Bishop Rose Nodeki


Bishop of Church of Light & Dark-Eastern Territory

Follower of Horus. Working for peace between Wolfen & humans.

Meets CrIsis on the 18th of Grekar in the 340th year of the Dominion, after they had an argument with a protective mind mage priest that did not want her disturbed. She uses her powers to judge who was in the right, and asks the group to join her to see the legendary Heart of Osiris. She teaches the members of CrIsis each of the 100 names of Isis needed to climb the steps of the Antes Temple.

She has promised CrIsis that if they return a piece of Osiris that she will have enough bargaining power to end the use of Wolfen as slaves in all of the Eastern Churches of Light & Dark.

She gives Greldarr a map of the Timiro Kingdom, and suggests that they port at Marmana, for which she also provides a map.

Update Grekar 16, 111. Bishop Rose sends a magic pigeon begging CrIsis to bring the next part of Osiris that they find to Haven, to help prevent war between the Eastern Territory and the Wolfen Empire. See the log Assistance Needed. Since then she has been in contact with CrIsis through pigeon twice- on the 26th of Selestra, 111 (War Imminent) and Algor 13, 112 (Threats?) She is answered twice, by Ferrel (Pigeon A La Rose) and Cava (Vox Bardus.)

Update Majestic 111- CrIsis visits Haven and Bishop Rose again. They attempt to push the representatives of the Eastern Territory and Wolfen Empire to get a peace treaty done, and explain why they cannot give up the Finger of Osiris currently. See the logs Drauka’s Dithering, Two Women, Drauka’s Death, Letter From Haven, Bent Over Bennudiction, and Lessons Failed.

CrIsis sees Bishop Rose again in Selestra, 112, for the Festival of Ra in Sekti-Abtu.