Llorn is the greatest military power in the Eastern Territory. Their trained mercenaries are legendary.

Llorn is at the end of the Grand Canal, which connects the Great River and the Inland Sea, lying itself above the Inland Sea.

Chu traveled through Llorn on his way to the Library of Bletherad.

This is where Rell meets the goddess Apis, and turns his back on being a Master Collector, leaving immediately to meet the rest of CrIsis.

Ruled by Duke Githeon VasPasseon. Home to Sir Thurgood Andress and the other Mistoan Knights.

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The Duke requests the presence of CrIsis, promising gifts. See the log Friendship Returned.

Entrance Tax: 20
Weapon License: 15/weapon/day
Magic Practitioner Registry: 250
Psionics Registry: 150
Canal Toll: 10 gold/ton capacity
Various taxes and fees are placed on all transactions- Llorn is an expensive place to visit.

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