Flail of Prayers


Xerx’ses going away gift that Zeelik Stonemace’s father made, this is a minotaur-sized bronze flail with bronze cast and tempered scrolls engraved with actual prayers taken from the Book of Ma’at of the Gods of Ra!

It is just under 5ft tall before the chain links start. Xerx’ses uses it as a walking cane when needed, or he drapes the chain heads over a shoulder. It is inlaid with lapus lazuli.

The flail does 5D6 damage, and is a two-handed weapon except when wielded by a giant race, like the Minotaur, which Xerx’ses is. It also does 2x damage to deevils, demons, and minions of the dark.

The flail is lost in the Baalgor Mountains. See the log To Be a Hero.

Flail from Peachyco.