The City of the Dead, funerary city & home of the priests of Anubis. Burial place of emperors, kings, pontiffs, & saints.

Gavin is teleported here by touching a medallion, and Chip follows to rescue him.

See the logs Bathing in Bennude?, Rise of Signs, and Return From the City of the Dead for more on CrIsis and Çynopolis.

The Agent claims that he is waiting for CrIsis here, and has taken their loved ones to this city. Each one of CrIsis is brought here, tortured, but then released with a loved one or friend. This release is due to the Agreement. All but Azariel experience this room, while Azariel’s is here.

ReSet holds the Left Hand of Osiris’ here.

Since this city dominates the island it sits upon, it is both a region and a city. The Island is 20 miles long and 3 miles wide, and the walled city covers 75% of this area! There is only one port, on the Eastern side, with a small beach and some docks, as the rest of the island’s coastline is sheer cliffs, averaging 300 feet in height!

Also see the map.