GROUN’NA (Deceased)

Minotaur Tribe: Etrinan

Update: Groun’na and three others were killed by CrIsis in the Western Empire.

Groun’na is actually about the right age for a young adult among other Minotaurs at 59 years old.

“… Run while you can you worthless sons of shorties. You old dithering fools are no better than cattle. You have stolen my best friend, turned another against me, ridiculed and rebuked every idea I have brought to make this place better..”

Ca’zan lay on the ground behind Groun’na bleeding from his fight with the boss and the bladed ring in his right hand. Groun’na was unhappy to hear about Xerx’ses the second becoming torched.

“… If you want to kill someone never let them see you coming! …”

Ca’zan groans as Groun’na plants his foot into his lower back. Volga stood by watching and thrilled the Rune Chakram (it’s what the Dwarves called it) wasn’t aiming for her. However, the lesson sunk home, you can kill anyone you want just never let anyone see you do it. Volga looked on at Groun’na and knew she had found her leader, one day she’d be his mate. Well only if she didn’t mess up. Groun’na kneels down and takes Ca’zan’s chin in his hand.

“… If you want power you can’t screw up, you have to take it. You want a tribe of your own then help me conquer three tribes and you can have one of your choosing. Help me conquer a nation and I’ll give you towns, conquer an empire and I will give you kingdoms …”

Ca’zan smiled through the blood running down his face.

“… If you ever fail me again …”

He held the bladed ring, the runic chakram as its known over Ca’zan’s head and the ring caught fire all on its own!

“… then your corpse will be the first in line to those that I will crush for ripping away my life and keeping me down. Do I make myself clear? …”

The bloody Minotaur nodded its head. Groun’na released him and looked to Volga he smiled in a way that makes one wonder if the person with the smile is happy or the person viewing the smile is the next target.

“… send word to our brothers of Utu in the neighboring caverns, as these fools leave we shall inform them and let the death god have his fill …”

Tossing a towel down on Ca’zan

“… clean yourself up, there’s work to be done …”

Rank = 15th Level
OCC = Mercenary Warrior
Race = Minotaur
Land of Origin = Baalgor Wastelands
Citizenship = Etrinan Tribe

HT 10’ IQ 10 Save vs Magic + 3 Strike +5
WT 900 lbs ME 12 Save vs Psionics Parry +7
PPE MA 13 Save vs coma + 12% Dodge +7
HP 110 PS 25 Save vs poison/disease + Roll + 3
SDC 67 PP 16 Save vs horror + 3 Pull + 3
Level 15 PE 21 Save vs Possession Initiative + 1
Exp. PB 12 Damage + 14
Sex Male SPD 12 Disarm + 4
Age Critical & KO 17-20
HTH: Martial Arts &
Death Blow 20 Attacks 8
Alignment Miscreant Perception + 0

Natural Abilities: Notes
Nightvision 60’
Recognize Scent 22%
Track Blood Scent 54%
Fire/Cold Resistant 1/2 Damage

Level Strike
W.P. / HtH
W.P. / HtH
W.P. / HtH
P.P.   Totals  
Sword 15 +5 / +2 +5 / +5 +3 / +2 +1 S: +8
P: +11
T: +6
Shield 15 +3 / +2 +6 / +5 +0 / +2 +1 S: +6
P: +12
T: +3
Targeting 15 +0 / +2 +0 / +5 +6 / +2 +1 S: N/A
P: N/A
T: +9
Battle-Axe 15 +6 / +2 +4 / +5 +4 / +2 +1 S: +9
P: +10
T: +7
Paired Weapons 7 N/A N/A N/A N/A Sword and Shield

Hand to Hand Attacks Strike Parry Notes
Punch +5 +7 2D6 + 14 to Damage
Kick +5 +7 3D6 + 14 to Damage
Charge +5 +7 5D6 + 14 to Damage

Weapons: Damage Notes
Egebba 5D6 POWERS:
– Total Bonus 5D6+14 N/A to Str, +7 to Parr, +9 to Thr.

Picture of minotaur from Combat Advantage.
Picture of chakram from Xenaholics and edited by me.