A Clone of Xerx’ses via a Spell of Legend.

True Name = Dormas Af’shar (Dwarven for “Magical Partner”)
Chosen Name = Kom’var (Dwarven for “Victorious/Successful”) Spellborn
Rank = 10th Level
OCC = Wizard
Race = Minotaur (special)
Land of Origin = Baalgor Wastelands
Citizenship = Etrinan Tribe and now Adraodan Tribe

Picture by AZ_RUNE.

Physically he is identical to Xerx’ses in every way. Kom’var is completely aware of his existence as a clone and possesses all of Xerx’ses’ memories up till his creation. He know all of his spell magic, but is half of his creator’s rank (level) as wizard listings are stated among the Tri-Arcanum Guild at the time of his creation. He understands that given his creator that he has roughly 16 years of life given unto him, and their is a growing chance he may become a fully living creature having developed a soul through existing via the legendary magic. His life goal as set by his master/creator is the safeguarding of the ship: Shield of Light and those aboard it. He has free will but must only obey commands from Xerx’ses, Rostam, and Jershon when they say “Kom’var I command you to…”.

HT 11’3″ IQ 10 Save vs Magic +7 Strike +6
WT 600 lbs ME 13 Save vs Psionics Parry +7
PPE 180/180 (current) MA 9 Save vs Coma/Death +16% Dodge +7
HP 60/60 (current) PS 25 Save vs poison/disease +4 Roll +3
SDC 74/74 (current) PP 20 Save vs horror +3 Pull +4
Level 10 PE 23 Initiative +0
Exp. N/A PB 15 Damage +13
N/A Critical 18-20
Sex Male SPD 39 Knockout N/A
Birthday 2/27/113 (Age: Technically – A week) AR 12 Death Blow (called) N/A
HTH: Expert HF 14 Attacks 6
Alignment Scrupulous
(was Principled)
14 Perception Check +0


Western Empire: 32,000 – Imperials; Island of Bizantium: 11,212 – Royals; Eastern Territory: 30,000 – Crowns;

Timiro Kingdom: 5000 – Knights; Wolfen Empire: <>; Old Kingdom Dragon Coins: 0






Weapons: Damage Notes
CALLANDOR 4D6 See “Item” Page.
– Total Bonus 4D6 (+13) +11 to Str, +12 to Parr, +11 to Ent.
Throwing Daggers 2D6 Has two.
– Total Bonus 2D6 (+13) +10 to Str, +13 to Parr, +11 to Thr.
Natural Weapons: Damage Notes
Claw 2D6 +13 P.S. damage bonus
Kick 3D6 +13 P.S. damage bonus
Head Butt 3D6 +13 P.S. damage bonus
Charge 5D6 60% chance knockdown
+13 P.S. damage bonus
Body Flip 1D6 +13 P.S. damage bonus
Lose Initiative & 1 attack
Karate 3D6
Snap 2D6
Roundhouse 5D6 1/melee, no other kicks





Level Strike
W.P. / HtH
W.P. / HtH
W.P. / HtH
P.P.   Totals  
Knife 8 +4 / +2 +4 / +5 +5 / +2 +3 S: +11
P: +14
T: +12
Chain 8 +4 / +2 +2 / +5 N/A +3 S: +11
P: +12
Sword 7 +4 / +2 +4 / +5 +1 / +2 +3 S: +11
P: +13
T: +8
Paired Weapons 8 N/A N/A N/A N/A Chain and Dagger/Knife





Nightvision 60’
Recognize Scent 22%
Track Blood Scent 54%
Fire/Cold Resistant 1/2 Damage
SPD: 39 27 MPH (43.5 KPH);
780 ypm (713 mpm);
195 yp-melee (178 mp-melee);
32.5 yp-action (29.7 mp-action);
Double under Fleet Feet Spell



Magos Rune Ring Left Hand KNOWN POWERS
▸ Doubles range of any spell 3 times/day.
▸ Negate Magic (single action) Cost: 20 P.P.E. per use; energy must come from PPE stored or the wielder. Useable once per day.
▸ Will store 15 P.P.E. per level of the wielder. // Total: 120 P.P.E. / Current: 120 P.P.E.
Callandor 4D6 +20
8D6 + 40; versus Evil Alignments (See SENSE EVIL special), 6D6 + 40 vs those evil immune to Fire.
1D6 X 10 + 40; versus Evil Alignments when Purifying Lash is active. 8D6 + 40 vs those evil immune to cold.
See the Item Description Page.
Armor AR SDC Notes
      NAME       USES LOCATION KEPT POWERS AND DESCRIPTION                              





Sense Ley Lines 2 miles
Ley Line Drifting Spd 10
Ley Line Rejuvenation 10 minutes concentration 1/24 hrs 2D6 HP & SDC





Memory of Spells: 25 Total
Spell Strength: 14
Spell Name Lev Acq
Spell Book (Y/N)
Spell Lev Range Duration Save PPE
Decipher Magic 1
1 Self 2 min / lev None 4
Read runes, magic symbols, inscriptions at 94%. Not wards or circles.
Sense Magic 1
1 120’ 2 min / lev None 4
Diameter, near (w/in 20’) or far. Tell Person/object enchanted, in process of invoking magic, or magic used in area.
Cloud of Slumber 1
1 90’ 2 melee/lev Std 4
20′×20′×20′ cloud Anyone in cloud falls into magic sleep. If dragged out of cloud wake in 1D4 melees
Globe of Daylight 1
1 30’ 3 min / lev None 2
Illuminates 12’/lev Max speed 12
Tongues 1
6 Self 5 min / lev None 12
All Spoken Languages at 94%
See Aura 1
1 100’ 1 melee Special 6
Level xp=low-med-high, magic, psychic, high/low base PPE, possessed, serious illness, unusual aberration (IE Supernatural) but not type
Thunderclap 1
1 30’ Instant H.F. 4
Heard 1 mile away Mage +5 init, +1 strike, parry, dodge All but mage save HF 8
Levitation 2
2 60’ away 3 min / lev None 5
Straight up only 60’+ 10/lev 200 lbs + 20/lev
Befuddle 2
2 100’ 2 min / lev Std 6
-2 strike, parry, dodge 1/2 attacks, skills -20%
Armor of Ithan 3
3 Self or Touch 1 min / lev None 10
100+10/lev AR 18 Fire, lightning, cold 1/2 dam
Sense Traps 3
3 6’ 1 min / lev None 7
Detects & locates only
Fire Bolt 4
4 100’/lev Instant Dodge 10
+4 strike; Damage: 5D6 // 7D6 Ley line // 1D6x10 Nexus
Carpet of Adhesion 4
4 30+10’/lev 10 melee/lev Special 10
200 sq ft If save 2D6 melees
Invisibility: Simple 4
3 Self 3 min / lev None 6
Self and what wearing/carrying
Telekinesis 4
3 60’ 1 min / lev Dodge 8
See PFRPG Core Book
Swim As A Fish 4
4 Self or 10’ 5 min / lev None 6
96% swim Distance 100xPS yards not tire, +1 parry/dodge in water, 3000’ depth, hold breath 3 minutes
Eyes of Thoth 5
5 Self or Touch 10 min / lev None 8
Read and understand all languages, including runes
Fleet Feet 6
6 20’ 2 melee/lev None 20
Self or Other w/in 20’ Doubles PP,Spd,& Attacks Negative moving so fast -2 Init, no save surprise, -20% Delicate skills
Strength of Utgard-Loki 6
5 Self or 30’ 2 melee/lev None 15
+ 1 attack, + 2D6+ 6 of temporary SDC, +2 Strike/Parry/Touch, Turn PS Supernatural
Paralysis Bolt 6
6 90’ Instant Dodge 15
Dodge 19 or higher (include bonuses) If success 6 melee/lev. Breathe, hear, think but no movement
Cleanse 6
2 Self or touch Instant None 6
Spotless, head to toe, include clothes, but not armor
Lightning Fist 6
5 Self 1 melee Dodge 12
3D6+ normal punch; See notes
Call Lightning 6
6 300’ Instant Dodge Nat 20 or mod 24 15
1D6/lev Must be in line of sight
Magic Pigeon B
6 N/A 2 months/lev None 20
This spell was a gift of Isis. “See Description”
Metamorphosis: Animal 7
7 Self (Other by ritual) 20 min / lev None 25
The invocation can completely transform a character in to a particular animal, from an alley cat or cocker spaniel to a lion, wolf, alligator, bird,etc. In animal form, the character gets all the inherent abilities and defenses which that animal form may offer, but retains his own I.Q., ability to speak, memory, S.D.C. and hit-points. The mage can return to true form (naked) at will.
Handful of Lightning 8
8 400’+10’/lev 1 melee / lev Special 30
Creates 3 spears shaped like lightning. + 3 to Strike; Damage: 6D6 + 2/lev.
Power Staff 9
9 100’ 1 melee/lev Std 50+
20’ Circle Diameter, up to 100’away. 1D6 dam/lev to HP! If save 1/2 dam -3 Initiative, strike, parry. -6 dodge, roll. Attacks/Skills 1/2!
Improved Heal Wounds 9
5 3’ Away Instant Std if resisted 15
Heals bruises, cuts, gashes, arrow wounds, burned flesh, pulled muscles, broken bones. It will NOT heal illness, internal damage to organs or nerves, poison or drugs.
Heals 4d6 S.D.C. and 2D6 H.P. per casting.
Metamorphosis Superior 10
10 Self or others as a ritual’ 20 min / lev Std if resisted 100
Can cast other if ritual. Any real living creature.
Anti-Magic Cloud 11
11 100 / lev’ 5 min / lev Nat 18-20 140
Does not behave as stated in the book. “See Description” for GM House Rules.
Impervious to Fire 11
3 Self or other up to 60ft (18.3m) away 5 min / lev None 6
A magic invocation that makes the individual temporarily impervious to fire. Normal and magical fires do no damage to the person or to anything he is wearing/on his person.
Increase Weight 11
1 Self or other up to 100ft (30.5m) away 5 min / lev Std if resisted; None for objects 4
A magic invocation that makes single person or object per casting’s weight increase up to 100 lbs. per level of the caster. People twice their normal weight see their SPD reduce by 50%.
Blind 11
4 Touch or Line of Sight – other up to 10ft ( 3m ) away 1 min / lev Std 8
Can blind 1 person/animal each casting. The victim will be temporarily blind; – 5 to strike, – 10 to parry and dodge, and likely to stumble and fall for every 10 feet ( 3m ) of movement ( 50%chance ). Does not affect people inside a force field, vehicle, or behind locked doors.
If the blind spell is cast upon another spellcaster he cannot use any spells which require his vision while blinded. If the blind spellcaster uses any defensive/assault spells, such as magic net, call lightning, fire ball, carpet of adhesion, etc., there is a 1-65% chance that spell will be misdirected and strike his own comrades.
Death 12
9 60’ (18.3m) 1 melee rnd. Std 50
This incantation wracks its victim’s body and nervous system, inflicting 1D6 points of damage per level of the spell caster. This is an automatic hit each time it is cast and affects the victim’s Hit Points directly. One person is affected at a time. The spell can hit a target up to 60 feet (18.3 m) away. Use it with care. (Rifter: 25)
Amulet 13
12 Holder/wearer of the amulet Until destroyed None 290+
Req: The amulet must be made of one metal purified by fire or made of semi-precious stone.
Charm: Bonus of +1 to save vs. magic & psychic attacks. P.P.E.Cost: 290.
Protection from Faeries: Bonus of +1 to save vs faerie magic & faerie food. P.P.E.Cost: 290.
Protection from Magic Insanity: Bonus of +4 to save against all magically induced insanities. P.P.E.Cost: 320.
Protection from Sickness: Bonus of +6 to save vs magic sickness and +3 to save vs disease. P.P.E.Cost:290.
Protection from the Supernatural: Bonus of +2 to save vs HF. P.P.E.Cost: 300.
See the Invisible: Enables the wearer of the medallion to see the invisible. P.P.E.Cost: 500.
Sense the Presence of Spirits: Amulet changes color whenever a ghost, Will-O-The-Wisp, the essence of an alien intelligence or entity(s) is in the area. Range: 200 foot (61 m) radius. P.P.E.Cost: 310.
Turn the Undead: A charm that will prevent any of the undead from physically touching them while they wear or hold the amulet. The amulet works much like a cross does against vampires. Effective against all undead, including mummies, zombies and vampires. P.P.E.Cost: 400.
Powerful Aura 13
5 Self 1 melee/lev None 15
Prerequisite: Must be acting in the manner of the Light or Dark (accordant to your alignment/God). Given only to those that prove worthy, this grants the caster an additional +2 to all saving throws. The user knows if it does not work, and must perform penance for his/her God/Goddess.
Trade of Thoth 13
13 Self Permanent None 300
This spell allows you to trade one skill’s (O.C.C., Related, Secondary) level for another you possess. Xerx’ses has used this spell once to allow the swapping of knowledge between Blunt-Lvl:12 and Sword-Lvl:2. These two skills may not be adjusted anymore or with other skill swaps individually without checking on the Insanity Table. This is largely due to finding out how memories and perception of memories get effected by such re-alignments of the brain.
Escape 14
5 Self; Touch, or 5ft. Instant None 8
The escape invocation enables the mage to magically escape any normal bonds or open any locking mechanism that bars his way. This includes being tied with rope, handcuffs, prison cells, doors, trunks, locks, straightjackets, etc. One restraint or lock can be undone per each invocation. Only gagging the mage will prevent the use of this magic, and only magic restraints and locks are unaffected by this spell.
Talisman 14
13 Varies with type of spell. Talisman exists until destroyed. Std Varies
A talisman is designed to perform one function, to imbue an ordinary object with magic powers. The only substance which cannot be used is iron (and plastic), and the object cannot be larger than two feet
(0.6 m) tall, long or wide. Once an object is transformed into a talisman, the mage can empower it with one magic spell. The spell can be selected from levels one through eight, excluding illusion types. Of course, to implant the spell the sorcerer must already know it and it must be a spell invocation, not a ritual.
After its initial creation, the talisman can be used to cast its one spell for a total of three times. After all three have been cast, the object is drained. The mystic who created the talisman can replace the exhausted spells by casting the same spell invocation combined with part of the talisman spell or ritual. The cost to recharge/replace the magic is 50 P.P.E. plus the cost of the spell invocation. Note that the process must be repeated for each of the three identical spells (each at a cost of 50 P.P.E. plus the spell’s P.P.E. cost). Thus, to recharge all three identical spells would cost 150 P.P.E. plus, but this process can be spread out over a period of days to avoid draining the mage of his P.P.E. reserve. The aspect of “three spells” may be the source of legends that grant three wishes.
A talisman can be used for one purpose other than spell storage. The mage can elect to make it a potential psychic energy battery. Instead of spells, the mystic can put up to 50 P.P.E. into it, plus expend 50 P.P.E. in the storage process. The talisman can then be used at a later time to bolster the character’s normal P.P.E. reserve. A talisman that is a P.P.E. battery can never hold spells, and vice versa.
A talisman can be destroyed by smashing it. That’s all there is to it. A talisman will work for anybody, but only the sorcerer who made it. or an alchemist, can recharge it.
Dimensional Pocket 14
10 Self Varies N/A 30 / 140
Creates pocket in sack.
Metamorphosis: Human 15
8 Self, or other by ritual. 20 min./level None 40
This is the ultimate disguise, enabling the character to change his height, weight, age, hair color, hair length, skin color, gender, and features. Note: The metamorphosis process only changes the appearance of the body. The transformed person retains his own voice, memory, skills, powers and attributes..
Teleport Superior 15
15 Self or others; distance of 300 miles per level of experience. Instant None 600
Xerx’ses can instantly transport himself and up to 2000 lbs (900 kg), per level of experience, hundreds of miles away. Xerx’ses can teleport himself alone, or other people and objects within 20 feet (6 m) of him. The total number of people and items which the character can teleport is limited by the amount of weight he can handle (2000 lbs per level of experience).
Chances of a successful teleport:
1. Teleporting to a familiar location, or a destination visible from one’s starting point: 99%.
2. A place visited only a few times before (2-6 times): 85%.
3. A place seen in a picture (the picture is being looked at during the moment of teleportation): 80%.
4. A place never visited before, but described in detail: 58%.
5. A place never before visited and known only by name or from a brief description: 20%.

Results of an Unsuccessful Teleport:
1-40 Appears at the wrong place. No idea of present location; 3D6xlOO miles off course.
41-75 Appears at the wrong place. No idea of present location; 1D6x100 miles off course.
76-98 Teleport several feet above the ground; everybody falls, suffering 2D6 damage.
99-00 Teleport into an object; instant death!

Doppleganger (Superior) 16
S.o.L. Self One year per level of the spell caster, plus a 5% chance per each year that the doppleganger exists that it will remain permanently. None 1,000
See Spell “Description Page”.
Resurrection 16
15 Touch or a range of 6ft (1.8m) Instant and permanent. Special; ritual magic has a greater chance of success. 2,000
The resurrected person will have all his hit points, memories, abilities, and skills that he had at the moment of his death. Missing limbs will remain missing, but healed; this is not a regeneration process but a revitalization. This spell works only on creatures that have died in the last two months. Success factor: Regardless of the spell caster’s level of experience, the chance of success is 1-45%. The spell can be attempted on the same corpse no more than three times.
Negate Magic 16
8 Touch or a range of 60ft (18m) Instant None 30
This incantation will instantly cancel the effects or influence of most magic. To determine whether the negation is successful or not, roll a saving throw. If the roll is a successful save the magic is not negated. If the roll fails to save, then the magic is immediately broken/dispelled/destroyed/negated/canceled. A 13, 14, or 15 is typically needed to negate spell magic depending on the experience level of the mage, but 17 or higher is needed to negate ritual magic. A failed save means the negation attempt did not work. Try again if sufficient P.P.E. is available. *Negation will not work against possession, exorcism, constrain being, banishment, talisman, amulet, enchanted objects, symbols, wards, circles, summoning magic, zombies, golems, restoration, resurrection, healing, or faerie food. Negation can be attempted to cancel a curse, but only has a 1-25% possibility of succeeding. Of course, it has no effect against psionic abilities.*





OCC Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Language:Dwarven 98 1 8 98%
Language:Giantese 40+5 20 1 8 88%
Language:Elven 40+5 20 1 8 88%
Literacy:Dwarven 30+5 15 1 8 80%
Literacy:Elven 30+5 15 1 8 80%
Lore: Geomancy 25+5 15 1 8 75%
Lore:Magic 25+5 20 1 8 80%
Recog wards/runes/circles 15+5 20 1 8 80%
Recog Magic Item 20+5 1 8 55%
Recog Enchantment 35+5 20 1 8 88%
Math:Basic 45+5 20 1 8 88%
WP Knife 1 8
OCC Related Skills Base % Bonus Start Current Total %
Archaelogy 20+5 10 1 8 70%
Law 30+5 10 1 8 75%
Excavation 30+5 10 1 8 75%
History: Dwarves, Humans, Elves
Minotaurs, Kobolds, Giants 40+5 15 1 8 88%
Research 40+5 15 1 8 88%
Astronomy/Navigation 30+5 10 1 8 75%
Lore:Religion 30+5 10 1 8 75%
Weapon Systems (Blessed) 40+5 1 8 75%
Seamanship (Blessed) 22+4 10 1 8 60%
Area Knowledge:Stony Desert 20+5 10 3 8 55%
Teamster 35+5 10 5 8 60%
Secondary Skills Base % Start Current Total %
Prowl 25+5 1 8 60%
First Aid 30+5 1 8 65%
Climbing 40/35+5 1 8 75/70%
WP Chain 1 8
WP Sword 2 8
Body Building 2 8
Running 5 8
Athletics 5 8


Summer Clothes 1 Worn linen underclothing and light padding below armor


Throwing Daggers 2 Belt In “angled” holsters on left and right backside
Callandor Sword Belt & sheath 1 Worn Leather over wood with etched steel hardware with the word “Overkill” stiched in the sides with golden wire. Can be adjusted for back or hip placement.