CrIsis Group Summary

CrIsis Current Members- From left to right: Merkl, Willy, Ursus, Grignak, Silent Dream, and Torrun.




A brief description of the player characters, and their comings and goings. Adventures sorted by character can be found under Character Logs.

GRIGNAK: A Troll Shaman and worshiper of Bast, Grignak joins CrIsis at the end of the fight with the King of the Giants, Sunder Blackrock. He replaces the deceased Hannah. Please see the log For Immediate Publication for more on Grignak joining CrIsis.

MERKL: An Elven Juggler and follower of Bast, Merkl joins CrIsis in the Northern Hinterlands when Indaris abruptly quits CrIsis. Please see the log Carnival of Death for more on Merkl joining CrIsis.

SILENT DREAM: A Kankoran Mind Mage and worshiper of Apis, Silent Dream joins CrIsis in the Baalgor Wastelands Desert replacing Mack. Please see the logs A New Era For CrIsis and The Grassy Plains of Ma’ip for more on Silent Dream joining CrIsis.

TORRUN: An actual Prince, this Dwarven Warrior Monk replaces Xerx’ses when the minotaur sacrifices himself. See the log The Warrior Monk Formerly Known As Prince Torrun for info on Torrun joining CrIsis.

URSUS: A Werebear, he is a worshiper of Khonsu. Ursus joins CrIsis in Credia as a replacement for the slain Raulf. Please see the log A Sailor’s Tale for more on Ursus joining CrIsis.

WILLY: A gnome air warlock, Willy replaces No Name when CrIsis goes to the Goblin Kingdom. He is a follower of Bennu.


Group Loot

Group loot currently in group chest on Shield of Light.

Note: Money from book sales must be picked up by CrIsis at a Gold Coast Trading Company location. Until that time, GM tracks money separately, without player knowledge.




Character Date Joined Earth Reality Date Joined Rifts/Palladium Place Started Race Class Date Left Earth Reality Date Left CrIsis
Alric 7/28/12 8/9/110 Lemaria Elf Assassin 9/15/12 8/13/110
Asher 1/18/14 12/28/111 Dragon’s Roost Kobold Psi-Mystic 4/25/15 2/12/113
Azariel 5/11/13 6/23/111 Credia Elf Summoner 12/20/14 11/29/112
Bexx 3/12/11 3/2/109 Rifts Earth Human Mind Melter/ Merchant Marine 8/6/11 3/24/109
Burlap 9/27/14 10/21/112 Shinkasa Hobgoblin Ludicrous Mage 5/23/15 3/5/113
Bungo 5/25/13 7/9/111 Cyclone Halfling Thief 7/20/13 8/4/111
Caminata 5/10/14 5/21/112 Sekti-Abtu Elf Druid 3/28/15 1/14/113
Cava 7/9/11 3/18/109 Y-Oda Human Ranger 11/9/13 10/23/111
Chip 3/12/11 3/2/109 Rifts Earth Sea Titan Sea Titan/Ley Line Walker 6/23/12 7/19/110
Chu 7/9/11 3/18/109 Y-Oda Pygmy Scholar 8/6/11 3/25/109
Drauka 9/15/12 8/13/110 Lemaria Danzi Mercenary 12/1/12 4/15/111
Ferrel 9/15/12 8/13/110 Lemaria Elf Song Mage 12/1/12 4/16/111
Gavin 8/6/11 3/25/109 New Crests Child Mind Mage 4/20/13 6/23/111
Greldarr 5/28/11 3/7/109 Y-Oda Wolfen Priest of Osiris 3/17/12 1/25/110
Grignak 11/21/15 8/28/113 Sekti-Abtu Troll Shaman Still Playing Still Playing
Hannah 4/25/15 2/12/113 Fort Ac Faerie Ranger 11/21/15 8/28/113
Indaris 8/17/13 8/30/111 Serelan Cave Human Priest of Isis 11/19/16 6/8/114
Ja’Deir 4/12/15 1/16/113 Southern Seas Ashada Mind Mage 9/26/15 7/20/113
Karma 12/10/11 5/19/109 Credia Centaur Palladin of Thoth 12/1/12 4/16/111
Mack 9/26/15 7/20/113 Sekti-Abtu Changeling Monster Hunter 2/13/16 2/9/114
Merkl 11/19/16 6/8/114 Northern Hinterlands Elf Juggler Still Playing Still Playing
Navelo 2/2/13 4/19/111 Stone Tower Human Holy Crusader 3/2/13 5/16/111
No Name 4/26/15 2/12/113 Fort Ac Human Dread Knight 4/22/17 10/15/114
Overkill 4/23/11 3/4/109 Zy Dwarf Mariner 9/27/14 10/21/112
Raulf 1/3/15 11/29/112 Caer Itom Wolfen Palladin 5/23/15 3/5/113
Rell 8/6/11 3/25/109 New Crests Human Master Collector 4/28/12 5/1/110
Roggan 12/1/12 4/15/111 Haven Troglodyte Earth Warlock 4/20/13 6/23/111
Rooster 11/21/15 8/28/113 Sekti-Abtu Human Forsaken Mage/Bard 1/30/16 2/9/114
S’Erith 4/28/12 5/1/110 Me’zfii Onh Eandroth Spirit Monk 7/28/12 8/9/110
Silent Dream 2/27/16 2/12/114 Adraodan Cave Kankoran Mind Mage Still Playing Still Playing
Torrun 11/5/16 5/27/114 Kiridin Dwarf Warrior Monk Still Playing Still Playing
Tyvernos 1/7/12 7/29 /109 Seaholm Gnome Air Warlock 5/10/14 5/21/112
Ursus 6/6/15 3/5/113 Credia Werebear Ranger Still Playing Still Playing
Vandur 1/5/13 4/15/111 Haven Titan Palladin 1/19/13 4/19/111
Willy 2/27/16 10/15/114 Jar’Eth’s Labyrinth Gnome Air Warlock Still Playing Still Playing
Xerx’ses 3/30/13 5/31/111 Wisdom Minotaur Wizard 11/5/16 5/27/114
Ylren 1/4/14 12/22/111 Dragon’s Roost Elf Longbowman 1/18/14 12/28/111


Players Killed or on Hiatus


ALRIC: An Elf who used to be an evil assassin, Alric had his mind wiped by a mind mage. He was found by a Priestess of Light who became his wife. Alric is now a staunch follower of Horus who joins CrIsis suddenly in Lemaria. Thoth summons him with no warning within moments of Alric leaving his home, and his wife, to escape his past. He leaves CrIsis just as abruptly, replaced by Ferrel.

ASHER (Deceased): A kobold follower of Ra, Asher joins CrIsis on the island of Dragon’s Roost in the Floenry Isles. He is a Psi-Mystic, and while a follower of Ra, came to CrIsis with specific instructions from Isis. He later changes his worship to Apis. Please see the log CrIsis of Faith for more on his change of Gods.
He is eaten by the dragon The Terror.

AZARIEL: An Elven mage working on becoming an Alchemist, Azariel comes from the Western Empire, near the pyramid of Shandala. A former worshiper of the Dark god Bes, he now worships Osiris. Azariel joins the group in Credia, the day after Gavin becomes King of the Timiro Kingdom. See the log New Day Dawns. Azariel leaves on orders from the Gods, when the Church alchemist dies, to become the new official Pantheon of Light. alchemist. He is replaced by Raulf.

BEXX (Deceased): ORIGINAL MEMBER A human merchant marine and mind melter, Bexx was born in Rifts Earth in what was once called Louisiana. He joined a guerrilla group called Iron Heart Avengers as a young man after losing his parents. It was through this group that he met his best friend Chip. The two of them meet the goddess Isis and are sent to the Palladium world to put Osiris back together. Their ship and themselves are placed in a bay off the island of Zy. He participates in the adventures in the Library of Bletherad, Haven, and the ocean voyage from Haven to New Crests. Bexx is swallowed by a sea serpent just before reaching New Crests (see Bexx Dead?). Bexx is a follower of Isis.

BUNGO: A rare Halfling, Bungo is a half-wizard thief who came from the Vequerrel Woodlands region of the the Western Empire. He worships the goddess Bast. He joins the group in Cyclone. See the log Pussy Galore. Bungo left, at Thoth’s urgings, to try and save his family.

CAMINATA: Caminata is an Elven Druid that wishes to bring balance, so she travels from her home in the Vequerrel Woodlands to join CrIsis in Sekti-Abtu, just in time for the Festival of Ra. She worships Osiris, god of Balance. See the log Once Upon Time. Caminata leaves to save her homeland, instructed to do so through a vision from Isis. See the log The Vequerrel Burns for more.

CHIP: ORIGINAL MEMBER A sea titan ley line walker, Chip was born at sea, literally. He displayed magic powers at an early age, and was sent to be tutored at the magic kingdom of Tolkeen. He then, after a time of wandering, joined Iron Heart Avengers and became fast friends with Bexx. The 2 of them rescue an Elf, originally from Palladium, Elanu. He tutors the two “youngsters” on his faith, the Church of Light & Dark. Isis comes calling, they are dropped near Zy….Chip has participated in all the adventures. Chip is the wizard of CrIsis. Chip is a follower of Isis, and was the de facto leader of the group. He was killed by his own gun, Bertie, exploding, and while resurrected, chose to go home rather than endure Palladium any longer.

CAVA: A human ranger, Cava was born in Williamshire in Palladium’s Eastern Territory. Cava also lost his family at a young age, and moved to Greenbough. Here he met Nath Everall, who became his mentor and benefactor. He joins the group at the Library of Bletherad, during CrIsis first visit there, and has participated in all of the adventures from then on. His skill with the long bow has been critical on the ocean voyages. Cava is a follower of Isis.
Cava leaves CrIsis on Pegasus 24, 111. He says that he sees his dead fiancee while walking in New Crests, and goes to follow her. His called assistant, Iana goes with him.

CHU: A pygmy scholar, perhaps the only one in the Palladium world, and a former slave of a Western Empire lord, Lord Ostuk Glaverius XX. After his escape from the city of Caer Glaverius in the northern Yin Sloth Jungle, Chu went as far east as he could… literally to the other end of the Palladium world, to Y-Oda. There, at the Library of Bletherad, he joined the group for a short while, making his way south to New Crests, before leaving the group, as abruptly as he arrived, in New Crests, stating that his god wanted him elsewhere. Chu is a follower of Horus.

DRAUKA (Deceased):Drauka was a Danzi, a race thought to be extinct. He was saved at near death by a Priestess of Light, Sharic Tennysun, and has become the only Danzi who trusts a God. He wass from the Eastern Territory, the holy town of Sweet Creek. He served Horus. He killed himself rather than fulfill a bargain he made with a Jinn.

FERREL (Deceased):Ferrel was an elf song mage with a drug problem. He also had an obsession with love songs. He came from the Western Empire, and followed Bast. He was killed by the goddess Bennu.

GAVIN: Gavin is an eerie human child, 4’ tall and wide (big boned 130 lbs). Gavin was born in the Timiro Kingdom where he is referred to as General Mordox, leader of successful slave releases. He is a mind mage and freedom fighter. He joins the group in New Crests. Gavin is a follower of Ra. Gavin comes out later to the group, and admits that he is actually a changeling! See the campaign log Gavin Comes Out.
Gavin leaves CrIsis in Timiro, in the capital city of Credia. See the campaign log Statues.

GRELDARR: A Wolfen Priest of Light, specifically Osiris, Greldarr joined CrIsis at the Library of Bletherad. On his quest to become an adult, Greldarr met and ancient elf who taught him how to be a Priest of Osiris. He has left his home in the Northern Hinterlands to join CrIsis in its southern journey. Strong in his faith and beliefs, Greldarr tries to show that Wolfen are humanoids too, and has already become a strong force in the group. He was on all the adventures since the library until he arrived in Me’zfii Onh, and obviously follows Osiris.
Greldarr leaves the group when his aunt, High Snow, takes ill, and Greldarr is summoned to take her place in the Wolfen Imperial Senate.

HANNAH (Deceased): A silver bell faerie ranger, Hannah joins CrIsis during their battle with the dragon The Terror. She replaces the deceased Asher. She is a follower of Bennu. Please see the log Ra- Godmeet Edition for more on Hannah joining CrIsis.
Hannah died in the fight to recover the Left Arm of Osiris in the Land of the Giants.

INDARIS: A human priest of Isis, Indaris joins CrIsis in the Rocky Desert, in the cave of the Serelan tribe, with a message from Thoth himself- get out quickly! Please see the log The Gods Work in Mysterious Ways for more on Indaris joining CrIsis.
Indaris leaves CrIsis when he disagrees that No Name, who is showing necromantic tendencies, controls a group of animal zombies which the rest of CrIsis does not object to.

JA’DEIR: Ja’Deir joins CrIsis for the first time in Mishala, as a replacement for Azariel while the elf works on becoming a Diabolist. Ja’Deir is an Ashada, a strange being from the Land of the Damned. He is a mind mage who worships Apis. Ironically, Ja’Deir rejoins CrIsis just outside of Mishala when he comes back. Please see the log Ja’Deir’s Transcendence for more on Ja’Deir joining CrIsis the first time, and Terrors in Travel and Renewing Friendships for his latest time.
Ja’Deir left CrIsis in Sekti-Abtu to hunt for his Home on 7/20/113.

KARMA: A Centaur, and a Palladin of Thoth, Karma joined CrIsis in Credia after failing to kill the wooly dragon. She is also from the North, the Ophid’s Grasslands being her home. A former rebel, her Noble grandfather teaches her to be a true Palladin, and she follows Thoth by spreading his quest for peace and knowledge.
Karma is stripped of her powers, title, and Humara Krins by Bennu.

MACK (Deceased): A Changeling monster hunter from the Yin Sloth Jungles Mack joins CrIsis in Sekti-Abtu, taking the place of Ja’Deir. He had actually assisted CrIsis in the past by being a guide in the Jungles. Please see the log Audience With Ra for more on Mack joining CrIsis, and Return to Mishala Part-1 for his previous guide duty.
Mack dies at the hands of the Blessing.

NAVELO: This human is a Holy Crusader of Osiris from the Western Empire. Specifically, he comes from the ultra-religious city of Epiphany, a hotbed of religious zealotry. Armed with his flail Justice he aims to remind CrIsis that they are agents of the Gods of Light. He does this on the day of his choosing, crushing the Titan Vandur with a mighty blow and takes his place.
Navelo leaves as fast as he came in, told by Isis to wander the wilderness to ease his anger.

NO NAME: A human dread knight, the Man with No Name joins CrIsis during their battle with the dragon The Terror. He is a follower of Khonsu. Please see the log The Calling for more on No Name joining CrIsis. He leaves mysteriously when CrIsis goes to the Goblin Kingdom.

OVERKILL (Deceased): ORIGINAL MEMBER A Dwarven Mariner, Overkill was born in Bizantium in the dwarf town of Sinza. He was angered by the dwarves second-class status and became a pirate! He changed his ways, and with Bexx leaving became captain of Matilda, CrIsis’ boat. He was the longest serving member, and was on all the adventures in the Palladium world until his death. Overkill was also the author of the most logs. He served Osiris in the beginning of their adventures, but later turned to Thoth. Please see the log Captain’s Log for more on Overkill joining CrIsis.
Overkill dies in Shinkasa by a river of lava being cast under him.

RAULF (Deceased): A Wolfen Palladin of Ra. Raulf joins CrIsis in Caer Itom when the leader of CrIsis on land, Azariel leaves to become the official alchemist of the Pantheon of Light. Please see the log Tale of a New Adventurer for more on his joining CrIsis.
Raulf dies at the hands of the necromancer, Vrentadax, member of ReSet, as the GM played a Drama Card.

RELL: Rell states that he is a former slave originally from Lopan, Rell’s memories begin in the Eastern Territory. He becomes a Master Collector, a job he performs well until Apis asks him to join CrIsis in New Crests.
Rell leaves CrIsis in Me’zfii Onh to go assist the poor in the Timiro Kingdom.

ROGGAN (Deceased): A Troglodyte earth warlock, Roggan comes from the Disputed Territory. He worships Apis. Roggan joins CrIsis in Haven to replace Drauka, due to his untimely death. See the log Roggan’s Log! for the story of his joining.
Roggan dies on the seas, and his spirit becomes one with the ship Matilda.

ROOSTER: A Human Forsaken Mage/Bard and worshiper of Thoth, Rooster joins CrIsis replacing Mack. Please see the log The Rooster Crows for more on Rooster joining CrIsis. He never comes back to CrIsis, although there are brief glimpses of him before he disappears again.

S’ERITH: An eandroth, which is a desert-dwelling lizard man, this Spirit Monk of Osiris joins CrIsis in Me’zfii Onh. He is chosen by the Gods of Light to replace the departed Rell. S’Erith’s home for the last years has been Shandala, although he originally hails from the Baalgor Wastelands.
S’Erith leaves, with Thoth’s blessing (some say encouragement) when CrIsis meets Thoth in the forests of Lemaria.

TYVERNOS: Tyvernos is a gnome air warlock, born under mystery, and raised by Elves. He is asked by Bennu to join CrIsis, and he travels from his home near the northern tip of the Northern Wilderness to join them in Seaholm. Please see the log Where the Wind Blows? for more on Tyvernos joining CrIsis.
Tyvernos leaves CrIsis to spend time with his parents after the Festival of Ra in Sekti-Abtu in the year 112.

VANDUR (Deceased): This Titan is a paladin of Osiris from the Northern Hinterlands. He dies at the hands of Navelo with a mighty blow and takes his place.

XERX’SES: A Minotaur wizard, Xerx’ses comes from a sheltered clan in the Baalgor Wastelands. He worships Osiris. Xerx’ses joins CrIsis in Wisdom, having only read about humans in books! Please see the log Shouldering the Sins of the Past.

YLREN: An Elf Longbowman, Ylren comes from the mysterious island of Phi. He worships Bennu. Ylren joins CrIsis on the island of Dragon’s Roost, and leaves after merely days, after the Ancient Wooly Dragon is defeated.