UPDATE! On the 15th of Gryphon, in the 7th year of CrIsis, it is revealed that this is one of the most blessed of Apis‘ holy arrows! Apis herself appeared and kissed the fletching of the arrow when the etchings were read. It will do 5D20 damage to minions of The Dark and returns to its wielder. It should only be used against true Minions of the Dark.

Before being blessed, it was believed this arrow had only the following ability: Versus Minions of the Dark, this magical arrow will harm them “as if they had been struck twice.” Its other abilities were still unknown as of 7/6/114.


This magic arrow was made by a Tri-Arcanum Alchemist named Thurweard Getor. It was commissioned by Silent Dream on the 3rd of Grekar in the 72nd Year of the Great Wolfen Empire for a cost of Є 30,000. Upon completion and receiving full payment it was packaged and delivered to Llorn where it was handed to Dream personally by Duke Githeon VasPasseon on the 29th of Ra of the same year.

Silent Dream named the arrow Calumet, which means “straw, little reed.”

Art by Clipart Kid