Father Lamriel


Western Empire Bishop

This elderly elf has been the Bishop of the Western Empire for only a few years. He was chosen for this post by the pontiff U’Selekma and Emperor Voelkian Itomas II for his reputation of being a shining voice of tolerance and understanding. He is there to smooth relations between the extremism of the Church of Light and Dark in Epiphany and the Middle Kingdoms and the more tolerant Church in the rest of the Western Empire. Currently he spends fully half of his time in the Middle Kingdoms, and the other half back in Caer Itom, where he reports on the progress of peace to Emperor Itomas.

He had also taken the young Holy Crusader Navelo under his wing, trying to smooth out the Crusader’s rough edges.

CrIsis meets Father Lamriel at the Festival of Ra in Sekti-Abtu.