Caer Itom


Capital of the Western Empire. Home to Emperor Voelkian Itomas II and the Slayer of Mountains.

It is one of the homes of the Royal College of Navigation, and one of the locations of both the Karowyn’s Merchant House and Gold Coast Trading Company.

Burlap came from Caer Itom.

Azariel meets up with Nipshanks here. He meets Adriana, whom he marries! The good priest of Apis, Donal, performs the ceremony. He also warns Azariel of his not so good “mother”, Lady Shara Lechellsa, who had already attacked Azariel.

Later, CrIsis has a meeting with the Slayer of Mountains at the Imperial Palace itself! Please see the logs Avoiding Any New Voices in my Head, 4th Recorded Report to Empress Jesslyn, and A Fated Rune & CrIsis’ Fateful Vote for more.

Picture by Medieval Worlds.