Ashada Mind Mage, Follower of Apis

Ja’Deir is a six foot tall Ashada with iron-solid, wiry muscles. He looks more frail than an elf at a distance, due to his weight and height, and due to the fur hiding his muscle tone. His eyes are bright, with a permanent twinkle in his eye, and a smile never leaves his face. His body is covered from head to toe by chestnut fur, except for a stretch of baldness surrounding an old scar on his face. His arms and sides are connected by a membrane of skin from his elbows to his waist that hangs loose until the tendons are constricted, allowing him to glide. His eyes are a rare light green. He travels wearing a hooded cloak, and loose pants that allow for free, unrestricted movement. He carries no weapon, but he has no need of physical crutches of that sort. His true name means “The Lord is Splendor and Light”

Name Ja’Deir
True Name Jarel Diya
Rank 13th Level
OCC Mind Mage
Race Ashada
Land of Origin Land of the Damned
Citizenship Xarys
Honorary Citizen Timiro

HT 6’ IQ 15 Save vs Magic +0 Strike +5
WT 100 lbs ME 17 Save vs Psionics +6 Parry +10
ISP 143/273 MA 26 Save vs coma +0 Dodge +10
HP 58/58 PS 29 Save vs poison/disease +0 Roll +6
SDC 62/86 PP 21 Save vs horror +6 Pull +6
PPE 6/6 PE 14 Save vs Possession +8 Initiative +2
XP 268,407 PB 15 Save vs Mind Control +6 Damage +19
Sex Male SPD 27/54 Disarm +2
Birthday 9/26/86(Age 25) Trust/ Intimidate 88% Critical (3x) 18,19,20
HTH: Expert Knockout/ Stun 18-20 Attacks 9
Alignment Scrupulous Auto Knockout Behind >AR Perception +1

Western Empire <> Island of Bizantium 1767 <> Eastern Territory 27,900
Gold Coast Notes (x4) : 23,250 <> Wolfen Empire <> Dragon Coins 0

Weapon Proficiencies Level Acquired Strike Parry Thrown Damage Bonus
Sword 1 +5 +5 +3
Shield 1 +2 +6
Weapons: Damage Notes
Small Shield 1D4
Short Sword 2D4
Ceire or Krystal Killer (Dwarf Quality) 2D6+4 +4 strike/parry/damage BORROWED FROM Overkill
Special Attacks: Damage Notes
Karate 2D4
Back Sweep Knockdown
Leg Sweep Knockdown
Body Flip 1D6
Natural Abilities: Notes
Glide Strike +1
Glide Dodge +3
Cold Resistant 1/2 damage
Jump 15’4"
Power Type ISP Range Duration Save Description
Psychic Diagnosis Healing 8 Touch Instant None The psychic senses physical ailments and possession with absolute clarity.
Psychic Surgery Healing 14 3’ Instant None 1-66% when psychic surgery is used. Requires Diag. Remove crap!
Psychic Purification Healing 10 10’ Permanent None Slow Metabo, cure disease, poison, toxin.
Detect Psionics Healing 6 Self 1m/lvl None Indicate the presence of psionic energy. Can not pinpoint exact location nor level. Indicate group mind block or psionic possession.
Deaden Pain Healing 4 Touch 1h/lvl None Pain Killer.
Power Type ISP Range Duration Save Description
Mind Block Physical 4 Self 10 min/lev None +1 save psionics, blocks empathy, telepathy, etc.
Alter Aura Physical 2 Self 1 hour/lev None XP lev 1-2 or 2D4 higher than actual, conceal psionics, magic, PPE, health
Ectoplasm Physical 6/12 40’+5/lv 4m/lv None 75’ for 24m; See Notes
Inner Strength Physical 4 Self 10m/lv None 80mins; +10 SDC, +2SvPoison, +5% Coma, fully rested during time limit.
Teleport Object Physical 10 Touch Immediate None 8lbs – 400’;
Telekinetic Leap Physical 8 Self * 1melee None Boosts leaping ability, +3’ high jump, +5’ broad jump, per level. +2D6 dam to leap attacks. Gliding ability.
Enhanced Reflexes Physical 10 Self 2 min/lev None Attack+1, Init 3, Strike 1, Parry/Dodge 2, PP 2, Phys skills 15%
Resist Magic Physical 15 Self 5m/lvl None Reduce damage effect and duration by half. Bonus to +3 to save,
Power Type ISP Range Duration Save Description
Astral Projection Sensitive 8 Self 5min/lv None Spirit separated from body. Cord connects two.
Clairvoyance Sensitive 4 Special 6D6 Rounds None 58+2%, +5% if a loved one. 2X a day
Commune with Spirit Sensitive 8 Self 8 Melees Mone Contact at 7% per level, see chart.
Commune with Animals Sensitive 6 200’ LoS 2min/lv 15 or better 1-80% obey simple commands. 1 per level
Dispel Spirits Sensitive 10 50’/lv 30min/lv Special If it is a Psionically summoned spirit, the summoner rolls standard. Normal Spirits leave.
Empathy Sensitive 4 100’ 2min/lv Std See notes.
Meditation Sensitive None Self Varies None 6 ISP per hour.
Mind’s Eye Sensitive 2x
Psionic Seeking Sensitive 6 1 mile/lev 5 min/lev None 40 +5%/level +20% if item is his own, or looking for friend/relative
Sixth Sense Sensitive 2 90’ Until danger passes None Imminent Danger, +6 Init, +2 Parry, +3 Dodge, No sneak attacks.
Object Read Sensitive 6 Touch 2D6 min None Impressions: 56+2%; Images:48+2%; Present 38+2%.
Total Recall Sensitive 2 Self Permanent None Remembers every word heard, read, every image.
See Aura Sensitive 6 60’LoS 60 Seconds Mind Block Level, Magic, Psionics, PPE base, Healthy, Possessed, Aberrations.
Sense Evil Sensitive 2 140’r 2min/lv None See Notes.
Sense Magic Sensitive 3 120’r 2min/lv None See Notes.
Telepathy Sensitive 4 60’/140’ 2 min/lev Special Surface Thoughts 60’ 2 way 140’
Power Type ISP Range Duration Save Description
Advanced Trance State Super 0 Self 8 h/lvl None 12 ISP per hour. Hovers. Can exit at any time, senses danger.
Bio-Manipulation Super 10 160’ 4-16m, 1/2 for Supernatural Std See notes
Super Bio-Regeneration Super 20 Self Permanent None 4D6 HP and 4D6 SDC
Catatonic Strike Super 40 Stab Special Dodge or Pary, Std -8 Victim goes into a coma; Save takes 2D6 damage and attacks reduced by 1D4
Resist Damage Super 25 Self 5 min/lev None Absorbs first 5 units of damage. Falls, impact, punch, energy do 1/2 damage.
Electrokinesis Super Varies Varies Varies Varies Electrical Resistance; Electrical Discharge; Sense Electricity; Manipulate Electrical Devices.
Empathic Transmission Super 6 60’ 2D6 min Std Takes up attacks per melee char has; One at a time. Despair/Sorrow; Confusion; Fear; Hate/Anger; Love/Peacefulness; Trust.
Fortify Psionics Super Orig +12 10’/lev Varies Special Increases damage or defensive power. Example: TK Force Field goes from 30 SDC/lev to 30 SDC/lev + 30
Group Mind Block Super 22 120’ 80 min None All within bubble are affected!
Hydrokinesis Super Varies Varies Varies Varies Sense Chem Impurities; Boil Water; Water Spout; Sense Water.
Hypnotic Suggestion Super 6 12’LoS Varies Std Relaxing/calming; light sleep; focus on particular thought; subtle ideas.
Cure Insanity Super 30 Touch Special Std/auto See Notes.
Charismatic Aura Super 25 Touch Permanent Std MA + 1D4 + 2; PB +2
Invisible Haze Super 30 Self 6 mins Std Perfect and completely invisible, only those that save vs psi can see caster. -6 to Str, Parry, Dodge, Init against invisible foes.
Mental Illusion Super 20 90’ Special Std Anything, based upon the victim’s perceptions of the world.
Auto-Def Mind Block Super None Self Permanent None Can take it down, but must be psionic’s choice.
Mind Bolt Super Varies 800’ Instant Dodge 1D6 per 6ISP. bolts are +4 to strike, +10 ISP gives +4 to strike.
Mind Bond Super 10 Touch Special Std Remembers everything about char/life. All Skills and Skill bonuses are also learned for duration. Alien and disturbed people can cause insanity.
Mind Wipe Super Special Touch Special Std 1D4 days per 10 ISP. Permanent-50 ISP and permanently sacrificing 4 ME points.
Strength of Mind Super 20 Self 2 min/lev None +10 PS, 5 PE, 20 SDC Supernatural PS for lift/carry
Psi-Shield Super 30 Self 40 mins None Works as a shield, energy blasts and projectiles parried at -3
Psi-Sword Super 30 Touch 40 mins None 8D6 damage to a minimum of 2D6.
Pyrokinesis Super Varies Varies Varies Varies Fire Resistant; Spontaneous Combustion; Fuel Flame; Extinguish Flame; Sense Fire; Fireball.
Empathy Superior Super 8 100’+50’/lev 2 min/lev Std See Notes
Ressurection Super 15 Touch Instant None Adds 6% per level @ 8 is +56%
Super Telekinesis Super 10+ 800’ 16 mins Std +10 per 100 lbs over 100. 1D4x10 SDC per 100 lbs of weight
Shared Perception Shared 15 120’ 1min/lev Std Share perception with target. Can give or take.
Telekinetic Force Field Super 30 up to 320’ 80 None 240 SDC; Can roll parry to create as parry. 80’ diameter, cannot be moved.
Charismatic Aura Super 10-30 Touch 1D4 Days/lev Std 10 for minor memory block, 20 for large block 30 for full see notes
Empathic Transmission Super 6 60’ 2D6 Minutes Std Allows the psychic to instill a powerful emotion into another living creature. See Notes.
TK Blast Super 10 50’ +10/lev Instant Dodge 1D4x10 damage +3 strike only Victim -3 dodge (only if know coming)
Psionic butt rapage Super 30 50’ + 10/lvl Varies Std/ Dodge of 16 Butt Rapage.
Illusionary Humanoid Super 35 Self 20 m/lvl Std Illusion on self, any standard humanoid, stay at 6’ tall, Same PB, Scars stay the same.
Apis Embrace AR 17 SDC 128 Same attributes as Leather of Iron all around except for AR and SDC. Invisible and impervious to fire(Normal negated, Magic halved).
Ring of Fleet Feet Fleet Feet, 3x a day, 10 minutes
OCC Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Language:Ashada 98 1 14 98%
Language:Elven 98 1 14 98%
Language:Gobbley 40+5 15 1 14 98%
Language:Wolfen 40+5 15 1 14 98%
Acrobatics 1 14
Balance 40+5 10 1 14 98%
Tightrope 30+3 10 1 14 79%
Back Flip 30+5 10 1 14 98%
Climb 40/35+5 10 1 14 98/98%
Land Navigation 30+4 10 1 14 92%
WP Sword 1 14
WP:Shield 1 14
OCC Related Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Lore:Demon/Monster 25+5 10 1 14 98%
Lore:Religion 30+5 10 1 14 98%
Sing 30+5 5 1 14 98%
Bartering 25+5 5 1 14 95%
Swimming(Blessed) 40+5 1 14 98%
Seamanship(Blessed) 22+4 1 14 74%
Literacy:Elven 30+5 10 1 14 98%
Language:Dwarven 40+5 10 3 14 98%
Language:Human-Northern 40+5 10 6 14 90%
Play:Guitar 25+5 5 9 14 55%
Research 25+5 20 12 14 45%
Secondary Skills Base % Start Current Total %
Prowl 25+5 1 14 90%
Rope Works 30+5 1 14 95%
Running 4 14
Boxing 8 14

Name Count Location Description
Sets of clothing 0 Backpack All have been cut into rags.
Cloak 0 Worn Has been cut into rags
Boots 1 pair Worn Polished
Water skin 1 Worn Cured leather on a cloth cord.
Backpack 1 Worn Canvas backpack with pockets
Blanket 1 Backpack Large cotton goose down comforter. Can double as a palette.
Food rations 4 weeks Backpack MREs… Meals that Ruin your Entrails.
Medium Sacks 2 Worn Canvas sacks, can hold 1 gallon each. Have canvas straps
Pocket mirror 1 Medium Sack “The difference between you and me? I make this S*** look good.”
Tin of snuff 1 Medium Sack “Oh, this? It’s for the bruises, of course!!”
Rags 100 Backpack 50% are made of gorgeous green velvet and goose down feathers.
Small Sacks 6 Worn Canvas sacks, can hold 1 quart each. Tied on to belt with a cloth rope.
Tinder box 1 Small Sack Engraved on the top is TLC for “Tinder Love, and Coals”
Dwarven Necklace 1 Small Sack Given from Xerx’ses, it is in the shape of Crook and Flail, made of average metal.
Mirror 1 Small Sack Given from Indaris, it is a pocket mirror made of Silver, carried on his travels.
Game of Chance 1 Small Sack Given from Overkill. Three cups and a ball. Add a few dwarves and you’ve got a good time.
Mirror 1 Small Sack Given from Asher, Polished steel. Well polished and worn for decades of use.
DIAMOND 1 Small Sack 8 Karat Diamond!
Emerald 2 Small Sack 3 Karat Emerald!
Boat Inventory
Gems 160lbs Backpack 14.6k in gems
Total Recall
Knowledge of: Hades: Home of the Demons; A comprehensive compendium of the Underworld and her denizens, by Cearl Glebba
Knowledge of: Travelling Hades, the Forrest of Stone. Winzer Hadelbub (Translated into Elven)
Knowledge of: The Abyss: The Deadly Northern Continent of Hades. Winzer Hadelbub (Translated into Elven)
Knowledge of: The Death Mire: Land of Modeus. Winzer Hadelbub (Translated into Elven)
Knowledge of: Tartarus: A Study – Author- None given (Translated into Elven)
Knowledge of: Locations of the Pyramids of Osiris from the Obelisk’s map.
Knowledge of: Chin’s Phoenix: Book V, Inner Bonds
Map of Hades Map of the entirety of Hades.
Drama Cards

00 luck points left!
1 Ace In the Hole

Drama Cards Played Result
Justice To find Greminor


Ja’Deir sat up on the musty mattress in his room at the ‘Hobbled Gelding.’ He rubbed the sleep from his eyes that had accumulated during his meditation, and crossed the room to the tarnished wash stand and rippled mirror in the corner next to the dresser. The water was frigid, but he barely noticed through the fur covering his face. He washed away the night, and dried off with the greying towel hanging off the side.

As he pulled away the towel, his eyes fell on the scar marring his otherwise perfect muzzle. It traced from the top of his nose to just below his right eye, and was just visible through the fur this close. His mind flew to memories of Xarys, his homeland that almost felt imaginary to him now. He replaced the towel, and stepped into the center of the room, though it barely had room for the washstand, bed, and tiny wardrobe. It was just enough space to walk, and do some stretches. Luckily that’s all he needed to practice his morning ritual of mudras and mantras. As he purified his body and soul, his mind went through the memories he kicked up.
Xarys is a paradise city-nation of the Ashada in the northern mountainous regions of the Land of the Damned, or so he supposed. Ja’Deir’s memory of Xarys was spotty, with large gaps where the location or defensive information was concerned. For most people it wouldn’t mean much, but for someone with a perfect memory like Ja’Deir the absence of memory was accentuated.

For this reason – and that he’s never been able to find proof that Xarys exists, or that was ever there, except for his memory of the place, and his absence of any other memory of existence before he woke up in the Northern Hinterlands five years prior – he doubts the truth of it. It could be either a contrivance of his imagination or planted by another Mind Mage far more powerful than he’s ever seen; there is just too much absence of proof either way to prove it fact or fable.

His memories of his life at Xarys have been a source of comfort and dreams during the last few years of his life. He regularly travelled the memorial pathways before and after meditating, while the world was sleeping, especially today, which is his birthday, or at least he thinks it is; the 29th of Kym-Nark-Mar.

Ja’Dier remembered being born to loving Ashada parents, in a city full of tall buildings and wide avenues. The flora that would never have grown outside the valley flourished, making it an emerald in the snow-capped peaks. He remembered jumping from the roof of his house and gliding to the valley floor as a small child, almost before he could walk. He remembers playing with children his own age, using blocks and sticks to build, and playing a version of Di’roc for children. He remembers being taken to study in the monastery in the city, and to develop his psionic prowess.

‘You will never survive looking like that!’ Shiel, the Eldest Ashada, tisked looking him up and down. He was barely old enough to play Di’roc, so he’d not had enough time to do much real growth yet. ‘We’ll put some muscle on you.’

Ja’Dier’s heart nearly burst through his chest, he didn’t know what he’d done to be in trouble! The looks the Eldest was giving him made him sure she was gonna punish him.

It turned out to be worse than punishment – it was training.

Ja’Deir’s mind visited several of the memories he had of his life and training in Xarys. Some of them, like his memory of his parents, were light and happy. Some of them, like confronting the group of Ashadan warriors that lost their light and took to picking on the young Ashada pups that he had taken under his wing, were dark. All of them, like a snuffbox of remembrances, were priceless to him. While he readied his pack he sifted through them one by one.

He met an old woman once on the road that had a small ornate box, filled with odds and ends, most of which were intrinsically worthless, but she valued it above all else. Ja’Deir saved her from a cutpurse, and the only thing she wanted back was the box. She opened it up, spilled the contents onto her lap, and lovingly picked each doodad up, caressing it, and placing it gently back into the box; a tiny doll, a button, a thimble, a crystaline figure of a dancer. That is how Ja’Deir treated his memories.

His preparations finished, he picked up his various bags, and slung them across his shoulders, and hooked them onto his belt. He locked his door, and opened his window. A cool wind greeted him. He put his foot on the sill, and lunged forward, spreading his arms. His furry gliding membranes fluttered for a split second before they caught the wind, and carried the squirrelesque hero around the town square, and he alighted at the front door to the Inn. He opened the door, and called to the Innkeeper, ’’I’m off, Thank you, and may Apis envelop you in her love!‘’ He threw a half bow and ’Zen’ mudra to the three people at tables in the common room, as well as the Innkeeper and the serving girl.

The Ashadan Mind Mage keeps a permanently reserved room in the old inn, the “Hobbled Gelding,” a dilapidated two-story building in the center of a nameless town in an unimportant and not memorable section of the Northern Hinterlands. Its appeal is that it is centrally located in the ancient wildernesses of the north, nestled on the northern edge of Orphid’s Grasslands and the southern wall of the northern forests. Ja’Deir knows the name of every one of the twenty-five residents, and the dozen or so local farmers. They call him simply ‘The Ashada,’ not as a form of racism, but of respect and reverence. They all love him, and miss him when he leaves on his proselyting. There is now a small congregation of Apis that meets on the open plains, under shade trees in the vicinity.

Ja’Deir has spent the last half dozen years spreading the Love of Apis to the unenlightened of the area, and helping with ailments of the Body, Mind and Spirit. It’s not uncommon for him to be called out to heal someone or even a whole village. His thanks are usually verbal and emotional, but from time to time he’s richly rewarded. The Innkeeper, Mr Hawthorne, kept his room open and gave him simple meals in exchange for his services rendered while “at home.”

It is a full life, and Ja’Deir wouldn’t ask for more.