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Demi-God of Slavery and Freedom

Troll Shaman, Priest of Bast



Grignak is an imposing brute of a Troll. His height is only one part of his menace. The kind smile that is never far from his lips and the joy dancing in his eyes as he cleaves his foes asunder with his huge blades, which are also rarely far from his side.

He is well built and has smooth grey skin and red eyes. His hair is stringy, but whether this is a fashion statement or natural is not clearly known. He was never allowed to wear anything more than a loincloth, even in the depths of winter, so he has of necessity grown accustomed to wearing next to nothing. His skin is a visible collection of scars both old and new that crisscross his body in random knife edged patterns. There is very little open unscarred skin left on his torso.

Picture from AZ_Rune.



A transcript of a conversation had on the floor of the gladiatorial arena:‘’Simul Incipiamus.’’

“Ah, friends. Well met. Before we get down to the business of rending each other limb from limb, and attempting to deprive one another of the very essence of life, I would deign to speak to you for a moment.

“Not to worry, I will be the vicious troll that the crowd so adores, but before that…

“I am called Grignak. If I ever had another name, I have long since forgotten in amidst the blood and pain that these arenas inflict upon the mind, body and soul. When I was a strapping lad of eight and twenty years I thought myself above the warnings that my parents had impressed upon me and went out of a morning to throw rocks at the soldiers of this empire while they worked.

“I doubt that the fortification still rises into the Yin Sloth these two and forty years hence, but then it was their desire to conquer even the wilds of my homeland. It was a test of my boyish might to throw the largest boulder that I could into the camp. I was never that accurate, but it was a game that young trolls played…one moment.”

The Troll swings his left sword through the air and takes off the legs of one of the gladiators who was facing him at the knees. “It isn’t very polite to attempt to interrupt someone while he is telling a story,” the troll says with a smile that is terrifying for how pleasant it is.

“Where was I, oh yes. I’d made a habit of sneaking into the camp at dawn and throwing my boulder at their most recent wall in an attempt to see how much of it I could knock down with a single blow. This morning, however, they were there, waiting for me. Before I could call for help I was laid down by a cloud of slumber cast by their mage.

“Oh how I cried for my family during the long trip back to their city. How I wailed and begged for them to release me so I could go home. At that time it never occurred to me to use my strength to attempt to break free, and I often wonder if I would have lived through this torture…” this time the right sword swings. This time the man slips back just out of reach of the sword. Seeing what he thinks is an opening another of the men charges forward only to be cleaved in two with the backswing. The troll continues as if nothing had happened. “had I attempted to break out during that journey. That is of little consequence now, but my young self would have been happy to learn the outcome.

‘’When I arrived, an old Orc shaman took me under his wing and taught me the ways of the chant, and the duty that a Shaman holds before his charges. I know that you are all itching to fight, and put forth a good showing before my goddess on her festival day. I salute you, my brethren, and commend you to the afterlife. Terminus Est .’’

With that he begins to sing one of the songs of praise to Bast that is too bawdy to relay here and charges into the opponents with his swords flying.

Name: Grignak aka Wake With the Dawn
Rank 22nd Level
OCC: 16th Level Shaman 6th Level Priest
Race: Troll
Land of Origin: Yin Sloth Jungles
Citizenship: None

HT 14’ IQ 25 Save vs Magic +6 Strike +6(+13)
WT 700 lb ME 20 Save vs Psionics +5 Parry +9(+16)
PPE 239/239 MA 22 Save vs coma +22% Dodge +13(+20)
PS 33 Save vs poison/disease +8 Roll +11
HP 118/118 PP 16 Save vs horror +7 Pull +7
SDC 234/234 PE 27 Save vs possession +8 Initiative +5
Exp 1,469,300 PB 8 Save vs


+3 Damage +19
Sex M SPD 33(66) Trust/


 70% Disarm +3
Birthday 6/12/43 HF 12 Knockdown/Stun 18-20 Critical 3x 18-20
HTH: Expert Death Blow 20 Attacks 9
Alignment Scrupulous Passive
10 Perception +7

Western Empire <> Island of Bizantium 3 <> Eastern Territory
Timiro Kingdom <> Wolfen Empire 1653 <> Dragon Coins
Diamonds(600g/ct) 0ct(0.00 oz) <> 0 GCN <> 17 MODs

Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown/Rate Range
Sword 1 +9 +8 +4
Paired Swords 7

Weapons: Damage Notes
Itomas II 2D6+3 Invisible.  If lead with this weapon. +3 init. +2 strike/Parry. Indestructible.
Trigom the Chaotic Chaotic Rune Sword.  Chaos sword.  Wooden.  Has a very random damage dealing capability.
Holy Sword of Antioch 4D6 You must count to 3…see sword page for more information.
Bennu’s Torch Unknown

Armor AR SDC Notes

Special Attacks: Damage Notes
Claw 2D6
Kick 3D6
Bite 2D4
Body Flip 3D6
Karate 3D6+4
Roundhouse 5D6 No other kicks after using this for remainder of melee.
Snap 3D6+2
Crescent 4D6
Back Sweep No damage. Trips target behind character
Body Throw 1d6 Must be weaponless.  Target: Lost initiative. Lose 1 attack. Can be used with a partner without damage for exhibition (someone with tumbling).
Back Flip +4 to dodge.  Both attacker and defender loose next attack

Special Powers Description Notes
Nightvision 60’
Leap Long Jump: Current: 27 feet.
12 feet +2.5 feet per 2 levels (round down) Acquired level 6
High Jump: Current: 21 feet.
10 feet +2.5 feet per 3 levels (round down) Acquired level 6
Pole Vault Roll skill on use. Under Secondary Skills.
Height Current: 52.5 Feet.
20 feet + 2.5 feet per level (round down) Acquired level 6
Immune:Fire Immune to all forms of fire, including Hellfire.  Protects all clothing and equipment.

Power Frequency Time req Notes
Healing Touch 2 melees Instant 4D6 HP or SDC
Exorcism No limit 1D6 hrs of prayer Banished for 6 months minimum. 86% chance of permanent banishment. 21% chance of success (7%/level)
Remove Curse 1/curse 1D6 hrs of prayer People + Animals. No Rune items/weapons, magic items, or in sacred/supernatural places. 21% chance (7%/level)
Resurrection 1/person Instant All parts required, w/in 2-4 weeks. -3%/month after 4 weeks. Over 1 yr 5% chance. 5th level required. 10%+3%(after level 5)
Turn Dead No limit 2 melees Affects: Animated Skeletons and Corpses, Mummies, Ghouls. Short term affects: Vampires, Wraiths, Ghosts, Spectres (2 melees at most). 20% +5%
Resist Hunger 3 days/lvl Ignores it, still suffers effects
Resist Thirst 2 days/lvl Ignores it, still suffers effects

Blessings take 1 melee of prayer. 1 person or item/blessing. Lasts 2D4 weeks. Each blessing can be done twice/day.
Blessing Description
Water Turns into holy water. Does 3D6 damage to vampires and ghouls
Person + 1 save disease and possession
Home Inside home + 1 save possession Entities & faeries save 14 to get in home
Food + 1 save spoiling magic & disease/decay. Food stay fresh 1 extra day

Prayers take 1D4 attacks while in attacks, and 2D4 melees while at peace. 1 person or item/prayer. Each prayer can only be done twice/day.
Prayer Duration Success Ratio Description
Strength 2 min/lev 48%(20+ 7/lvl) Endows priest with +6 save HF, +1 all other saves, +10% turn dead, +20% exorcism, +1 spell strength, +1 parry & dodge 2/24hrs
Communion Instant 49%(21+ 7/lvl) Vision or dream, 60% chance divination 2/24hrs
Contagious Scripture 40%(20+ 5/lvl) Phrase passed on by worshipers for next few weeks in conversation
Dream 50%(30+ 5/lvl) Vision from a god gives clues, ideas or hints to solve current problem
Sanctified Vestaments 2 min/lev 35%(15+ 5/lvl) Awe factor of 13 for those not of that faith, followers automatic awe
These are prayers that grant special powers to the priest. Each prayer can only be done once/day.
Prayer Duration Success Ratio Description
Spell Intervention 24 hrs 49%(21+ 7/lvl) Cast any one spell, that his god knows. Cast 5 levels higher than priests level PPE provided by god
Healing Intervention 2 touches 49%(21+ 7/lvl) 2D4x10+priests normal healing touch SDC and/or HP
Knowledge Intervention Permanent 45%(9/lvl) Creates a single magic scroll.  Spell level same as priest.  Any spell the priest’s god knows. Note on Scroll Creation: See Scroll Conversion.

MIRACLES – 16% (8+2%/Level)
Miracles, including great miracles, typically happen only once every 7 years for a priest. If the priest is involved in a quest the deity deems important, they may occur as often as once/year.
Miracle PPE Cost Duration Range Description
Consecration 40 1 day/lev Temple floor or 30′×30′ Makes Holy Ground. Cast in temple, duration permanent
Holy War 50 1 Hour/lev All Church Warriors Init + 1, All saves + 1, Roll + 3, Save HF +3,Mind Control Possession Drugs + 7
Luck 40 1 Minute/lev Self +1 other/lev Init + 4, Roll + 10, Save HF + 10, Poison + 8, Magic + 3, Dodge + 8, Impervious to curses & charms
Purification 20 Instant 3’ Purify food or water 50lbs of food 10 gallons water
Supernatural PS/PE 60 1 Minute/lev Self HP & SDC tripled, PS + 2D4, PE & PS supernatural, Init, Strike, Parry, Dodge, and all Saves + 1
GREAT MIRACLES – 16% (8+2%/Level)
The most flexible ability. All PPE is provided by the Deity!
Miracle Duration Range Description
Increased Power 1 Minute/lev Self All known spells or prayers double duration & strength
Control Nature Varies Varies See notes
Healing 1 Melee Glance Heal crippled, blind, mute, deaf, etc. Dispel curses, sickness, poison, full HP/SDC
Control Magic 1 Melee/lev 60’ Dispel any magic barrier, curse, spell except spells of legend & rune magic See notes
Great Miracles Used
Date God on Duty Notes
Disguise for Grignak & Dream
7/1/114 Thoth Elf and Dwarf disguise for getting into Crystal Kingdom

Demi-God powers
Power PPE Cost Range Dur. Save Description
Escape 8 Self, Touch or 5′ Instant None Magically escape any normal bonds or open locking mechanisms.  Includes rope, handcuffs, prison cells, locks, straitjackets, etc.  One per invocation.  Magic restraints/locks are unaffected. 1 Action in Combat (Level 5 spell)
Deaden Emotional Pain 8 Touch Perm. None Grignak is able to take the pain of past events from a person, so that they no longer feel the emotional pain of an event.  It doesn’t remove the event, but allows the person to confront it without the emotional baggage they normally have to deal with.
Bind 100 Touch 24 hours Normal Can be used once per day for free with no save.

Grignak is able to bind someone such that they are unable to get free.  Grignak is the only one capable of removing the binding, and it will even remain should he die.  Grignak must consciously remove the binding for it to leave, which returns the PPE to him.  The day is based on a solar day so if Grignak were to bind someone at 11:59 PM and then release them at 12:01 AM, he would have used the ability twice, once for each day.  Grignak must have rope or chains in order to accomplish this.  The specific binding will be one or two (no more than two) of the following bindings:

Hobbling (maximum run speed reduced to 5), Cuffed (maximum arm strength reduced to 10), Confinement (person is tied to an object and may not move further than the length of the chain or the rope from the object, and neither can the object be moved or destroyed.  If used on part of an object normally in motion (wagon bed, ship’s mast) then the object can’t be moved in relation to the rest of the object, but the rest of the object can be moved.  The object they are tied to is considered destroyed if the rest of the object is destroyed).  Pinioned (arms and legs are moved to their maximum possible distance from one another.)  Can’t be used on Gods. 3 Actions in combat (Level 12 spell)

Blood of the Innocent 6 10′ per level Normal Can be used once per day for free.

Able to make another individual relieve any pain they have caused to another creature.  The target is lost in a world of pain.  They are stunned for 1D8 actions if they fail.  Any physical action taken against the stunned individual will immediately break them out of the trance and allow them an action before their aggressor.  Can’t be cast on the same individual twice in the same melee round, or in any melee round they suffered the effect of this spell.  Can’t be used on Gods. 2 Actions in combat (Level 6 Spell)

Magic: Spell Strength:15
Power PPE Cost Range Duration Save Description
Chants In Battle take 1D4+1 attacks. Normal 2d4 Minutes
Chant of Blessing 25 20’ radius 24hr/level None/Will of recipient +1 Save vs magic, +2 Save vs. poison and disease all kinds. +1 initiative. Ceremony all participants. Chant 1 target.
Chant of Divination 30 Self 1d6 melee rounds None Glimpses of Future. Can fortell the immediate general outcome of action (opening door, meeting someone, or taking an object.) See book for details.
Chant of Dreaming 40 Self or Touch Usually lasts about 10 minutes Std for others See notes
Chant of Exorcism 50 Touch or 30’ radius As long as chant continues Standard Drives away poss. entities or spirits. Also drives away undead to edge of the range. Successful chant completely expells entity and forced to leave region for 6 months.
Chant of Healing 40 Self or Touch Special N/A Up to 40 points healed at 1 SDC or HP per Melee Round. 1 target for chant.
Ceremonial Chant of Healing 60+ 20’ radius Special N/A Notes below
Chant of Nexus Varies 10′ around Shaman See Notes None Notes Below
1 Action Spells
Make Weapon Holy 10 first, 5 each additional Touch Instant none Makes an ordinary weapon Holy. One of following: 1). Sense Evil. The presence of evil is indicated by the weapon turning black. 20 foot (6 m) radius. 2). Magic Bonus. The weapon user is +1 to save vs magic (all types),+2 to save vs Horror Factor, and +2 to save vs poison and disease. 3). Monster Slayer. Inflicts +6 damage to mortals, but full double damage (the +6 becomes +12) to supernatural beings and creatures of magic (including dragons). 4). Damage Bonus. Inflicts 2D6 additional damage.
Negate Poison/Toxin 20 Self or Touch Instant none negates poison
See the Invisible 4 200′ (Self) 1 min/lev none The character can see forces, objects and creatures which can turn invisible or are naturally visible. Even if the creature has no form per se. This includes, but not limited to, Ghosts, entities, elementals and Astral bodies.
Breathe W/Out Air 6 Self or Touch 12 melee/lev None All natural gases, h2o, etc
Eyes of Thoth 8 Self or Touch 10 min/lev None Read any language
2 Action Spells
Mystic Portal 120 20’ 4 mel/lev None See Main p 209
Purification 40 3’ Instant None Purify food/water of disease, poison, bacteria. 50lbs food 10 gal water
Tongues 12 Self 5 min / lev None All Spoken Languages, speak and understand, at 98%
Call Lightning 30 300’ Instant Dodge Nat 20 or mod 24 1D6/lev Must be in line of sight
Water to Wine 80 12’ Instant None 10 gal/lev permanently changed. 10+5% quality/lev
Detect Poison 20 15’ Instant None Particular object, liquid, food etc.
Wink-Out 40 Varies Varies None See Main p.203
Invulnerability: Limited 50 Self or touch 2 melee/level None See Main p.201
Metamorphosis: Human 40 Self, other by ritual 20 min/level None Ultimate disguise.  Including Gender.
3 Action Spells
Remove Curse 280 10’ Instant None D20+5 as spell, D20+10 as ritual 4D4 minutes Must roll over curse power
Summon & Control Storms 520 10 mi 1 hr/lev None See Main p.214
Calm Storms 400 1 mi/lev 1 hr/lev None Downpour to light rain, wind 1/2, waves 1/2, lighten skies.

Ring of Fleet Feet 10 minutes 3x/day Right Index Finger
Eternal Torch Ring AR 17 Left Ring Finger
Bracelet of Cat metamorphosis 2x daily 30 minutes each Shoulder Bag
Amulet of Diminish 6″ tall 2x daily 15 minutes each Shoulder Bag
Sekti Abtu Amulet Teleport to Sekti Abtu Neck
Bracelet of Dope Seeing See those blessed by Anubis. Backpack – Used and useless
Gantrium Totem Piercing 1/2 cost to all spells.  Double restoration of PPE Totem
Ring of Shedim Illusion 1x Per day. 6 hours. Left Index Finger

SKILLS Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Language Skills
Language: Giantese 1 22 98%
Language: Western 51+5 20 1 22 98%
Language: Elven 51+5 20 1 22 98%
Language: Eastern 51+5 15 17 22 86%
Literacy:Elven 41+5 10 1 22 98%
Public Speaking 30+5 3 22 98%
Sign Language 36+5 5 1 22 98%
Writing 31+5 10 9 22 96%
Medical Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Biology 41+5 20 17 22 86%
Surgery/ Medical doctor
-Diagnose 41+5 20 17 22 86%
-Treat 31+5 20 17 222 76%
Holistic Medicine
-Diagnose 41+5 10 1 22 98%
-Treat 31+5 10 1 22 98%
-Ability 36+5 30 17 22 91%
-Quality (higher better) 41+5 30 17 22 96%
Knowledge Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Research 46+5 10 1 22 98%
Math: Basic 56+5 SEC 2 22 98%
Math: Advanced 56+5 SEC 1 22 98%
Lore:Religion(L&D perfect) 41+5 20 17 22 96%
Lore: Demons/Monsters 36+5 10 1 22 98%
Lore Culture/Customs Caer Itom 41+5 10 7 22 98%
History: Elves, Dwarves, Humans
Trolls, Wolfen, Giants 41+5 15 7 22 98%
Lore:Magic 36+5 10 11 22 98%
-Recog Wards Runes Circles 26+5 10 11 22 91%
-Recog Enchant 21+5 10 11 22 86%
Ceremonies and Rites 21+7 1 22 98%
Use/Recog Poison 40/32+4 SEC 1 22 98/98%
Survival Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Wilderness Survival 41+5 10 1 22 98%
Dowsing 31+5 10 1 22 98%
Seamanship 33+4 10 3 22 98%
Entertainment Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Impersonation 1 22
-Voice: Regional 47+4 1 22 98%
-Voice: Person 27+4 1 22 98%
-Impersonate: Generic 23+4 1 22 98%
-Impersonate: Specific 21+4 1 22 98%
Sex 15+5 10 1 22 98%
Dance 41+5 9 22 98%
Juggling 46+5 SEC 1 22 98%
Stilt Walk 50+5 SEC 6 22 98%
Merchant Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Recog Weapon Quality 36+5 5 1 22 98%
Bartering 36+5 10 5 22 98%
Appraise Goods 41+5 10 5 22 98%
Sculpting & Whittling(prof) 41+5 20 15 22 86%
Physical Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Gymnastics SEC 1 22
Acrobatics SEC 1 22
Climb 61+5 SEC 1 22 98%
-Rapelling 61+5 SEC 1 22 98%
Balance 56+5 SEC 1 22 98%
Tightrope 41+3 SEC 1 22 98%
Back Flip 56+5 SEC 1 22 98%
Parallel Bars 41+3 SEC 1 22 98%
Somersault 51+5 SEC 1 22 98%
Prowl 36+5 SEC 1 22 98%
Swimming 61+5 SEC 4 22 98%
Tumbling SEC 6 22
Pole Vault 50+5 SEC 6 22 98%
Wrestling SEC 8 22
Body Building SEC 10 22
Climb SEC
Running SEC 12 22
WP:Sword 1 22
HtH :Expert 1 22

Name Count Location Description
Cloak 1 Backpack
Shirt 1 Backpack
Loincloth 1 Backpack Symbol of Bast prominently in front.
Kilt of the Abundance of Bast’s Embrace 1 Worn Wooden symbol of bast hung in front.  Belt buckle and 3 clips whittled of wood found around the Millenium Tree.  The vines that grow upon the Millenium Tree were used as a belt, locked together with the buckle, and the three clips were hung upon it. Leaf of Healing wrapped around as the primary ‘cloth’ of the kilt and locked into the clips and the buckle.
Bonus Power Slow fall like Psionic Float. Considered level 20
Bonus Power Auto-crit, once per day, if rub the sword through the crotch area.
Bonus Power Protection from heat, including the hottest desert.
Leggings 1 Backpack
Shoes 1 Worn
Belt 1 Worn
Bright Scarf 1 Shoulder Bag For Ceremonies
Gourd w/ Pebbles 1 Shoulder Bag Noisemaker for ceremonies
Jar of Colored Clay 1 Shoulder Bag For Ceremonial Painting
Bedroll 1 Worn
Backpack 1 Worn
Shoulder Bag 1 Worn
Water Skin 1 Worn
Agreement 1 Backpack
Toga 1 Backpack
Rations 2 Weeks, 5 days Backpack Troll amount. 9 used
Member of Bes 1 Backpack
Medallion of Willpower 1 Worn Neck Impervious to the mind control of all undead while wearing the medallion (+6 to save even without it) and +4 to save vs psionic mind control and illusions of any kind (+2 without the medal). By focusing on the medallion and the will to live, the character is +4 to save vs poison and disease, and +20% to save vs coma!
Magic Manacles 1 Belt Prevent Wizard escape skill and any sort of metamorphosis
Scroll: Magic Eagle 6 Shoulder Bag This scroll is an updated version of the spell Magic Pigeon.  With the advent of the Magic Hawk spell a much more powerful carrier bird was needed.
 Uhonap Potion 1 Thong, Neck Charges: 6, One max per day.  If character falls below 0 hit points, prevents coma.
 Coin of Safe Passage: Cynopolis 1 Shoulder Bag

Drama Cards, Luck Points, Ace in the Hole
Ace in the Hole 0
1st Ace Played Gained: 12/5/15 Spent: 12/5/15 Spent to make sure that Az had a bracelet of supernatural strength.
2nd Ace Gained: 4/9/16 Spent: 4/9/16 Spent to aid Indaris’ ventriloquism of Gwydion
3rd Ace Gained:
Spent: 1/14/16 Spent to ensure a Miracle: Shapechange Grignak and Silent Dream into Elf and Dwarf
4th Ace Gained: 06/17/17  Played:
Spent to destroy the tentacle of a Sea Demon
Spent Unspent Expired
Luck Points 24 1
Spent Luck Point 1 Given to No Name to save life from Legolimp
Spent Luck Point 1 Given to No Name to parry Soul Drinker
Spent Luck Point 1 Given to No Name to banish Ratel
Spent Luck Point 1 Given to Xerx’ses to dispell magic trap on book
Spent Luck Point 1 Given to No Name to Soul Drink Ratel
Spent Luck Point 1 Given to No Name to Soul Drink Kirgi
Spent Luck Point 1 Given to No Name to Save vs Magic
Spent Luck Point 2 Given to GM to Prevent the Breaking of Duke’s nose.
Spent Luck Point 1 Given to Dream to remember Sign Language.
Spent Luck Point 1 To cause the troll to knock himself out rolling into the wall.
Spent Luck Point 1 Spent to perceive Emperor Itomas
Spent Luck Point 1 Spent to give pleasure on streets of Caer Itom
Spent Luck Point 1 Given to No Name to try to parry. Failed.
Spent Luck Point 1 Given to Torrun to try to Parry.  Failed.
Spent Luck Point 1 Used to Magic Save on 8th hour of Labyrinth. Success
Spent Luck Point 1 Given to Willy to Save vs Magic. Success.
Spent Luck Point 1 Given to Xer’xses to parry first spell orb.
Spent Luck Point 1 Given to Willy to save brother goblin.
1 1 luck religion.
Spent Luck Point 1 Spent to improve gains on chest. Nat 20 after.
Spent Luck Point 1 For a possibility of Azariel being able to make a Ujonap Potion
Spent Luck Point 1 To make the Invisibility to the Blessing of Anubis potion
Spent Luck Point 1 To increase the number for said potion.
1 1 luck for Seamanship.  Merkl used it to seduce Omen.
Drama Card Played?
Secret Identity Yes Play when you want to conceal your identity. Your true identity will remain hidden in relation to the current situation. If another character ruins this for you he will lose all experience gains for the game session and suffer other badness as determined by the Game Master.
Played in the jail of the dark. Became a Troll Jailer of the Dark named Hurk.
Love Interest Yes Play this card when you meet someone for the first time.  They will take a romantic interest in you.  This could lead to benefits or trouble or perhaps both.
Played on the King of the Crystal Kingdom.
Scream Yes Play this card when your character becomes afraid.  He overcomes his fear for the entire scene.
Played to eliminate all Horror rolls against CrIsis while fighting ReSet
Specialty Scrolls Played?
Spellcaller Yes This spell, whether meant to be a curse or meant to be a feat of endurance when originally concocted, we will never know, but this spell can be absolutely deadly, or extremely beneficial. All spells cast within a 50′ radius for the next three rounds are automatically directed at the one that has had Spellcaller cast upon them, whether this was originally intended or not. All spells that affect multiple targets will still do so, but all other spells will center on the subject of this spell.
Played on Fala in the castle in Byzantium City

New Spell Notes:

Ceremonial Chant of Healing
Range: Up to 20 foot radius.
Duration: Special
P.P.E: 60/40 HP to be healed + 10 PPE per person above 2

Much like the normal Chant of Healing, this chant takes time to complete, healing 1 HP or SDC per participant in the ceremony per melee round.

While the basic version of this chant will heal the Shaman and one additional participant for 40 HP per 60 PPE expended, they are able to expand chant to as many people who can stay within the range. Usually this is no more than forty or fifty individuals, as some amount of dancing is required to participate in the ceremony.

Chant of Nexus
Cost: Varies
Range: 10’ radius around the Shaman
Duration: Does not take effect until after the chant is completed. Shaman may continue chanting after the initial time, or may immediately cast a new spell w/o suffering consequences.
Saving Throw: None

This chant creates a temporary Nexus point around the shaman with the following limitations: The additional PPE that can be drawn out of the Nexus is equal to twice the PPE put into the chant, all additional PPE must be used before Shaman completes chanting or all the additional PPE is released explosively doing 1 damage per PPE remaining in the chant to the Shaman and everyone within 10’ of the shaman. Only the shaman can pull more than 20 PPE per melee from the spell. He can pull all of the PPE out of the spell, as long as he uses anything above his normal PPE maximum immediately. The temporary nexus neither increases power/duration of spells, nor does it add additional PPE recovery.

At the completion of this chant, and before using any of the additional mana, the Shaman rolls on the following table. GM Note: You may choose to roll this secretly:

  • 01-15 Possession: The shaman is attacked by a possessing entity and must try to prevent them from taking over. Save vs. Possession at a -2. Failure results in the Shaman being possessed. Success results in the entity being cast out of the Shaman, but he does not flee the immediate area.
  • 16-43 Drained: The spell draws a Syphon Entity toward the Shaman. He is unbound and will join with an item held by anyone within 10’ of the shaman, including the shaman. He may remain dormant for months, or choose to make his presence known immediately.
  • 44-56 Tectonic: Summons a tectonic entity that attacks the Shaman and everyone within 100’ of the Shaman.
  • 57-60 Hellgate: Instead of casting the spell, a portal opens through with either Demons (01-75) or Deevils (76-00) begin coming through. The portal will remain open for 1d4 minutes and 1d10 entities will come through every melee.
  • 61-00 No effect: The spell completes without adverse effects.