Elven Druid, Worshiper of Osiris


Startling green eyes in any form, framed by dark brown hair that rarely seems tamed. Her lean body could only be described generously as a little rough around the edges. Usually clothed in beautifully stitched leathers well cared for and made for ease of movement. A calm demeanor to those who don’t know her so well often broken with outbursts of emotion usually curiosity.

Picture by our own AZ Rune.

Name: Caminata aka Caminata Siir Dhellall
Rank 13th Level
OCC: Druid
Race: Elf
Land of Origin: Western Empire: Vequerrel Woodlands
Citizenship:Western Empire

HT 6’7" IQ 15 Save vs Magic +4 Strike +5
WT 170 lbs ME 12 Save vs Psionics 0 Parry +8
PPE 102/102 MA 3 Save vs coma +4% Dodge +8
ISP 60/60 PS 22 Save vs poison/disease +3 Roll +5
HP 64/64 PP 20 Save vs horror +4 Pull +4
SDC 25/25 PE 16 bear horror factor 10 Initiative +1
Exp 224,625 PB 23 Damage +10
Sex F SPD 25 Disarm +1
Birthday 11/26/71 (41 years old) Knockdown/Stun 18-20 Critical (3x damage) 18,19,20
HTH:Expert Attacks 6
Alignment Scrupulous Charm/Impress 65% Perception 0/3

Western Empire <> Island of Bizantium <> Eastern Territory
Timiro Kingdom <> Wolfen Empire <> Dragon Coins

Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown/Rate Range
Staff 1 +5 +4 +1
Archery 1 +6 +6 7 +240’
Paired:Staff/Staff 7
Weapons: Damage Notes
Enshalla 2D6 See Link
Short Bow 1D6 480’ (Bonus Distance Included)
Short Staff 1D6
Armor AR/ SDC Notes
Leather 10/20
Special Attacks: Damage Notes
Body Throw/Flip 1D6 Knockdown
Karate Kick 2D4
Back Sweep 0 Knockdown
Tripping Leg Hook 0 Knockdown
Druid Powers Description Notes
Sense/Use Ley Lines 2 miles
Ley Line Drifting Spd 10
Ley Line Rejuvenation 10 minutes concentration 1/24 hrs 2D6 HP & SDC
Animal Healing Touch 4D6 SDC & HP 7PPE, 1 melee concentration
Prophecy Big Picture, not precise. 1/24 hrs 20+5% Current 40%
Forecast Weather Change 100 Mile diameter, 10 minutes concentration Must be high hill, treetop, high in mountains. Small bird sacrifice
Extinguish Fire 1 Mile/lev Immerse in water, 1D4x10 minute large fire, 1D6 min small
Kindle Flame 1000’ See Notes Druid p 76
Communication 1 mile/lev One way communication (unless to 7th or higher druid) Must be high hill, treetop, or high in mountain
Metamorph:Canine 30%+5/lev 1 hr/lev 3x/day Id Tracks 83%, Tracking 79%, +4 dam, +2 dodge, +2 pull. See Were-Shaman if going monstrous form
Metamorph:Fowl 30%+5/lev 1 hr/lev 3x/day 180 degree peripheral vision, Nightvision 120’, +1 parry, +2 Dodge. See Were-Shaman if going monstrous form
Phoenix Healing Ritual medium/large animal sacrificed See Notes Druid p 76
Divination Small animal sacrifice See Notes Druid p 76
Protection Charm Large animal sacrifice See Notes Druid p 77 Charm +3 save magic, +1 Psionics, Impervious to Poison, Aura cannot be read/seen, Auto Mind Block, Crit and 20’s against do normal damage
Weather Control Once/day Large bird or bird of prey sacrifice See notes Druid p. 77
Empathic Rapport-Empathy 2d4 animals/lvl See Notes Mount Nimro p.50
Empathic Rapport-Befriend 2d4 animals/lvl See Notes Mount Nimro p.50
Druid Magic: Spell Strength:15
Power Level PPE Cost Range Duration Save Description
Globe of Daylight 1 2 30’ 3 min/lev None Illuminates 12’/lev Max speed 12
Repel Animals 4 7 30’ Instant Std Save std even for animals. Makes Hostile animal stop, turn, and leave area
Chameleon 2 6 Touch 16 melees per level None 90% if not moving, 70% 2’/melee 20% 6’/melee
Faerie Speak 3 5 Touch/Self 5 min/lev None Understand/Speak Faerie
Negate Poisons/Toxins 3 5 Self/Touch Instant None Doesn’t reverse existing damage, but negates, making it inert
Heal Wounds 5 10 3’ Instant Std if resist 3D6 SDC and 1D6 HP
Control the Beasts 6 18 100’ 2 min/lev std 2 animals/lev Tamed/trained/loyal
Familiar Link 9 55 600ft Indefinite None Animal is a sensory extension of the mage (see, hear, smell, taste, touch), empathy and shared emotions, If dies, see notes.
Purification 7 20 3’ Instant None Cleanses 50 lbs food or 10 gal water/fluid
Summon/Control Canines 9 50 Varies 5 hr/lev Special Ritual magic. 1D4 Canines+1/lev Save only if canine part of PC/NPC group. Also gives all w/in 200’ if in pentagram- summoned in or out of pentagram 1D6 minutes to create/summon
Water to Wine 9 40 12’ Instant None Permanently changes fresh water to wine, 10 gal/lev. Fair quality or 5%/level good quality
Witch Bottle 7 28 Wearer 1 yr/lev None +3 save witch spells, curses, etc., includes familiar. Impervious to charm, mind contol, possession by witch. Holds witch at bay like crucifix.
Spoil 8 30 3’ Instant None Spoil 50 lbs of food or 10 gallons fluid. Penalties if eat -2 init, -1 strike, parry, dodge. Tastes terrible, penalties apply if eat/drink more than mouthful
Faerie’s Dance 9 55 60’ 10 min/lev Std 20’ radius, Dance until exhausted. Victims -8 strike, parry, dodge, no init, no skills. End of dance (or every 20 minutes) must roll under PE or unconscious for 2D6 melees
Monster Insect 9 50/100 3’ 5 min/lev None Make insect into size of dog or horse. See Main 207 for stats
Armor of Ithan 3 10 Self or touch 1 min/lev None 100+10 SDC/lev Magic fire, lightning, & cold do 1/2 damage
Telekinesis 8 60’ 1 min/lev Dodge See Notes
Seal 4 7 100’ 2 min/lev None Prevent any inanimate object from being opened
Increase Weight 1 4 100’ 2 min/lev Std Increase 100lbs/lev
Impervious to Poison 3 5 Self or touch 5 min/lev Temporarily impervious to poisons, toxins, gasses
Invisibility:Simple 3 6 Self 3 minutes/level None Self only
Extinguish Fire 13 4 80ft 1min/lvl none instant 20ft radius
Impervious to fire 13 6 60ft 5min/lvl none Temporarily impervious to all fire inc worn
Power Type ISP Range Duration Save Description
Telepathy Sensitive 4 60’/140’ 2 min/lev Special Surface Thoughts 60’ 2 way 140’
Total Recall Sensitive 2 Self Permanent None Remembers every word heard, read, every image.
Resist Fire Amulet 2 hours 3x/day
Talismen Fleet Feet 3x rechargeable
Eternal Torch Ring AR 14
Amulet teleportation Sekti Abtu
Witch Bottle Amulet +3 save witch spells, curses, etc., includes familiar. Impervious to charm, mind contol, possession by witch. Holds witch at bay like crucifix
gem of reality small bag A crystal that enables anybody looking through it to see through all illusions and magic disguises! It cannot detect or reveal Changelings or metamorphosis altered creatures becausethese are real physical changes. No saves against the crystal are possible, all illusions will be revealed
See Invisible Ring 100’ 2x/day 2 melee/use
Ring of tongues
Arm of Law Armband Left Arm 1min, +3 parry or words of truth 1xday each
Druid Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Literacy:Oghrune 50/35+5 1 13 98/90%
Geography/History:Vequerrel 40+5 1 13 98%
Sacred Sites 35+5 1 13 95%
Recog Enchant Animals/Humans 35/15+5 1 13 95/75%
Druid Versification 30+5 2 13 85%
Play:Flute 25+5 2 13 80%
Druid Astronomy 20+5 3 13 70%
Weather Identification 20+5 3 13 70%
Spell Control 35+5 8 13 60%
OCC Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Language:Elven 98 1 13 98%
Language:Western 40+5 20 1 13 98%
Language:Gobbley 40+5 20 1 13 98%
Animal Husbandry 35+5 20 1 13 98%
Anthropology:Ancients 20+5 15 1 13 95%
Astronomy/Navigation 30+5 15 1 13 98%
Botany 25+5 20 1 13 98%
History:Humans, Dwarves, Elves,
History:Druids, Wolfen, Giants 35+5 20 1 13 98%
Land Navigation 30+4 35 1 13 98%
Lore:Faerie Folk 25+5 20 1 13 98%
Lore:Magic 25+5 10 1 13 95%
Recog Wards, Runes, Circles 15+5 10 1 13 85%
Recog Enchantment 10+5 10 1 13 80%
Math:Basic 45+5 20 1 13 98%
Wilderness Survival 30+5 25 1 13 98%
WP Staff 1 13
HTH:Expert 1 13
OCC Related Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Sing 30+5 10 1 13 98%
Holistic Medicine 30/20+5 15 1 13 98/95%
Recog/Use Poisons 24/16+4 10 1 13 82/74%
Fashion Tools 25+5 10 1 13 98%
Track Humanoids 25+5 5 13 13 80%
Rope Works 30+5 10 6 13 75%
Detect Concealment 25+5 9 13 45%
Body Building 12 13
Secondary Skills Base % Start Current Total %
Swimming 40+5 1 13 98%
Prowl 25+5 1 13 85%
WP:Archery 1 13
Gymnastics 1 13
Climb 40/35+5 1 13 98/95%
Balance 30+5 1 13 90%
Parallel Bars/Rings 30+3 1 13 66%
Back Flip/Somersault 40+5 1 13 98%
Detect Ambush 30+5 2 13 85%
Dowsing 20+5 2 13 75%
Intelligence 30+4 5 13 62%
Camouflage 20+5 5 13 60%
Running 7 13
Athletics 7 13

Has a familiar/companion- a wolf named Nosse

Name Count Location Description
Summer Clothes 1 Worn
Robe w/Hood 1 Backpack
Ceremonial Robe 1 Backpack White
Moccasins Pr Worn
Leather Gloves Pr Worn
Belt 1 Worn
Backpack 1 Worn silent alarm main compartment
Medium Satchel 1 Worn
Small Sacks 4 Backpack
Water Skin 1 Belt Tied to belt
Mistletoe 1 Small Sack Sprig
salt 1/2lb Small Sack
lead 1lb Small Sack
Garlic 1 Small Sack Clove
Wooden Symbol of Osiris 1 Medium Satchel
Wood Spikes 8 Backpack
Mallet 1 Backpack Small
Rope 30’ Backpack
Pan Pipe 1 Backpack
Mirror 1 Medium Satchel Small
Tinder Box 1 Backpack
Quiver 1 Worn
Arrows 24 Quiver
Agreement 1 Backpack Indestructible scroll
Enshalla 1 Right Hand
Book 7 Crisis 1 Backpack “End of Innocence”
Leather Armor 1 Worn See Armor above
Asher’s Flame Gem(No Dam normal fire,1/3 dam magical fire) 1 bracelet
Extravagant green dress 1 backpack
Millennium Leaf Blanket of Healing 2 backpack See Item Description for list of healing powers. The blanket must be laid over the injured individual for any of the properties to work.
Overkill’s Ashes 1 small sack
Crystal Wolf 1 small sack
red top hat mark 1 worn
Western Empire Flight Pass 1 backpack
Overkills List copy 1 backpack
Flute 1 backpack
dough 11 pieces backpack
ramrod horns pair backpack
Asher’s Alcohol 1 bottle backpack
Drama Cards, Luck Points, Ace in the Hole
Luck Points 0



A flash of small sharp teeth, her first kill and the excitement was palpable.“If only you put as much effort into your study”, the tone was chiding but the effect was totally lost on her daughter by the hint of a smile that refused to be removed from the corners of her mouth.

Caminata siir Dhellall born 26th of Set in the heart of the Vequerrel Woodlands in the Western Empire, mother Sadafi, druid of the elf clan inhabiting the eastern woods, father unknown. All her mother would tell her was that he was a were shaman not unlike the druids and his future would not allow him to stay.

A virtual child prodigy coming into her druidic powers at a very young age that was marred only by the nature of her visions. The child would wake screaming to the visions of savagery, elf, human dwarf and far more monstrous beings for a child of ten, fighting, death and rivers of blood. As she grew her fellow students would instinctively avoid her, troubled by the girl so obviously unlike the others.

As she got older she found true companionship rather in the animals of the forest and to an extent the faerie folk they sometimes fought alongside. The wolf Nosse would become her companion, there to lick the perspiration that accompanied her more violent visions from her brow and warm her in cold western nights. Days would usually be spent alone or in the company of other forest champions such as Sallowan Willowwatcher.

By teenage hood she came not to fear the dreams that haunted her but to awaken to an understanding that though violent these beings she saw were on a quest that would shape her future, important beyond any purpose she now currently held she would one day leave this home and join these things that would become her family, to strive for a balance in the world that would send her on far greater adventures for knowledge than would ever be available in these woods alone.

So she waited and grew in knowledge mastering all the druidic powers she could preparing herself. Not only in mind but in body, travelers of the woods would be hunted mostly unknowingly by the two shadows in the dark. If intentions were evil they would only ever find out too late as they were ripped apart in violence few only leaving the forest to tell tales of a monstrous bear, wolfs or other animals so ferocious. Those that were deemed friend were instead treated to the beguiling chance meeting of a far more beautiful being, an elven girl of vast beauty and wildness that would pursue them as ferociously for news and stories.

Insatiable for information, accruing a number of allies this way including Gabriel the Fletcher, who taught her use of bows and how to craft arrows for herself. Bellowan with whom she shared her love of holistic medicine. The experiments with “attempted” healing concoctions was a great joy to her. She briefly met former CrIsis member Bungo and current member Azariel whilst trawling the Guild of the White Ash for information, and later not long before her adventures would truly begin she met with Adriana, Azariel’s wife and took it upon her self to guard her from the shadows visiting her on the cool nights to share stories and friendship.

The year 112 all but a full druid master and still unable to acquire the serenity and peace that one of her training should have achieved the summons from the council of druids during the festival of Osiris could only mean their final rejection of her from their group. Instead she was met with a very long anticipated news, the druids would be weighing in on the balance of the world outside the forest they had finally seen what she had known for so long and were preparing to send her to her future in the outside world. They bestowed upon her the only connection to the god they could, the staff Enshalla and prepared to open the way between trees to send her on her way. She felt as if her life was finally starting and with emotions so unbecoming one of her stature, giddy with excitement she bowed down to the god of knowledge and thanked him in the depth of her heart as she would be given the opportunity to bring him back and with him knowledge long lost and the opportunity to mend this great imbalance in the world, the pantheon of light and dark whole, the husband and wife reunited. She would dedicate herself to this quest with the ferociousness with which she had prepared herself thus far and dealt against this forests enemies.

Picture by Man + West