Fort Etrinan


This ancient Dwarven & Minotaur fortress from just before the eve of the Elf/Dwarf War joint tribe has been rebuilt by the new Shandar Tribe and hosts a Temple of Light seen over by the three remaining Clergy of Light.

UPDATE #4 – MAJESTIC 14th, 114

The joint tribe has made the “Exodus” back to Fort Etrinan is completed. The joint tribe has re-named themselves Shandar.

UPDATE #3 – GRYPHON 12th, 114

The Serinan joint tribe was merged into the Adraodan tribe via a wedding ceremony. Please see the campaign log “Xerx’ses of the Adraodan” for more information about that ceremony. The joint tribe began an “Exodus” back to Fort Etrinan to consolidate forces for the Light in the Wastelands.

UPDATE #2 – MAJESTIC 16th, 113

By 16th of Majestic, 3rd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 71st Year of the Wolfen Empire, 344 year of the Dominion of Man, and 24th Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II. Rostam Stonemace returns home bearing the six rune weapons that belong to the tribe Xerx’ses recovered. Some human priests of light now live among the Minotaurs of this tribe. A diarchy of dual chieftains was selected by some form of tribal vote. They have moved the combined tribe back into the defensible lands of the Etrinan Caves.
See Homecoming for more information.

UPDATE #1 – CORG 20th, 112

By Corg 20th, 70th Year of the Wolfen Empire, 2nd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, and 343 year of the Dominion of Man. Did the Etrinan Minotaurs settle into the caves and the two tribes have become one, the Serinan tribe. They have defeated the Idrijian Tribe wiping their evil from the world. See Triumph Over Evil for more information.


During the beginning of the fighting during the Elf-Dwarf War, an army of Dwarves funded by scholars and other lore keepers established a stronghold below the Golden City of Baalgor, Fort Etrinan it became known as.

During its construction these dwarves came across a tribe of Minotaurs whom called their tribe Etrinan. Since the fort was being established to safeguard knowledge the Elves would want they did not attack the Minotaurs but instead made gestures of peace and they were returned in kind. The Dwarves even went as so far as to name the fort in their honor and the tribe was welcomed to live among and come and go as they saw fit. The Minotaurs were thrilled to make friends after the sins of their ancestors had haunted them for so long. When the fort was sent troops from the Dwarven High Command given its location and told to fight from its advanced position the Etrinan Tribe fought alongside their stout strong friends. After fighting alongside the Dwarves for generations and never wavering in face of all odds, and to show their gratitude, the Dwarves gave the tribe eight extremely powerful weapons that had been made for giant folk.

Eventually, however, the tide of the Great War turned against the Dwarven nation, and as each of their defenses began to fail, Elven soliders stormed one underground fort after the next. Fort Etrinan was the site of a catastrophic battle that resulted in the entire Dwarven Army and the Elves who attacked them. All told nearly 50,000 perished in that battle, 79% of the Etrinan Tribe along with them, but when the fury stopped, it was the Minotaurs that were the sole survivors.

THIS IS AN OOC NOTE: For those unfamiliar with how much death this is, please look at the Government Archives. The death toll of the “entire” Vietnam War is listed at just over 58,000 confirmed dead. This is one battle in a War that raged for 2,000 years!

The Minotaur survivors took their own rune weapons, gathered up a few dozen others, along with some tapestries, books, scrolls, statuary, and other mementos of their dear Dwarven allies, and seal off what was left of the stronghold. The tribe had lost both their friends and spirit to live. They vowed to never again meddle in the affairs of others and remained closed off from the world from that day forward.

Disease, misfortune and solitude have seen the Etrinan tribe slowly dwindling in number. Today they are fewer than 100, many of whom are old and dying – there are only 32 young members left. The elders have given each of the original Greater Rune Weapons awarded to the tribe to the eight most promising you warriors. The remaining 24 youths have been given the other rune weapons gathered the day their beloved friends perished. (75% of these are lesser rune weapons). They have been charged by the elders to forsake their solitude and make their own place in the world.

The Chosen Eight:

  1. | Xor’van | (Twin Brothers) Warrior | Rune Weapon: Fryst, 5ft black single edge longsword where its runes look as though they’re ice breaking through the surface of the blade. |
  2. | Nav’rox | (Twin Brothers) Warrior | Rune Weapon: Hraun, 5ft black single edge longsword where its runes look as though they’re crack of lava beneath the surface of the blade.|
  3. | He’vanova | Psychic Sensitive | Rune Weapon: Round silver shield with “Eyes of Ra” etched around the rim with a different rune in each eye (There are 16 eyes in total).|
  4. | Luur’na | Priestess of Isis | Rune Weapon: Saraph, 9ft Silver staff with golden runes, a Lightbringer |
  5. | Zii’clymnt | Ranger | Rune Weapon: Lightning Striker, 6ft black longsword with silver runes |
  6. | Groun’na | Warrior | Rune Weapon: Egebba, Chakram (bladed flying ring) |
  7. | Mergerij | Paladin | Rune Weapon(s): Cutter (Long sword), and Sticker (Short sword) Crimson Blades with Silver & Pearl handles |
  8. | Mar’azhu | Priest of Horus | Rune Weapon: Vindbylur, A dark grey 7ft spear with golden accents and golden runes. |


What exactly these youthful warriors intend to do is undeterminded. Most of the remaining Minotaurs look to the “Chosen Eight” for some direction, as there are already existing friendships and acquaintances among them. All are shocked. Xor’van, Nav’rox, and Mar’azhu simply wish to remain isolated, using these weapons only for defense, perhaps going out in the catacombs to join another tribe or establish their own.

Luur’na and her boyfriend Zii’clymnt have already gathered seven other youths and plan to explore the world and let “the hand of fate guide them.” While they are leaning toward goodness and talk of becoming great heroes, they are all young (the seven youths are all 1-2 level Warriors, Peasants ranging fro out of diapers 15 to 23 years of age for Minotaurs that easily live to 400 years) and can easily become embittered, hardened and see their alignments change to anarchist or evil. The only exception is Luur’na; Zii’clymnt is already leaning toward miscreant thanks to Groun’na’s influence.

Groun’na, is the oldest among the eight and is a thoughtless and reckless bully who plans to seek out other people who the Etrinan warriors can subjugate with their powerful weapons. He only has two companions, also bullies (with lesser rune weapons), who share his “vision.” Having had his friends abandon him (his view point on Xerx’ses learning magic), being chastised and rebuked by other has earned them all his lasting hatred. Should they ever meet on the surface, Gourn’na and his henchman will regard them as enemies. His two lackeys without Gourn’na’s leadership would be second rate thieves, but under Gourn’na they will likely grow into murderous cutthroats.

He’vanova has not decided on her choice of action but she and her younger brother are learning how to communicate and use their rune weapons. She believes an opportunity is coming from her clairvoyance and for now is staying put. Her brother is a latent Master Psychic and she is trying to help him come into his own with his powers and understand his rune circlet.

Perhaps the most respected is the second oldest of the eight, the principled champion named Mergerij. He preaches that with great power comes great responsibility, and if the Etrinan tribe is to do anything with its incredible rune arsenal, it should be to make the world a better place, and atone for past crimes committed by the Minotaur people over the years.

Notable Members of the Etrinan Minotaur Tribe:

CrIsis arrives at the entrance to the Etrinan home, led by Old Gregg, on Thoth 4, 111.

This tribe later joins forces with the Serelan tribe, becoming the Serinan tribe.


Picture from Palladium Books.
Text mostly from Palladiuim Books.