Lopanic Games Schedule


Note- (P) means Pentathlon, (T) indicates Freestyle Triathlon

Day 1- Thoth 2
Rowing- Ippodrome
Hurdles- Juggernaut

Day 2- Thoth 3
Freestyle Deathmatch (T)- Arena’s of Light, Ippodrome
Long Jump (P)- Lopanic Bowl
Weightlifting, Gymnastics- Alliance Stadium
Freestyle Derby- Hippodrome
Freestyle Javelin- Dragon’s Breath

Day 3- Thoth 4
Wrestling (P)- Arena’s of Light
Long Jump- Lopanic Bowl
Freestyle Steeplechase- Juggernaut
Discus, Javelin, Archery- Dragon’s Breath
FS Stadion- Tower of Angels

Day 4- Thoth 5
Freestyle Archery- Arena’s of Light
Swimming- Ippodrome
Freestyle Diulos- Lopanic Bowl
Equestrian (All)- Hippodrome
Discus (P)- Dragon’s Breath
Cryptomancy Preview (T)- Tower of Angels

Day 5- Thoth 6
Freestyle Weightlifting- Lopanic Bowl
Freestyle Hurdles- Alliance Stadium
Running (All except Stadion)- Juggernaut
Javelin (P)- Dragon’s Breath

Day 6- Thoth 7
Boxing, Wrestling- Arena’s of Light
Pankration- Alliance Stadium
Stadion (P)- Juggernaut
Freestyle Dolichos- Lictalon’s Ley Line

Day 7- Thoth 8
Dueling- Arena’s of Light
Freestyle Dueling- Alliance Stadium

Day 8- Thoth 9
Freestyle Marathon (T)- Lopanic Bowl
Closing Ceremonies- Juggernaut
Celebrations- Sanctuary Gardens

Day 9- Thoth 10
Meetings w/ Empress- Gold Medal Winners only- Tower of Angels