I started role-playing in 1979, yes I am that old, with Traveler. I still remember my first character, Rod Rambler. I played Traveler & D&D for a while, but became addicted when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came out in 1985. It was dark, like the comic, and a joy to play. I began to GM that year, and ran some sort of Palladium game almost continuously until 5 years ago.

In March 2011 some friends and I decided to start playing again over video conferencing… thus A God…Rebuilt came to fruition.

This game was like most of my games- a detailed outline and beginning, with the players left to their free will to go from there. It finished in December 2017.

After 2 years of playing a Heroes game- Heroes of the Century we are now playing Savage Rifts!

Yes, my profile picture is my wall of records- there are more in another room- I have a vinyl record addiction.

Story Improvisation MirrorDramaDestiny Tactics Run Adult content sexy

GM merit badges are from Robertson Games.
Mine read Story, Improvisation, Mirror (Good Player Ideas), Drama, Destiny (Players Destined for Greatness), Tactics, Run (Players should run if odds against them), and Adult Content.