Horoth Wavestrider


High-Priest of Algor

Horoth is a huge bear of a man with long blonde hair and a long blonde beard. He is the high priest of Algor in Bizantium City.

He awarded Robert the Just the Enforcer of Light for defeating a Demon Ship from the Western Empire.

Horoth meets with CrIsis in Bizantium, where he receives the message from Draxx Silvercrown, thanks solely to S’Erith. The message is dire- the Glaive of the Old Ones has returned to Palladium! Before truly beginning, CrIsis decides to turn over the Glaive quest to the Legion of Northmoor.

Please see the logs A Prayer, Sea of Despair- CrIsis Style, and With One Accord in a Flash for more.

Update Algor 1, 111. CrIsis discovers that Horoth was truly the God Kym-nark-mar in disguise!! See the logs Drauka the Diver, Three Gods, and Gifts of the Gods.