Malkin Falimede


An ancient Elven scholar who claims to have known the Defilers and Elanu personally. The group meets Malkin at the Library of Bletherad, and he assists them in their search for knowledge to aid them in their quest. Also refer to the campaign logs Lost in Tranzlation, Secrets of the Library, Greldarr’s First Day with Humans, Day Two of the Library, From Worse to Worst, and Strange Tides for their interaction with Malkin at the Library.

He states that he is a member of a group called the Guardians of Bletherad, tasked with protecting knowledge throughout Palladium. He gives CrIsis a copy of Hoedric’s Letter, and asks them to search for other libraries, or argosies. The Guardians fight against a group referred to as the Zealotry.

Many months later, Malkin meets CrIsis in Otter, along with his protector, Laladan. Malkin has arranged a new first mate for CrIsis, a man named Robert the Just. Please read the campaign logs Choose Wisely and Party Planning Committee for more on Malkin in Otter.

Malkin tells of an island called Lemaria. Somewhere within this island lies the Isle of Set. It is located east of the Bizantium kingdom in the Sea of Dread. Only one account of it could be found, part of a mapping project by the Bizantium Scouting Corps- it seems strangely reticent. He also reads passage from the Tristine Chronicles and an entry by the Chronicler.

On Od 30, 110, Malkin joins CrIsis briefly in Sinza, where Cava gives him the Aurora Tristinium. Malkin promises to research the Right Femur of Osiris.

Malkin has begun writing again under the pseudonym Rod Rambler, chronicler. He is world famous under this name, the most famous author in the history of Palladium. He is responsible for the Legend of the Defilers, a series of books about the Defilers, a group that he was, unknown to most, a member of.

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