King Bafag

KING BAFAG (Deceased)

Dalagh Bafag, Former King of Bizantium

While human-centric and racist, King Bafag was a positive ruler of Bizantium, leading them to economic heights not previously seen before. He is mostly a victim of his upbringing and his nation. He has, however, allowed elves and dwarves to serve in the Bizantium navy, a first for this nation.

He has used the pirate Minischmee to force CrIsis to come meet with him. The purpose of this meeting was to bribe CrIsis into delivering a piece of Osiris to further the glory of Bizantium, and make them the first human nation with a piece delivered by CrIsis.

They follow his orders, and deliver the Rib Cage of Osiris to the Pyramid at Sinza. King Bafag, having angered the Gods of Light, dies when approaching the pyramid, turned to ash instantly.