Once the leaders of Palladium’s greatest subterranean kingdoms, the dwarven race is a shadow of their former glory. There are very few dwarven underground cities left in Palladium. Dwarves were so traumatized by the horrors they unleashed during the “Great War”, or Elf-Dwarf War, that they have destroyed their magic knowledge, forbidding its practice. Any dwarf caught practicing magic can expect a dwarven lynch mob quickly. They will use magic items, weapons or armor, however.
Dwarves are often dismissed due to their small size, however they make powerful warriors. They are the most skilled metalsmiths in all of Palladium, and their armor and weapons are prized possessions to all that hold them.

Abilities/Stats Known: High PS & PE, skilled metal workers, nightvision, underground tunneling, gemologists.
SDC/HP: Average.

Overkill is a dwarf in CrIsis, in fact, the captain of their ship. Torrun is a dwarf in CrIsis. His fiancée, Mary is also a dwarf.

Picture from Paizo Publishing.