Dread Pirate Jason’s Treasure


A recording of the treasure that CrIsis recovered from the trove of the Dread Pirate Jason at the Dragon’s Claw. This treasure comes aboard Matilda on Corg 1, 110 in Me’zfii Onh.

Al-mar-syzzn– Good Rune Throwing Axe- Now in the hands of Ramen at the Pyramid of Osirison Sinza.
Standard Splint Armor- Cava.
Staff of Cobras– Staff- Registers as magic, but not evil.- Now in the hands of S’Erith.
Magic Splint Armor– Magic but not good or evil. Now in the hands of Gavin
Osiris’ Right Index Finger– Now in the hands of Tyvernos
Scepter of Apis– Now in the hands of Tyvernos.
Lion Headdress– Registers as magic, but not evil. Now in the hands of Thoth.
Thunder Mace– Mace- Registers as magic, but not evil. Now in the hands of Karma.
Callandor– Runic Cutlass- Good. Now in the hands of Overkill.
Torgym– Runic Broadsword- Registers as runic magic sword, but not evil. In hands of Jaremy.
Jade Sword– Giant 12’ Broadsword, magic, registers neither good or evil. In the hands of Gavin.
Barrith– Runic War Hammer-Good In hands of Jaremy.

1 Mace, 1 Bastard Sword, 1 Broadsword, 1 Short Sword, 2 Cutlass, 2 Long Swords, 2 Daggers, 1 Hippe. Loads of trinkets (bells, candlesticks, silverware, engravings, scabbards, etc) 3 empty chests. The regular weapons and trinkets were all sold in Bizantium City on Corg 22, 110. CrIsis held onto the Rune and magic weapons below and above.

The chests had literally millions worth of coins and jewels, and have been distributed among CrIsis. Each member at the time received 58 Kril Coins ($500 each), 61 Old Kingdom Dragon Coins ($5000 each), and 33 jewels ($300 each).

Picture by Howard Pyle.