Gods of Light. We are at war to protect you! Remember to show some appreciation! I have lost many of my beloved children, the Phoenixi, and the other Gods of Light have suffered loss as well. I leave you now with these lessons.” With that, Bennu is gone.