Herald Rainier

Herald Rainier
Herald is a ranger’s ranger. He has spent a grand total of 2 months in cities over the past thirty years. He makes his own clothing from the skins of the animals that he hunts and is fully capable of making his own weapons and equipment.

He is outgoing and likes to make a good impression on those around him. Originally met with CrIsis at Auntie Ev’s in Bletherad.

He joins CrIsis in their quest to find Glade.

HP 62/62
SDC 44/54
PPE 18/18
ISP 110/110
Psionics Major Psionic
Power Type ISP Range Duration Save Description
Alter Aura Physical 2 Self 1 hr/lev None XP lev 1-2 or 2D4 higher than actual, conceal psionics, magic, PPE, health, alignment
Summon Inner Strength Physical 4 Self 10 min/lev None +10 sdc, +2 save poison, +5% save coma, No fatigue
Telekinesis Physical Varies 60’ 2 min/lev Dodge +3 Strike, +4 Parry (parry w/tk force 8 ISP
Nightvision Physical 4 600’ 10 min/lev None Must be some source of light.
Mind Block Physical 4 Self 10 min/lev None +1 save psionics, blocks empathy, telepathy, etc.
Impervious to Fire Physical 4 Self 3 Minutes/lev None Impervious to natural fire and heat. Magic fire does 1/2 dam
Impervious to Cold Physical 2 Self 20 min/lev None Non-magic cold has no effect.
Levitation Physical 2, 6, varies 60’ 2 min/lv None Small to Medium objects Height 6+1’/lev >2lbs 2 isp, 3-20lbs 6isp, >20lbs 6+1isp/10lbs over Large (.20lbs) objects 4’+1/lev

He has the following definite skills:
Language: Elven
Language: Eastern
Language: Wolven
Imitate Voices
Hunting: Eastern Territories
Hunting: Disputed Lands
Skin and Prepare hides
History: CrIsis (may or may not be accurate, but he has studied CrIsis. Likely only taken in the last few levels)

Use Cava for anything else skill or combat related, except Herald is level 14 (Critical does 3x, 8 attacks, 12 attacks with bow only, 1025’ range)

He is a great supporter of the Wolfen cause in the disputed territories and has been considered a traitor by the leadership of the Eastern Territories. The Eastern Territories know him as The Wraith, and haven’t yet linked the name Herald Rainier to The Wraith. He also goes by the name Hallas Redfur with the Wolfen he associates with.

Gavin could be considered a terrorist for many of his actions, so this doesn’t necessarily define him as evil.

Herald is a terrorist. He feels that if citizens of the Eastern Territories are no longer living in the disputed lands, then they will no longer be disputed. He is not a part of the military. While he does a lot of scouting for them, many of his scouting trips result in burned out villages and murdered peasantry. He is a great proponent of the ends justifying the means, and will use whatever means at his disposal to achieve his goals, even if that includes manipulating stronger groups to work for him.

Stolen by Herald:
From Indaris-
Pass note for flying in the western empire from Carl, teleport to Sekti-Abtu amulet
From Ja’Deir-
12 Karat Emerald!