Isis, thou of many names, is the deity who interferes in the lives of these adventurers. She has decided, after waking from her years as Katrina Sun (Palladium Rifts Africa) angrily to have revenge on Set. The greatest revenge would be the resurrection of her husband and brother, Osiris. To achieve this she has decided on a follower, Chip, and his best friend, Bexx, to begin the quest of acquiring the pieces of Osiris. To learn how the group changes from just these two adventurers to many adventurers please refer to CrIsis.

Indaris followed Isis.

The symbol for Isis is the eternal torch.

For more on Isis refer to the many tags where she is referred… This could be a book, and I choose not to write it…. Game Master. For example Isis has appeared at different times individually to Chip, Bexx, Cava, Overkill, Greldarr, and the whole group as well.

The 100 names of Isis used for the steps to the protected pieces of Osiris are:
Isis, Isis Aphrodite, Isis Agabe, Isis Alexandria, Isis Ambula, Isis Atena, Isis Dikaiosyne, Isis Epekoos, Isis Euploia, Isis Maia, Isis Medica, Isis Medicina Mundi, Isis Myrionymos, Isis of Ten Thousand Names, Isis of the Earth, Isis of the Sea, Isis Panthea, Aat, All-Bounteous, All-Goddess, All-Hearing, All-Receiving, All-Seeing, Arbiter in Matters of Sexual Love, Aset, Ast, Auset, The Shining One, Sovereign of the Elements, Sovereign of the World, Star of the Sea, The Stone Seat, Witch in the Stone Boat, World Mother, Maker of Kings, Maker of Monarchs, Maker of the Sunrise, Many-Formed, Many-Named, Master of Rainstorms, Master’s Bride, One Above Fate, The One of Countless Names, The One of the Beginning and of the Ending, One Who Creates, One Who Is All, The Only One, Opener of the Year, Parent of Things, Queen Isis, Queen of Egypt, Queen of Heaven, Queen of Mesen, Queen of Peace, Queen of Resurrection and Life, Queen of Rivers, Queen of Seamanship, Queen of the Dead, Queen of the Earth, Queen of the Gods, Queen of the Nile, Queen of the Sea, Queen of the Sky, Queen of the Solid Earth, Queen of the South and of the North, Queen of the Sun, Queen of the Thunderbolt, Queen of the Underworld, Queen of the Universe, Queen of War, Queen of Winds, Ray of the Sun, Ruler of the World, Salvatrix of Sailors, Savior of Mankind, She of a Thousand Names, She of Many Praises, She of the Great Wings and the Scythe of the Moon, She of the Greatest Heart, She of the Moon, She Who Embraces the Earth, She Who Gives Birth to Heaven and Earth, She Who Gives Birth to Kings, She Who Has Given Birth to the Fruits of the Earth, She Who Knows How To Make Right Use of the Heart, She Who Knows the Orphan, She Who knows the Widow Spider, She Who Moves, She Who Scatters Attacks, She Who Seeks Justice for the Poor People, She Who Seeks Shelter for the Weak People, She Who Shines in Sothis, Lady Everlasting in All Things, Lady in Red, Lady Isis, Lady of Abaton , Lady of Abundance, Lady of All Elements, Lady of Beauty, Jewel of the Wind.

Picture by our own AZ Rune.