Greminor Lector


Elven Alchemist in Avramstown. No one is quite sure if he keeps a Baal-Rog in his shop, or if it is an illusion.

He examines Overkill’s swords, and tells him that one sword, the one that previously belonged to King Avramson, is named after him, and he made it! He also informs Overkill that the sword that was recovered from the Dragon’s Tooth Pirates is a demon slayer sword.

Cava also asks Greminor for a boon- and receives 4 lightning arrows.

Chip spends the most time with this slightly strange elf, trading a power bolt spell for the spell fleet feet over the space of two weeks.

CrIsis believes that he is the greatest alchemist in all of Palladium.

Update 13th Thoth, 110- CrIsis comes to Greminor urgently, asking for him to summon Tyvernos, who had turned evil and run off with the Right Finger of Osiris. He succeeds, and over the next 4 1/2 months interacts with the members of CrIsis, spending weeks with Gavin, Morgan, Tyvernos, and Ferrel.

Picture by Tim Baker.