Young Wolfen living in Me’zfii Onh who wanted to guide CrIsis to Dread Pirate Jason’s treasure.

Jaremy is the son of the chief of the Ursa Rex Tribe, a huge Wolfen named Four Skulls.

Jaremy guided the group, telling stories about the Dread Pirate Jason, the elves of Alarassa, and Jason’s treasure the whole trip. He guided them to Kchaketch, whose sword, Mindprancer, led them the rest of the way to the cave holding the treasure.

Jaremy received Torgym and Barrith as payment.

See the logs The Trial of the Redbeard Clan, Voice of Reason, Bennubriated? and Pull My Finger for more about Jaremy and CrIsis.

Picture by Doomwing.