Dragon’s Claw


Rumored location of the Osiris Right Index Finger. It’s supposed location is part of a treasure trove left by the Dread Pirate Jason.

The tides around and inside the Dragon’s Claw are legendary. Within 6 hours the seas rise and fall over 40 feet! The water moves so fast into the Dragon’s Claw during high tide that perhaps only the Stone Ships of Bizantium or the Black Demon Ships of the Western Empire might be able to survive- but even they would suffer heavy damages. Perhaps the lower drafting dragon boats of the Wolfen Empire would fair better, but they avoid the Dragon’s Claw.

Yet despite these tides, somehow the Dread Pirate Jason supposedly built his base at the Dragon’s Claw. Many searches have been conducted to find this lair, but not one had been successful, until CrIsis were led there by the rune sword Mindprancer and recovered Osiris’ Right Index Finger on Majestic 7, 110.

See the campaign logs from 4/28/12, 4/14/12 and 3/31/12 for more on CrIsis in the Dragon’s Claw region (they were there for a while!) It was, in fact, the location of much treasure- see the Dread Pirate’s Jason Treasure, and CrIsis recovered Osiris’ Right Index Finger.