Elf Fire Warlock, Worshiper of Bennu

Demigoddess of the Elements and Duality


Elycia is an Elven woman whose lithe form belies an unexpected strength developed from long hours spent hiking and exploring. She lacks the dextrous grace seemingly inherent to most Elves and has neither the skill nor practice to hide it well. Amongst Elves there is little about her which stands out, especially when compared to her more serene sister Saria. This has resulted in her being outspoken and brash around other Elves. Amongst other races, or when she’s around her element of Fire, she is even more more confident and comfortable. She always carries herself with the casual air of superiority common amongst Elves, though her outspoken and inquisitive nature makes her attitude less offensive. She never sits by idly and always steps forward when she believes her talents or opinions are called for.

Long strawberry-blonde hair frames her beautiful face, though she does little to care for it. Many years of outdoor activity have led Elycia to dress practically instead of elegantly, preferring clothing which allows for freedom of movement and resists wear and tear. Unlike her sister who believes in a blend of form and function, Elycia is just all about the function and couldn’t give two shits about “form.”

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Name: Elycia True Name: Elycia Penelo Naeric
Rank 20th Level
OCC: Fire Warlock
Race: Elf
Land of Origin: Phi- Renvin
Citizenship: Phi

HT 6’2″ IQ 19 +5% Save vs Magic +3 Strike +6
WT 145 lbs ME 20 Save vs Psionics +3 Parry +9
P.P.E. 250 MA 22 Trust 70% Save vs coma +8% Dodge +9
PS 19 Save vs poison/ disease +2 Roll +4
H.P. 89 PP 16 Save vs horror +2 Pull +6
S.D.C. 163 PE 19 Save vs Possession +1 Initiative +5
Exp 1,008,400 PB 20 Charm 50% Save vs Insanity +3 Damage +7
Sex F SPD 29 Disarm +1
Birthday 3/21/12
(102 years old)
Knockdown/ Stun 18, 19, 20
(or from behind)
Critical 18, 19, 20
(3× damage)
HTH: Expert Attacks 8
Alignment Unprincipled Death Blow 20 Perception +5


Western Empire
W 0
Island of Bizantium
฿ 0
Eastern Territory
Є 0
Timiro Kingdom
₮ 0
Wolfen Empire
₩ 0
Dragon Coins
OK 1
Elven Kingdom
Æ 20,000

Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown/ Rate Range Notes
Staff 1 +7 +7 +3
Sword 1 +8 +7 +3
Whip 1 +7 Cannot Parry! +6 to Damage
Strike Bonus is also Entangle Bonus
Paired: Sword/ Whip 7

Weapons: Damage Notes
Holy Whip of Bennu’s Flame (Holy/ Lightbringer weapon) 2D6+6 Glows a flickering orange/ red like fire. At will user can turn it into a Fire Whip per the Warlock spell. Will do 4D6, +1D6/ every 2 levels. Fire Whip is 6ft, +1ft/ level long. Will do full damage vs those resistant to fire, and half damage to those immune (as per the Warlock spell Hell Fire).
Aubade (Lightbringer Rune Sword) 5D6+6 +1 all saves Dark Red Metal
Demon-Slaying Staff of Cold Vengance (Holy/ Lightbringer Weapon) 4D6 Glows blue-white. Has 60 P.P.E., recovers 10/ 3hrs. User can spend that or their own for a blast of Cold which does 2D6 damage per 10 P.P.E. spent (up to 100 P.P.E.). Range is 100ft/ level. +1 strike with blast every even level. In melee the same P.P.E. can be spent to unleash the Cold Blast on the target (a successful parry still takes 20% damage!).
Serenade (Enchanted Superior Bull Whip) 2D6+3 Impervious to Fire, double damage against Evil, and “sings” (makes a sweet ringing) when it is drawn and used to strike.
Impetus (Enchanted Superior White Iron Staff) 2D6+3 +1 to strike, +3 to parry, double damage against Evil, Numbing Cold 3×/ day (When this power is activated, the next time the weapon hits, the victim must save versus magic or lose half of his attacks, reduce speed by half, and suffer -2 on all rolls to strike, parry, dodge, roll with punch, and initiative for 1D6 melees), and all White Iron properties.

Armor AR/ SDC Notes
Soft Leather of Iron 16/ 250 Impervious to Fire and Invisibility on Armor

Special Attacks: Damage Notes
Kick 2D4
Snap Kick 1D6
Roundhouse Kick 3D6 Can only be used 1/ melee, cannot use any other kicks that melee
Body Throw/Flip 1D6 Knockdown

Demigoddess Abilities Description Notes
Fire & Cold Resistance Only take half damage from fire and cold
Semi-Divine Regeneration Heals 1D6×5 H.P. or S.D.C. every minute (four melees)
Demigoddess of Elements: Body of Fire/ Smoke Elycia’s connection to the element of fire allows her to transform her body into fire/ smoke without changing her outside appearance at all. While fire/ smoke, all physical attacks will pass harmlessly through her body. Energy (such as magical and psionic) attacks will do half damage. She can only use this once per day, for up to 1 minute per level. Can be activated in response to an attack as a “parry”, but only straight dice rolls are compared.
Demigoddess of Duality: Manifestation Can summon Saria as a transparent, ghostly spirit, tethered by silver cord to Elycia’s body. Only Elycia, psychics, children under 13, animals, and most supernatural creatures can see Saria. She can hover and fly (670 mph), is intangible, see the invisible, impervious to physical harm (including cold, heat, and energy), but vulnerable to magic and psionics. Saria can only communicate with Elycia; others need to use telepathy or empathy. If Saria is within 90ft, Elycia gains the benefits of Sixth Sense (+6 initiative, +2 parry, +3 dodge, cannot be surprised). She can only call her sister out three times per day, for up to 5 minute per level each time. If Saria “dies” the ability ends and Saria becomes the new dominant personality.
Demigoddess of Mania: One, Two, Three, Not It! Elycia can voluntarily relinquish control to her sister, forcing Saria to become the dominant personality. They still swap at Dawn. Whenever they swap the memories of what the other did are transferred also. This can be done at will, but takes one attack/ action to accomplish.

Special Powers/Skills Description Notes
Assistance Elycia may mentally ask for help from Saria, who will be able to provide assistance in the form of one skill or spell to be used immediately. Only usable 1×/ day.
Burning Life Fire damage is converted to healing. Cannot go above max H.P./ S.D.C.. Fire is soothing. Permanent due to Permanency Ward affixed/ sewn on body behind left ear.
Nightvision 60′
Fire Resistance Character, clothes, and armor are immune to normal fire. Magic fire does half damage. Automatic and constant.
Fire Sense 98% (62% +2%/ level) Sense presence, general direction and distance of fires. Campfire or bigger, 40 mile diameter. Raging forest fires and bigger, 100 mile diameter.
Heat Touch 98% (30% +5%/ level) Accurately sense air and surface temperatures, and changes in air temperature. Also touching charred remains and telling how recently it was active/hot (within 6D6 minutes). Also check a person’s body temp and tell if they have a fever.
Sense Elementals 98% (25% +5%/ level) Automatic if within 120ft. Can deliberately sense out to 240ft with a +20% bonus. Will always recognize other Warlocks and intuitively know the elemental force(s) they are aligned with. Can also sense an invisible elemental (including Air Elementals, Spirits of Light, and Jinn) at a flat 75% chance.
Summon Elemental 98% (5%/ level) Can attempt to summon a Lesser Fire Elemental once/ day. Requires two hours of concentration and chanting, a fire present (for focal point of concentration), and the fire element symbol scrawled on the floor in charcoal or in dirt/dust. +10% on a Ley Line, +20% at a Nexus. Halve the percentage to summon a Greater Elemental instead.

Insanity Notes
Multiple Personalities (?) Elycia shares this body with her sister, Saria. Both personalities are aware of each other but cannot communicate directly with each other. Each morning at dawn the two personalities swap. There are also several conditions which can force a change:

  1. Severe Shock or Trauma: An emotional shock such as seeing a brutal murder, seeing a friend or loved one killed or seriously injured, psionic, magic or drug induced hallucination, feeling completely helpless, or intense pain/torture.
  2. Incapacitation, Threat of Death, or Coma and Near Death: The other personality will take control, usually to try to escape death; +20% to save vs coma, but when the character snaps out of it, she’s the new personality.
  3. Hypnosis: 01-50% chance of calling forth Saria. If that roll fails, roll to see who takes random control (1-3 on 1D6 is Saria, 4-6 on 1D6 is Elycia). There is a 01-80% chance of bringing Elycia back into control when using hypnosis. Casual use of Hypnotic Suggestion to manipulate either Saria or Elycia has a 01-30% chance of randomly releasing one of the other personalities.
  4. Telepathic Probe: 01-65% chance of pulling out a specific personality when used for that purpose. If the roll fails, roll to see who takes random control (1-3 on 1D6 is Saria, 4-6 on 1D6 is Elycia). Once the personality is aware that a psionic probe is being used to suppress her and bring out a different personality, she gets a +4 to save vs psionic attack, and is likely to attack the psychic out to undermine her control. If she fails to make the saving throw vs psionic attack, there is a 01-80% chance of pulling forth the specific personality desired the second time it is tried.
  5. Possession: Since Elycia has multiple personalities inside her head already, she gets an additional +4 to save vs possession, but the attempt is likely to unleash Saria.
  6. Mind Wipe (psionic): Whenever a Mind Wipe is being used, the current, dominant personality will retreat into the subconscious, automatically breaking the effect of the Mind Wipe and bringing out the other personality.

Magic: Elemental Fire Spell Strength: 16
Spell Name Level P.P.E. Range Duration Save Description
Impervious to Fire 1 6 Self or others 60ft away 5 min/ level None Makes the individual, their clothes, and items theyhold impervious to normal and magical fire.
Fiery Touch 1 5 Self 1 min/ level None Invisible fiery aura which burns others for 4D6 damage (can lessen in increments of 1D6). Will not set combustibles on fire. Aura can be seen by See Aura.
Spontaneous Combustion 2 5 40ft Instant, fire burns for normal duration None Creates the spark to start combustibles burning, such as paper, wood, old cloth, dry grass, etc.
Swirling Lights 2 8 10ft area, up to 60ft away 1 min/ level Standard Conjures a dazzling display of swirling, flickering lights that bedazzle all who see them. Victims gaze helplessly at the light, oblivious to everything around them. If attacked they are roused from the enchantment but have ½ speed and ½ attacks while the magic is in effect.
Extinguish Fire 3 8 20ft radius/ level, up to 60ft/ level away 2 min/ level None Can snuff out one area of fire per melee round for duration. Does not work on magic fires or elemental beings.
Fire Ball 3 10 90ft +10ft/ level Instant Dodge, 18+ Create a large fire ball that hurls at its target at an awesome speed. Damage is 1D6/ level
Fire Blossom 4 10 Touch 1 month/ level None Creates a 3 inch tongue of flame that flickers but does not burn. Can be created and given as a gift to another. This fire can be safely held and stored. Does not activate unless the Warlock or the gift recipient activates it – then it turns into a 3ft tall, 2ft wide bonfire for 1D6 minutes that instantly ignites combustibles. Bizantium page 105.
Flame Friend 4 20 Immediate area 15 min/ level None Summon and command an essence fragment of a fire elemental. See page 236 for stats and details.
Blue Flame 5 30 10ft diameter/ level 1 min/level Standard Magical flame that induces a burning cold. All engulfed by flames must save or suffer a terribly painful and numbing cold that does 1D6/ level damage. Fire elementals take double damage. Magic and psionic protections vs fire do not work against this flame. When the flames disappear there is no trace they ever existed.
Fuel Flame 4 10 100ft Instant None Triples the size of any existing fire. Affects a 20 foot radius.
Dancing Fires 6 35 30ft 1 min/ level Dodge or Parry Creates one 4ft tall pillar of moving flame per level. They dance and dart about, blocking a passage or chasing people around depending on the Warlocks orders. The flames key in on and attack things that move. See page 237 for stats.
Eternal Flame 6 70 30ft 3,000 years +150 years/ level None Creates a 1ft tall flame that burns for centuries. Cannot be extinguished by any means.
Fire Sponge 7 50 50ft diameter/ level 1 min/ level None Draw in all the heat and energy from all fires within range into herself. Fires are extinguished and Warlock can release or redirect the energy. Small fires absorbed allow up to 2 plasma bolts of 4D6 damage each. Large fires absorbed turn her into a walking bonfre, covered in fire, and can fire 2 plasma bolts (6D6 damage) per melee for next 10 melees – also, anyone within 4 feet takes 3D6 damage and melee attacks do 1D4×10 damage. Or, can do 1 mega-blast that does 1D6×100 damage. Range for blasts is 100ft +20ft/ level. Blasts are +3 to strike. A magic wall of fire, river of lava or 10ft wheel of fire can only be dispelled by walking into them, and character takes 6D6 damage direct to H.P..
River of Lava 7 50 120ft 1 min/ level None Motherfucking lava, motherfucker! 30ft long, 5ft wide, and 5ft deep per level. Does 2D6×10 damage per melee round. Victims take one melee to move 5ft when within the lava.
Burst into Flame 8 70 Self 1 min/ level None Become engulfed in flame. Impervious to all fire and head. Magic energy does half damage. Fire gives 100 S.D.C. and A.R. of 12. Punches, kicks and weapon strikes do an additional 3D6 damage. 01%-50% chance to light combustibles on fire. Sheds light for 60ft radius. Can cancel at will (like all spells).
Ten Foot Wheel of Fire 7 40 150ft 2 melees/ level Run, leap, or dodge Creates a 10ft tall and wide wheel of fire. Does 1D8 (or 2D4) per level to everything it rolls over. Has a Spd of 18. 01%-74% chance to ignite combustibles. Createor has complete control over direction and speed.
Create Heat 3 8 30ft radius/ level 10 min/ level None Raise temp of area by 10°F per level. Heat over 110°F has a 01%-40% chance to cause victims to pass out for 2D6 minutes.
Lower Temperature 3 8 30ft radius/ level 10 min/ level None Lower temp of area by 10°F per level. Extreme cold may cause frostbite.
Resist Cold 2 5 Self or others up to 60ft away 10 min/ level None Can ignore the effects of cold, functioning without discomfort or ill effects up to 0°F.
Melt Metal 7 50 15ft +5ft/ level 1 min/ level None Melt up to 40lbs of metal/ level. Immediately becomes too hot to hold and slags within seconds. Must stare at metal objects to be melted. Ineffective against magic items. Does 1D6×10 damage to any metal or alloy. Can be used 2×/ melee. Having armor melted on a person does 2D4×10 damage, they lose all attacks for one minute, will need medical treatment for 2nd and 3rd degree burns, and reduce their P.B. by half. Bizantium page 105
Circle of Cold 3 10 15ft radius/ level, up to 100ft away 10 min/ level Standard Creates invisible circle of bone chilling cold that is -40°F below freezing. Does 1 point of damage per melee unless in metal armor (they take 1D6 damage). Water freezes at a rate of 1 gal/ minute. Frostbite occurs after 10 minutes, doing 3D6 direct to H.P..
Circle of Flame 3 10 30ft diameter, up to 90ft away 3 min/ level None 7ft high, 5ft thick circle of flames. Does 1D6 damage if within 4ft. Crossing the flames does 4D6 and has a 01%-50% chance to ignite combustibles.
Wall of Flame 3 15 90ft 3 min/ level None Create a wall of flame 30ft long, 30ft high, and 5ft thick/ level. Within 4 feet of wall take 1D6 damage. Going thru wall does 4D6 per 5 feet, plus 01%-60% chance to ignite combustibles.
Cold Wall 3 15 90ft 10 melees/ level None Creates wall of deadly cold 15ft long, 10ft high, 5ft deep/level. Does 4D6 damage to those who touch it or for every 5 feet of depth (those vulnerable to cold take 1D4×10). Objects within area will begin to freeze.
Fly as the Eagle 4 15 Self or two by touch 30 min/ level N/A Bestows the power of flight. Max Spd 50 mph. +1 to parry, +2 to dodge when in flight. +2 to damage on a diving/ swooping attack. Bonuses apply only in flight.
Little Inferno 5 30 Immediate area 30 min/ level None Summon and command a fragmented fire elemental essence. There is no limit to how far away it can travel. See spell for stats.
Aegis of Flame 2 8 Touch 5 min/ level Standard if resisted Wraps recipient in protective embrace of Fire. Glows with red aura that provides A.R. 18 and 75 S.D.C. +5 S.D.C./ level. Takes double damage from cold/ water. If aura S.D.C. is depleted it vanishes in a flash and no excess damage from that attack carries over.
Fire Whip 6 30 6ft +1ft/ level 1 min/ level Parry or dodge only Creates whip made of fire. +1 bonus to strike (plus W.P. bonuses). Damage is 4D6, +1D6 for every 2 levels.
Ballistic Fire 7 15 90ft +10ft/ level Instant Dodge Creates one fiery missile per level which does 1D6. All can strike 1 target, or can be split among 2 targets, +1 additional at levels 5, 10, and 15. Target(s) are -10 to dodge. One roll to strike is made for entire volley.
Meteor 10 75 200ft/ level Instant Dodge Conjures a large flaming meteor from the sky above to thunder to earth and erupt on impact. +4 to strike and does 1D6×10 damage to everything within a 40 foot radius.
Life Drain 7 25 30ft 2 melees/ level Standard Victims turn pale; S.D.C., H.P., and Spd are each reduced by half. Attacks per melee reduced by 1 and skills are -10%. Can affect a single target or (after 4th level) all within a 15ft diameter, affecting all who enter the area. Once duration elapses only skills and attacks per melee return to normal. Reduced Spd remains for 1D4 hours, S.D.C. recovers at 8 per hour, and H.P. recovers at 4 per hour.
Hell Fire 8 65 30ft/ level 1 melee/ level Dodge For duration of spell Elycia can unleash bolts of fire which do 2D6 damage vs humans, Elementals, and most other beings, but 1D6×10 to Demons, Deevils, Mummies Immortalis, and Scarecrows. Even Demons and Deevils impervious to Fire take half damage. Those only resistant to fire take full damage. Each blast counts as one melee attack, and spell ends if Elycia casts another spell.
Burning Life 6 40 Self 1 melee/ level None Whenever Elycia is struck by a source of flame (magical or mundane) she in healed that amount instead of taking damage (H.P. damage healed first). Cannot be healed above max H.P./ S.D.C.. While spell is active she takes no damage from fire and finds fires somehow soothing.
Screaming Wall of Flame 5 30 90ft 1 min/ level Standard and H.F. 16 Conjures a blazing wall of orange flame 10ft long/ level and 20ft tall which darts, rears, and shrieks a terrible scream as if it were alive. Anyone touchingor passing through the wall takes 4D6 damage. Anyone seeing the wall must save vs H.F. 16; those that fail have standard H.F. penalties and a 70% chance they may flee the area. The wall is +1 to save vs Dispel Magic Barriers or Dispel Magic.
Flame of Life 6 40 6ft Instant None Rekindle life in the dying. Automatically restore a person who is in a coma, mortally wounded, or dying of poison or disease. What is killing the person is magically repaired and they are now 10 H.P. above 0.
Flame of Resurrection 7 30 Touch Instant None Rekindle life in the dead. Place this flame on the deceased’s chest. After 1D4 melee’s, 20% +2%/ level chance to resurrect. Can only be tried once per corpse and cannot be dead more than 24 hours. If successful they are restored with half their hit points.
Globe of True Sunlight 3 15 30ft 3 min/ level Dodge 18+ Illuminate 12ft radius/ level in true sunlight. Will hurt/ affect those vulnerable to sunlight. Can be moved at a Spd of 12.
Wall of Ice 5 30 60ft 4 min/ level None Create a wall of ice with 100 S.D.C. +50 S.D.C./ level. Covers an area 8ft × 8ft × 4ft, per level. Does 1D6×10 damage if dropped on anyone. Requires P.S. of 60+ to lift off.
Frostfire 7 30 10ft Same as a normal fire None Turns a normal fire into one composed of ice-cold magical energy. Still spreads like normal fire. Instead of burning, things freeze until they blister or shatter into icy dust. Does 4D6 per melee round. Can float/ burn on water but only lasts 1d4 minutes/ level there. Using water to try and extinguish it will double size and damage every minute. Extinguish by smothering or Extinguish or Vacuum. Can be contained with magic fire but normal fire has no effect. See Library of Bletherad page 74 for details.
Scarlet Pepper 4 10 Touch Special None Take a handful of fire and transform the flames into a handful of red crystals (Frostfire makes icy blue crystals, Hell Fire makes green crystals). Once the crystals leave her hand they will return to being flames after 2D10 hours pass, or earlier if she wishes. Each handful of crystals turns back into a flame that does 1D6 damage and will ignite combustables 100% chance.

Eternal Torch Ring AR 14
Ring of Reserve Can draw 4D4x10 P.P.E, 2x per day.
Amulet of Divine Insight Usable 3×/ day, only once per enemy. Learn something about an enemy in sight; 77% chance that knowledge may be useful.
Ring of Fleet Feet Usable 3×/ day. Double P.P., Spd., & Attacks per melee. -2 initiative, can be surprised, -20% delivate skills.
Ring of Truesight See through magical & psionic illusions, drug-induced hallucinations (half penalties), see in the dark, see the invisible. Always on out to line of sight.
Blue Wizard Stone Bracelet Usable 1×/ 24 hours. 20 P.P.E. and 2 H.P. summons 1D4+4 glowing blue stone orbs to hover around user. See item page for details.

OCC Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Language: Elven 98% 1 20 98%
Language: Wolfen 40+5 10 1 20 98%
Language: Eastern 40+5 10 1 20 98%
Literacy: Elven 30+5 10 1 20 98%
Lore: Demon/Monster 25+5 10 1 20 98%
Lore: Faerie 25+5 5 1 20 98%
Wilderness Survival 30+5 10 1 20 98%
WP Sword 1 20
WP Staff 1 20
HtH: Expert 1 20
Language: Elemental 98% 1 20 98%

OCC Related Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Land Navigation 30+4 5 1 20 98%
Math Basic 45+5 10 1 20 98%
Sing (Professional) 30+5 10 1 20 98%
Escape Artist 25+5 10 1 20 98%
Ancients: Elves, Dwarves, Titans, Kobolds, and Changelings
20+5 10 1 20 98%
Humans: All
20+5 10 1 20 98%
Identify Plants & Fruits 25+5 5 3 20 98%
Art (Professional) 35+5 10 6 20 98%
Literacy: Eastern 30+5 10 9 20 98%
Public Speaking 30+5 0 12 20 75%
General Repair & Maintenance 35+5 10 15 20 75%
Rope Works 30+5 10 18 20 55%

Secondary Skills Base % Start Current Total %
Card Shark 24+4 1 20 98%
Streetwise 20+4 1 20 98%
W.P. Whip 1 20
Prowl 25+5 2 20 98%
Gemology 25+5 2 20 98%
Appraise Goods 30+5 5 20 98%
Lore: Ley Lines 30+5 5 20 98%
Climb/ Rappelling 40/ 35+5 7 20 98/98%
Swimming 40+5 7 20 98%
Outdoorsmanship 10 20
Running 10 20
Sing – Professional 13 20
Art – Professional 13 20
Use & Recognize Poison. 24% /16%, +4% 24/16+4 17 20 41%/33%
Dance (professional) 30+5 17 20 60%
Dance (professional) 20 20
Disguise 25+5 20 20 30%

Name Count Location Description
Small Sacks 3 Backpack
Candles 4 Backpack
Charcoal sticks 4 Backpack
Elemental Symbol Fire 1 Backpack Easily accessable
Elemental Symbol Water 1 Backpack Easily accessable
Firewick 1 Backpack 20 uses. See p.259 Main
Enchanted Backpack 1 Worn 30 lbs
Summer Clothes (Saria’s) 1 Backpack An elegent blend of form and function.
Summer Clothes (Elycia’s) 1 Worn Sturdy, functional, rugged.
Winter Clothes (Saria’s) 1 Backpack An elegent blend of form and function.
Winter Clothes (Elycia’s) 1 Backpack Sturdy, functional, rugged.
A purple robe this color:       1 Backpack Sturdy and expensive. A blend of blue and red (a shade of purple).
Bed Roll 1 Backpack
Large Sack 1 Backpack
Water Skin 1 Backpack
Flint/Tinder Box 1 Backpack Easily accessable
Bennu Symbol 1 Worn
Small Mirror 1 Backpack
Fire Blossom 4 Backpack Easily accessible. See spell for details.
FrostFire Blossom 4 Backpack Fire Blossoms enchanted with Frost Fire. Easily accessible. See Elycia‘s spells for details.
Journal 1 Backpack Easily accessible. The communication journal of Saria and Elycia.
Quill of Endless Ink 1 Backpack Easily accessable. A magic quill which needs no ink and never runs out.
Extra Journal 1 Backpack Blank.
Almanac of Light & Dark 1 Backpack Astronomical charts for Saria’s Astrology skill.
Travel Rations 14 Backpack Basic food rations for a number of days equal to quantity.
Needle of Sewing 1 Backpack 60% sewing skill with needle.
Container of Much Water 1 Backpack 6 gallons fresh drinking water per 24 hours.
Small Magical Preservation Jar 1 Backpack Easily accessible but breakable. Items places inside do not age. Contains two handfuls of “Scarlet Pepper” – Hell Fire and Frostfire variety.


Drama Cards, Luck Points, Ace in the Hole
Ace in the Hole
Luck Points



Saria ran over and knelt beside Elycia’s body. She clasped her sister’s hand tightly with one hand and desperately shook her with the other. “Elycia. Elycia! No…” Tears welled up and made her vision blurry as Saria looked at the too-still form of her sister. “Please, no,” she pleaded. She was too late. Saria stopped shaking Elycia and pulled her hand close to her. “Please, Goddess,” she whispered in prayer to Bennu. “Please don’t let me lose my sister.” She closed her eyes tightly in prayer and in sorrow, but it didn’t stop the tears.

Elycia woke up in an unfamiliar bed. She felt tired and disoriented. “How did I get here?” She wondered. She sat up but winced as the motion suddenly made her head hurt, like having a bad hangover. Carefully she looked around. It took her a moment to recognize where she was. “This is Saria’s room. What…?” She asked aloud to the empty room. There was no sign of her sister. Slowly she rose out of the bed to stand up. She took only two steps before she tripped and fell flat on the floor. “Ow fuck fuck fuck,” she swore as she lay there, letting the throbbing in her head subside. “Saria’s the clumsy one, not me. I must be really fucked up.”

As she pulled herself up she caught sight of herself in a full-length mirror on the other side of the room. Except it wasn’t her reflection in the mirror. It was her sister’s, Saria. “What?” She said aloud, and the mirror’s reflection mouthed the word in sync. Elycia stood up and watched the reflection mimic exactly what she was doing. She looked away and at her own body, realizing now that the mirror wasn’t playing some sort of trick. This was her sister’s body, and she was in it! She looked back at the unfamiliar reflection questioningly, and silently mouthed “What-the-fuck?”

Saria read the diary entry to herself again. It was clearly Elycia’s writing. In her diary. And it hadn’t been there when she went to sleep. Her sister was alive! But, somehow, alive within her own body? That explained why she remembered going to bed but woke up two days later. What Elycia wrote in the diary was incredible. Vulgar, but incredible. Was this Bennu answering her prayer? Saria picked up the quill and began to write a new entry, in reply to her sister.

The Priests and Priestesses of Bennu couldn’t help. They prayed and tried to see the evidence of Bennu’s works but their prayers were unanswered and there was nothing they could see which indicated a divine miracle. Still, they tried to comfort her. “This is Bennu’s will,” they told her.

“How could this possibly be something Bennu would fucking do to someone?” Elycia demanded.

“Bennu the Phoenix is the Goddess of Rebirth. If you are right then She has blessed you with renewed life. Why in this manner is not for us mortals to know. It is either that, or…” They trailed off, unsure how to say to the Fire Warlock’s face that she may be crazy. “Have you tried talking to a Psychic Healer, or a Mind Mage? Maybe they can offer an… alternate answer.”

“No. I’m not crazy,” Elycia asserted back at them. “I remember that I was dying. I still have my link to the Element of Fire. My sister’s desperate prayer had to have been answered. I’ll be damned if I let a shit-sucking psychic mess around in a head that’s already too full.” She took a breath and then added, “I’m not crazy.”

“Then you need to accept that this is simply Bennu’s will.”

“Fuck,” Elycia simply stated in response.

Finally out on the sea again, Saria let the calmness of sailing on the open water relax her. Now that they were fully underway there was less to do and she could just enjoy the open sea. She had convinced the captain of the Rebellious Harry to bring her aboard. Having a Water Warlock on this trip wasn’t really necessary but she convinced him it couldn’t hurt. Saria was eager to at least do a little sailing – she loved being on the water. Her sister didn’t care for it thought. Elycia always got nervous and anxious when out to sea so Saria had promised her that she would only take them on a short voyage.

This was so weird, having to share time with her sister in her body. But it meant her sister was alive again, at least in a way, and she was thankful to Bennu for that. It had taken a while for the two of them to get used to this, and they were still adjusting. Saria would wake up sometimes with wicked hangovers, or her whole body sore from whatever her sister had done the day before, or even worse that she deliberately didn’t think about right now (but blushed anyway as the memory partially surfaced). But it was getting better.

“Hey, watch out!” One of the crew yelled at Saria, bringing her out of her daydream. She looked up just as the boom of the mainsail swung over to her and smacked her in the head. It knocked her out cold. When she came to she was underwater and sinking. The water was dark, which was weird because it was just daytime. She was in her element though, and quickly enough she gained her bearings and swam back to the surface. As she approached the surface she could start to see a bright, flickering light source and hear muffled shouts and yelling.

She broke the surface of the water and gasped for air, throwing her head and long hair back as she did so. Saria looked around and saw a scene of chaos straight from her nightmares. All around her was ship debris, and more than a few other sailors in the water – some moving, some still. The ship itself was completely engulfed in flames and sinking. Much of the crew were in lifeboats, yelling over the noise of the conflagration as they tried to recover crewmembers from the water. A large creature of some kind was just at the edge of her vision, swimming away from the ship and lifeboats as if it were injured or afraid. It was too far away for her to tell what it might be.

She swam over to the nearest lifeboat, confused. The first mate was pulling a sailor out of the water when she came into his view. She waved at him but he scowled back at her. As she swam closer she told him, “Pull me up. I can help.”

Instead he glared at her angrily. “Haven’t you already done enough?” He demanded. One of the other crew hesitantly pulled her into the boat, then moved away from her once she was on board. “Just sit there and shut up while we clean up your mess,” he angrily told her. She opened her mouth to protest and to ask what happened but a quick glare from him made her close it again.

“What did Elycia do?” She wondered.

“It’s been weeks! I fucking said I’m sorry!” Elycia yelled at the journal as she threw it across the room. She had just woken up and like any morning now, or anytime she comes to, the first thing she did was read Saria’s latest entry. Saria did the same. It was how they were able to communicate. Saria’s latest update told her that apparently no ship Captain would hire her anymore, or even let her on their boats. Word of what Elycia had done to the Rebellious Harry had spread everywhere it seemed. Saria was pretty upset. “What whiney bitches,” Elycia said. “You burn down one fucking boat and everyone gets all pissy.”

She took a calming breath and sighed. That whole situation had gone south fast. “Shit. I wasn’t even supposed to be there,” she pleaded to no-one again. Saria had every right to be upset – Elycia had fucked this up royally. And they both had to deal with the consequences. This was their life now. Like it or not, they needed to try and get along.

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