King Avramson


King of Havea

Ruler of the Kingdom of Havea, the only human kingdom thus far to ally with the Wolfen Empire.

He meets with CrIsis on the 5th of Thoth, in the 67th year of the Wolfen Empire. He thanks them for bringing the Tongue of Osiris to his town, and the glory that such a precious relic will bring. He gives the group money and to Overkill one of his own swords, the sword Greminor!

See the campaign logs Softer Side of a Dwarf, How Rell Recovered, Where the Wind Blows, Bathing in Bennude?, Rise of Signs, Night of the Alu Demons, Return From the City of the Dead, Flee From the Father, and Drauka the Diver for more on CrIsis and King Avramson.

Picture by the great James Ryman.