Company of the Hexataur


When their close friend Laval’liere (lav-uh-leer) goes off through the mystical portal after the thief that stole her little brother. These five friends band together to get the boy and their friend back. They are the ones that convince Xerx’ses to go along and together are later dubbed, Company of the Hexataur.

  • Hook Savageblade – Crusader of Light – for the giant Two-Handed Sword made by Jotans he wields.
  • X’zandria – Half-Wizard/Thief – The last wizard the Adraodan tribe had died leaving her training unfinished
  • Jark Stonerush – Priest of Horus – One of twenty priests in the whole Adraodan tribe! Named for his powerful charge attack.
  • Er’ma Ger’d – Mind Mage – One of three Mind Mages in the whole Adraodan tribe.
  • Adio’Nisia – Crusader of Light – She has not earned a surname yet and snuck along. Xerx’ses made her his squire so he could watch over her. She is a cousin to Laval’liere and descended from the tribe’s founder.
  • Xerx’ses Goldenhorn – Wizard – You already know about him.

Picture by our own AZ Rune.